16 March 2014

~ The Way, Way Back ~ {edition #2}

Each Sunday I will choose a year 
and then post a few pictures from that week.

The Way, Way Back!

The week of March 10, 2010

 Four years ago this week, 
we were at Day 3 of non-stop rain!
It was a much needed Spring Rain.

But try telling this to a barn full of horses 
who were being hand-walked each day.
 When the rain would turn to a drizzle, 
J and I would throw on their halters and be out the door!

I could reason with Miss D.
"Think how green and yummy the grass will be!"
Miss D's eyes would glaze over just thinking about it!

But there was no reasoning with Little Miss Annie.
Green, yummy grass wasn't high on the
priority list of a 41/2 month old foal!

But running through the pasture, 
kicking up her back legs, 
and squealing with glee was.

Chewing on the fence boards was a close second.

But what she missed most of all, on those rainy days...
was kicking out the fence boards!

{and truth be known, #3 is still her favorite thing to do!}

 Cadence, the sweetest stallion ever,
was just happy to have hay, carrots, kisses and hugs.
He was patient with the rain.
Because all the while the rain came down,
it made for a wonderful mud hole to roll in!
And Cadence knew this.

And me?
As a lover of cool weather,
and someone who dreads the thought of Summer coming,
I was just fine with Mother Nature giving us a cold, cold rain!

When the Rainbow finally came and the skies cleared, 
the horses kicked their stall doors to let us know it was time.

Time to eat yummy Spring grass,
time to roll in favorite mud holes,
and yes, even time to kick out the fence boards.

Such little things that make them happy.
Those horses are smart.
Simple pleasures make their lives a joy each day.
We could learn a lot from them.


my apologies to Allure and Allegra 
who not included in this post!
Soon, ladies, soon.


Bianca said...

Yech, I despice rain... I could have been a horse is a past life...

Next week I'll join you in your Way, Way Back sunday post. I think it's a good idea and fun to look back. Going to search through old pictures this week.

Thanks for sharing. I love reading all your new posts here again, after being absent for so long. It's so nice to 'have you back'!

Geri said...

Whenever I read a post like this, I feel like I am right there, listening to and watching the rain and talking with the horses. Lovely.

Lynne said...

I am enjoying the read backs! I remember the posts about Annie kicking in the fence . . . . has she calmed that trick a bit in her older age?

Did you receive my email?

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Simple pleasures are what make life most worth living! :) I tell you I can't wait for Spring to roll around and for this Winter to LEAVE!

That'll be my simple pleasure. That and a Reuben sandwich since I've been craving one for awhile now. Lol

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love looking back with you. so fun!! ( :
we are having rain with a chance of snow ... we will see??! could be an interesting week. ha. ha!! stay warm & cozy.

Melinda said...

A very fun look back!

M :)

Jeanette said...

Nice post looking back!

Aunt D said...

Soooooooooo happy happy happy to read your posts again! Love u 2 pieces :-)

Betsy Adams said...

Oh ---How I have missed your blogs, Misha... I always loved those posts when Annie was a baby.... AND--I love the way you LOVE all kinds of animals.... I just read about Gus.. What a cutie.

One of my sons works at a big Animal Center in Chattanooga --and they do a fabulous job with feral cats....Wish more places would do a better job of this.


Samantha K said...

im feeling that rain dread this week! ugh

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