10 June 2013

~ Remembering Nick ~

In Memory

Nick Adamski
Aug.11, 1983 June 10, 2009

To read more about the life of Nick, just click here.

I hope you all have a blessed day.


Geri said...

Oh Misha, thank you, my friend.

Kathi said...

Tears again today, Misha (and Geri)! What a blessing, to have been touched, however briefly, by a man this good and by a love this great.

Thank you for posting this, Misha -- I have a feeling it will mean a lot to my dear friend.


Buttons said...

Oh Misha I remember this young man and his struggles and his families but also the love that went with those struggles.. My heart goes out to his Mom Geri and his Dad Pete. Blessings to all who are dealing with this. B