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My List of Live Music!
Some were huge venues, some small clubs and the band was not well known yet!
And some were music festivals that lasted 3 days.

From many different places around the U.S. here is my music list of
bands I have seen live.
I will see anyone perform live.

In no particular order~

Bruce Springsteen
Tori Amos
Bob Dylan
The Police x2
The Go-Go's x3
Fleetwood Mac x2
Johnny Cash
Steve Forbert
Bare Naked Ladies
The Pretenders
Lollapalooza x4
Blink 182
Missing Persons {Ft. Lauderdale-tiny club-they were unknowns!}
U2  x3
Elton John
Kid Rock  x4
Billy Joel
Stone Temple Pilots
David Bowie
Rod Stewart
Alanis Morrisette
Dave Mathews Band
The Soup Dragons
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The Pretenders 
Rolling Stones x4
Lenny Kravitz
Neil Young
Pearl Jam
The Allman Brothers
Lilith Fair x2
Smahing Pumpkins
Third Eye Blind
Sinead O'conner
Def Leppard 
Guns n Roses-too many times!
The Sundays
Oz Fest x3
10,000 Maniacs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
The B-52's  In Athens, Ga. Their hometown!
Beastie Boys
Green Day
Bon Jovi
Pink Floyd x2  The Best Live Shows I have Ever Been Too!
One in Atlanta and one in Birmingham, Alabama

What was your all-time fave live music?

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