I have Stories to Tell

My name is misha
I write
about working in the horse business professionally
for many years.

Working in large show horse facilities
in charge of their breeding programs
doing artificial insemination.
My great love is mare and foal care.
I write
about being a horse lover.
a dog lover.
a cat lover.
A lover of all creatures great and small, including Humans!

I write.
About my life.
About living with chronic illness;
Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue.
The biggest changes in my health have happened
since the inception of this blog.
I write
About living in a small mountain town.
About living in a 110 year old farmhouse.
I write
About 5 Arabian horses, 3 dogs and a small herd of cats.
We get nightly visits from a raccoon, opossum, and during the day, a groundhog.
We feed the deer who roam on this 138 acres. 
And occasionally we get visits from Black Bears who are crossing the mountains.
We don't feed them.
Because that would be stupid illegal.

We consider our critters our Kids.
And care for them, accordingly.

     As stewards over all these
 beautiful creatures that God has given us
                                                        I cannot imagine my life without them!
        I hope they feel the same.


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From My Front Porch in the Mountains

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I would love to hear from you!
Some days are better than other days for me. 
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