23 March 2013

Zeke and His Pal, Wilson!

When Zeke was a pup,
we bought him his first soccer ball.
Every other *kids* ball we bought for him
he punctured with his teeth!
And any other ball that was smaller, was dangerous for him.
Safe toys for dogs! (just click)

J and I would be so excited when we finally found 
a ball that we thought would withstand that 
huge mouth packed full of razor-sharp teeth.

Out in the back-yard, J would pitch the ball to Zeke.
And I, like any other *Pup Soccer Mom*,
 would be cheering from the sidelines!
Zeke would fly in the air to catch it and *POP*...
Another ball deflated!
And Zeke's heart would deflate.

Our yard. With a little grass and a lot of sand!

So we bought a kid-size soccer ball.
The first soccer ball lasted almost a year!
When he finally punctured it, we figured it was
 time for him to graduate to a *big pup* soccer ball.
Zeke had finally grown into his large, clodhopper feet.
His huge head finally matched his body.
And his weight topped 150 lbs!

Since Zeke's soccer ball was such a buddy to him, we named it.
After the volley ball Tom Hanks character
 *creates to be a friend* in Cast Away!

{ During a first attempt to make fire, Chuck receives a deep wound to his hand. In anger he throws several objects, including a  volleyball from one of the packages. A short time later he draws a face on the ball, names it Wilson and begins talking to it. He has regular conversations and arguments with Wilson. And Wilson becomes his best friend! } www.imdb.com

Zeke isn't a pup anymore.
In fact, he will turn 10 on April 1.
He doesn't jump quite as high, or run quite as fast.
The soccer games don't last as long.
And his face is full of grey
His heart is even is bigger as when he was a pupster.
He loves to love on us and loves to be loved on.
That's a lot of lovin'!

When Zeke dreams, and he dreams a lot,
his paws are always running, running, running!
And I always wonder... in his dreams
is he chasing his very first "Wilson", as a 1 year old,
in the back-yard of our old house in Florida?
I think so.

One thing hasn't changed.
All J or I have to do is say, "Wilson!"
and Zeke is ready to rumble!

This past Saturday was a gorgeous day.
It was in the 60's and the sun was shining.
The pups were taking advantage of this
and sunning themselves on the warm deck.
Lazy dogs!
So J got out the ball, 
yelled "Wilson" and the game began!
Zeke and Sadie Louise had a blast.

It ended with two worn out pups.
Or maybe just one!

Exactly how Zeke feels when he spies Wilson!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I hope your week was good and your weekend is great!
I hope to see you all, right here, on Sunday.

Oh, and one more thing.
Today is J's birthday!
Happy birthday, baby!


Lynne said...

Great post Misha . . . Love that "Wilson" and Zeke stilly . . .

Hey . . .

baju muslim said...
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Donna said...

Zeke is a big happy boy with his "Wilson.
Happy Birthday to J.

Marilyn said...

LOVE IT! Happy Birthday to your "J".♥♫

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Fun post Misha! Happy Birthday to J!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

What a fun post! Have a great day.

Mary Ann said...

Loved this post, Misha... despite the spam that I'm seeing all around the blogs these days. Our dogs are getting gray here... but then... so are we! Happy Spring!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. J! Hope it's

Zeke is such a boy. I'm sure he has a

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we are awaiting our 3rd Winter Storm!
Oh yea!

M :)

Jeanette said...

Sweet post! I love Jake!! Happy birthday to J, also!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday J!! and I just love this Wilson Zeke story :-) Our Dane, Ben, loves his stuffed teddy bears. They don't last long, as you can imagine.

Rural Revival said...

Happy Birthday J!

My 'J' celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, you guys are pretty close!

Zeke, you are too cool for school, dude!


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

What a very heartwarming post indeed! Zeke and his Wilson ^.^ I love hearing your stories about your fur babies! They always put a big smile on my face :)

So sorry this is late but happy belated birthday to J!!

Anonymous said...

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