06 April 2013

~ Losing Bo ~

Bo came to us on a Sunday morning, 
in early October, 2006.

It was Zeke who alerted us that something was in our front yard.
He whined and paced from the living room to our bedroom.
And then he pawed at me while I was pretending to sleep.
I finally got up, still half asleep, and followed Zeke.
He sniffed the front door and wagged his tail.

Brutus and Bo.

 I stepped out onto the front porch. 
Sitting at the bottom of the steps, was a tiny, tiny kitten!
Just at the age to be weaned.
He was so little, when he came of age to be neutered 
we had to wait because he didn't weigh enough yet!
A little "Garfield" cat he was.

I scooped him up and fell in love...
And he became my "Maverick".

Bo became my cat. 
You know how every animal has a *person*?
I became Bo's person.

He followed me everywhere.
He would lay in the bathroom while I showered.
Be at my feet, in the kitchen, while I cooked.
Curl up in my lap while I read.
Learned to ride on my shoulder.
Slept on my pillow each night.
He had the tiniest of meows.

The following summer, Brutus was born in our cellar.
When he was old enough, he came to live in the house.
And that was the beginning 
of the friendship between Bo and Brutus.
Best buddy's!

But they couldn't be more different.
Brutus is our *Fat Boy*!
All fluff and feet the size of half-dollars.
Brave, with a love of being outside.

Bo never grew much.
He has always been a little guy.
His feet the size of dimes!
He was incredibly shy.
He would hide when visitors came to call.
In fact, my parents have never seen Bo!
And venturing outside?
A window with a view to 
watch the birds was just fine in Bo's world.

Over the past few years, as Chronic Illness invaded my life,
 Bo became even more attached to me.
Some weeks find me in bed more than not.
And Bo would be right there with me.
He would only leave my little nest of 
blankets and pillows to do cat stuff.
We humans are so vocal about our bodies.
We talk about our aches and pains.
We let others around us know how we are feeling physically.

But not felines.
Cats are very secretive about their own pain.
They hide it.
Things became amiss with Bo about 10 days ago.
Simple blood-work ruled out basic illness and disease.
While waiting for the more advanced blood-work 
to come back, Bo became very, very ill.

Taking a nap while lying on my pillow.

My last 10 days have been consumed with only him.
Enticing him to eat and drink, as he rapidly lost weight.
Keeping him warm.
Letting him know just how much J and I love him.
I think of all the times he comforted me,
while he was so gravely ill himself....

The blood-work confirmed that Bo was not going to get better.
So yesterday I gave him a final act of Love I could give.
Making the decision to let him go.

We are blessed.
Our veterinarian (large and small animals), 
whom we have used for years, is only a couple of miles from us.
And so she came to our home, knowing my situation.

 I cuddled Bo while he lay across my chest, 
with his head on my shoulder and his paws holding onto me.
 He was wrapped in his favorite blanket.
While Bo was slipping away, I glanced at our vet.
Her eyes were red, with tears spilling down her cheeks.
She whispered to him what a loved little guy he was.
And then he was gone.
I am so grateful that he is no longer suffering.
But my lap and my heart sure feel empty. 

Last night, J buried Bo next to Maverick.


My pillow was lonely last night at bedtime.
I missed hearing Bo purr as he dozed off.
But when I awoke at 3 a.m., Mickey was sleeping in Bo's spot.
And that gave me such comfort.

 I miss Bo with all my heart.

Thank you for reading about my little love...



Geri said...

Oh Misha, I am so so sorry. Holding you (and Bo and J) close to my heart this evening.

Freda said...

I am so sorry, Misha. Loosing a pet is so hard.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

that final act of kindness can be so difficult to give a pet. We always know it's the right thing to do, to let them go in peace, but does not make it any easier. My heart goes out to you, Misha... may your wonderful Bo rest in peace. xox

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Sweet Heart Bo, He Loved You As Much As You Did He...God Shared Such A Special Kitty Heart With You, In Him!
I'm Proud Of You For Taking Such Loving Care Of Him, All The Way.

My Man And Me, We Know Our Special LoveCats Are Waiting For Us, In Our Mansions .
Bo Is Just Warming Up The Pillow For You~

Love You, Take Care, A Piece Of Your Heart Went With Him,I Know.
XO Always

jane augenstein said...

Misha, I'm so sorry for the loss of your little Bo. What a wonderful companion he was to you.
Hugs to you and J

Donna said...

I am so sorry about Bo! I know how much furbabies touch our hearts.
Big Hugs!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, so sorry to hear this ;( What a sweet little man he was, and he will always be in your heart. I had a sweet Bo (Beau) once too.. he looked like your Brutus, but short-haired. kitty Pawprints forever in our hearts ♥ Hugs! -Tammy

Lynne said...

So sorry Misha . . . I am sad for you . . . what a friend and love Bo was . . . I wish I could hug you . . .

Rural Revival said...

Oh Misha, I'm so sorry. Email coming through the wires.


Melinda said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.
I hope that time will heal the loss of Bo.

M :)

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Misha, crying for you tonight... what a lovely little cat, and still in your heart where he will be now, forever.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

breaks my heart. i send you big big hugs. love ya, Misha. ( :

RoeH said...

There's just no way of explaining how much a friend like Bo means to us. It's a deep hurt when they go before us. Wish I could be there to give you hugs. :(

Bianca said...

Crying now, knowing how hard it is to lose a furry baby. Even though we know it's a good thing to let them go and sometimes have to help, does not make it any easier, at all!
It's strange, how such a small creature can leave such a big empty gap in our lives.
Thinking of you and J., sending healing thoughts and vibes.
Hang in there.

Jeanette said...

I'm so sorry Misha. I'm crying as I write this. Sweet Bo was too young to die and I know you are going to miss him.

W. Latane Barton said...

Oh my gosh... tears pouring down my cheeks as I read your post. I know you are hurting about losing Bo. I feel for you so deeply.

cschneider said...

That just breaks my heart, I am so sorry for your loss Miss Misha. God Bless, and Im glad Mickey is there to comfort you.

Karen said...

Mickey is stepping up, he feels your pain.. I swear, animals are so instinctive, we don't give them nearly enough credit sometimes.

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Misha :-( The bright spot in all this is the wonderful life you gave Bo.

Marilyn said...

Sending you a bit of my love.♥♫

Chanda said...

So sorry Misha, He was beautiful and much loved. I know your heart aches and he will be missed, May God bless you and give you peace and comfort. Sending much love and prayers for you.

Oz Girl said...

Ohhh Misha I am so sorry and my heart hurts for you and J.... I well know the void our sweet kitties and pupsters leave in our hearts when they leave us, and I also know the pain you describe, since we recently lost Tori. Letting them go is the hardest decision in the whole world, so stressful, and yet we know in our hearts it is the right thing to do, to save them from the pain they so gallantly hide from us. Sending lots of virtual hugs your way my friend... (((hugs))) Susan

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

So sorry for the loss of Bo, Misha. Loosing a beloved pet is so hard.
Sending you big hugs.

Anke said...

I am so very sorry to hear that.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Misha, I am so sorry; it's never easy to say good-bye, even when it's the best decision for them.

thesweetsimplethings said...

Misha, I'm so so sorry for your loss. Sending many hugs...
Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

Dessa Wolf said...

I am so sorry for your loss. We had to say goodbye this year to my husband's cat. It is very hard to let them go--even when you know it is the best for them. Blessings to you.

Nancy said...

Pets are truly one of Gods special gifts to us. So sorry to hear about your Bo. He sounds like he was a true friend!!

Hartwood Roses said...

My heart breaks for you, Misha. Only a true animal lover can know the bond that develops between a pet and its special human ... and the void that is left by that pet's absence. Your love for Bo, and your stories of him, have made us love him right along with you.

Fly free, sweet Bo. Your mommy's world is a richer place because you shared it with her, for such a short time.

Hugs to you, Misha. I'm so sorry.

Mamabug said...

Misha my heart breaks for you in the loss of Bo. Just yesterday I had to have my precious dog put down. The loss of this little furry girl hurts so much. I know she's in a better place and that she's happy now.

allhorsestuff said...

Pray You Two Are Well...Just Thinking About You Dear~

Buttons said...

Oh I am so sorry Misha. Hugs B

Anonymous said...

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RobynFromSimplyme said...

Oh Misa Im a new reader to your blog an Im sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks.. I so understand how your'e feeling.. Before I had dogs I had a cat named Samantha (sammy for short) She came into my life when I needed her most. I was 11 yrs old my dad had passed away 2 years before suddenly and I was not well emotionally from that..

Sammy was my everything and I was her everything. My Sammy lived until I was 24. She passed away from ovarian cancer despite operations etc.. My heart was broken for the longest time and I still miss her today. Like you, I became chronically ill when I was 22 and Sammy spent every waking moment with me... So I understand..

Sending much love,

Greenmare said...

oh so precious. it is so very hard to lose the one who is "your" furry love.

Patricia said...

Thinking of you and hoping that time is easing the heartache. Take care.

The Countryside Blog said...

I like these cute kitten. They are so adorable.

Ashling said...

So terribly sorry....what love you gave each other, right to the end. You were both so blessed.