16 June 2013

~ Mooing at the Cows ~ Father's Day, June 16, 2013

Me with my mom and dad (also known as Elvis and Priscilla!!)

When I was in elementary school, 
my parents built their dream home.
One they designed themselves.
It was in a very new subdivision 
which was way out in the country.
In Elida, Ohio.

The Round Barn down the road form our home in Elida, Ohio.

We were surrounded by farm-land.
We had wonderful next-door neighbors,
yet I could run through a field after school and 
play with my Mennonite friends who were home-schooled.
And they lived on a real working farm.....my dream!
Corn fields, cows, old barns, and horses.

My mom has always been quite the City Girl.
So living this far out in the country but being in a neighborhood where it was only a hop, skip and a jump to civilization 
(shopping, restaurants etc.)
was a way for each of my parents to have the best of both worlds!

At the end of my 5th grade school year,
my dad was transferred to the home office of his company.
My parents were not sure if they wanted to 
uproot our little family.
(We finally moved after I completed 6th grade)
So this meant my dad commuted an hour 
and a half each way, each day.
The exit he used to get on I-75 and go north,
was a beautiful country drive from our home.
Old churches, old farmhouses, and lot's of  cows, sheep, pigs..
well, any kind of livestock that lived in a pasture.
My dad giving Cadence a bath :)

It was the kind of road you could hang your head 
out the window and moo to all the cows.
Pasture after pasture.
Knowing my dad...he probably did this!

His favorite buddy to see each day, was a donkey.
Grazing in his pasture.

One day, as my dad made his way to the interstate, 
which would take him to his very demanding job,
he found his buddy, the donkey, walking down the road.
He had escaped! 

And like the good human being my dad is,
he pulled over and parked the car.
He made his way to the "long-eared" guy,
and used his mane to hold onto,
 guiding him down the long road in which he was escaping.
My dad tucked him safely back in his pasture.

And all the while he was making sure his buddy
got back to his place of grazing,
my dad did all of this wearing a suit and tie!

I listened intently as my dad told me this story that night.

After this, whenever we would take the interstate,
my dad would pull over so I could see his
long-eared friend, grazing with the cattle, 
protecting them from predators. 

Then we would drive off with the windows down.
And moo at the cows.

Happy Father's Day, daddy!
Much love~
your daughter

misha (and J, too!)

To my uncle John.
You may be an uncle by marriage,
but God blessed us when you became a part of our family.
Happy Father's Day!
m and j


Kathi said...

Beautiful piece, Misha! Thank you for sharing this story of your dad and his long-eared buddy from long ago.

Laura said...

What a nice memory!

Geri said...


Bianca said...

Happy Fathersday Misha's Dad!!!
Love your stories and especially those about the 'normal life' in the USA. Hope you get to spend lots more wonderful years with him and your mom and closer by to be together.
Love the picture near the Telico River, since we've been there too with you and J. Gives me kind of a 'special' feeling....
Hope we can do that again some day and maybe meet your parents too....
xxx and lots of (((hugs)))
Henk and Bianca

(I wouldn't normally ask for a reaction, but for once I will; Henk's mom died last friday and I think he would like it very much if you or J. could send him a little message...)

Lynne said...

A few years ago when I first started blogging someone told me to "tell my stories". I have not forgotten . . . it is s something I love to do.

I liked your story of you're dad, the donkey, yelling "moo" at the cows as you'd drive down the road.

Such joy you have no doubt brought to your dad . . . Happy Day to each of you! Keep telling your stories!

Buttons said...

Beautiful Misha. I can hear your Dad mooing:) I can relate to your Mom moving down on the farm:) Hug B

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Melinda said...

What a great story!


Anonymous said...

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Mamabug said...

What a beautiful post this is! Brings back memories of my own dad.