25 June 2013

~ Sissy and Mickey Get Sassy ~

Our county newspaper is pretty slim.
It consists of local news and a couple of hometown columnists 
who debate things such as the best way to grow zucchini.

The Advocate & Democrat. Our county newspaper.

Throw in announcements for family reunions, 
the classifieds, recent births,... and that makes up our paper.
It hits the news-stands on Monday, Wednesday, Sunday.
Quite an old-fashioned newspaper.
If you didn't notice the current date at the top of the page,
well, you might think it's 1956!

I skim through it. 
But I always flip through the ads.
Yeah, I know..I can look at the ads online.
But it is actually quicker to just flip through 
and see if anything stands out.
Like *Buy One, Get One.
Who doesn't love a BOGO!
~ ~ ~
Last evening I threw the paper on the coffee table,
along with a new magazine that arrived in the mail.
My Monday night plan was to do reading off-line.
I was in the kitchen peaking out the window to check 
on the pups and kitties who were all lounging on the deck,
when I heard a little ruckus. 

 Sissy and Mickey, the only two critters 
in the house, were playing in the living room.
A few *meows*, a couple of *hisses*, and the
  "thump, thump" of paws on the floor chasing one another!

And then.....all grew quiet.

There are two reasons for quiet in our home.
1. The felines are all asleep.
2. The felines are into something that they shouldn't be.

It is usually #2.

I walked into the living room and found this ~

Yes, it's blurry. {I totally startled him!!} But look at that FACE! I love that face :)
And under the coffee table was the rest of their shredded mess!

I guess Sissy decided to be comfortable as she shredded the newspaper ads!
Look at those gorgeous whiskers! I love that face, too :)

Just like toddlers, cats are pretty darn quick to find
something that catches their fancy...and destroy it!
Mickey and Sissy always seem to be in cahoots together.
Full brother and sister...They are a sassy little duo!
 They play together, wrestle, hiss, sneak up on each other,
bird and butterfly watch, beg for treats as a team.
They wrap their paws around one another as they cuddle and sleep.

I do believe they must have looked over the
newspaper ads, and didn't see any great deals on
cat food, treats, or BOGO feline toys!
 So they went ahead and did what I would have done 
after I finished skimming through the paper and the ads.
Shredded it.
So helpful they were!

Mickey and Sissy have a great story 
of how they came to live with us.
A few months after they settled in, 
and we all had fallen in love with them,
Mickey had his first seizure.
And I began a full *Feline Seizure Investigation*.

And this is what I am writing about next.
Important information for anyone who has a cat. 
And for the person who doesn't have a kitty in their life  information to pass on to friends who do!

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading.
You are all so appreciated more than you know!


Geri said...

Such a sweet post Misha. One of our cats is so naughty, into everything! The other one is very laid back, but they do like to sleep with their arms around each other too.

Melinda said...

You have your hands busy with those too.

Good thing that Mickey cleans up after himself!


Lynne said...

Great post Misha about the "mischief makers!". Love the photo of them cuddlin' and the one of "the eyes!"

Bianca said...

Whoehahahaha, that face Mickey made!! Now that face all to well; from my youngest two.... And I can't get mad at them for it. I'm a terrible 'mom' for never diceplining them for naughty things they do. I suspect you're just the same..
Gorgeous couple of mischievous felines!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

so sweet. too cute as well. big big hugs to you Misha. ( :

Buttons said...

Oh Misha you had me laughing out loud little dickens I am thinking they did not like one of the articles:) Great shots they are so adorable....and messy:) Hug B

RoeH said...

That was as GUILTY a face as I've ever seen. Poor kitty. Caught! I would love a newspaper like that. I get so sick of the same news today... all the killings....all the 'social' problems...all the Supreme Court rulings that I agree with very seldom ... give me those newspapers anytime. I need to find a very small town to live out my life.

Patricia said...

Now I just love the words you put in their mouths. Cute!

Take care and enjoy those critters.