18 January 2013

It was Beautiful....

While it lasted!

Yesterday afternoon our local news 
went all weather-crazy on us!

They were tweeting, blogging, 
Facebooking, did an early 4pm broadcast, 
which was even streamed live via internet..for
"Storm Watch 2013"!

Stormageddon landed. 

We don't get much snow in east Tennessee except
in the higher elevation of the mountains.
Those mountains like to keep it all to themselves.

But yesterday we were blessed with 
more than just a dusting of the white stuff.
What started out as sleet and ice,
turned into a Post-Christmas,
Winter Wonderland.

There was the usual run on bread and milk at Walmart.
School systems closed early and cancelled for today.
Heck, even J came home early from work.
That never happens!

From afternoon until the wee hours of the night,
the white stuff flew.
And flew and flew!
We watched and marveled at the beauty of it.
'Cause it may be a few years before we get 
to watch and marvel again!

The dogs loved it.
Um, not so much!
They love what it turns into...
Melted, slushy, mud-pits to roll in!

Especially Cadence.
He lives for his mud-pit!

The old livestock and tobacco barns.

Tomorrow the mud-pit that Cadence has so
lovingly tended to for years, will be prime.
With temp's heading into the 50's and the sun shining from above, 
all that melted snow and ice is the perfect combination
for a stallion that loves to roll in the mud!
Just look at him above.
Smiling and filthy!

See him in action, in this one minute video.
I know he was dreaming 
of a sloppy mud-pit that hot, dry day.

And tomorrow Cadence will have that.
Just like we had our snow to marvel at.

So, pretty much, everyone on the front porch is happy!



Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

ha. ha!! that is too cute!! i love the shake out ... roll ... shake it ...so fun!!

we had snow but it does not look like as much as you all did. wow. beautiful views, Misha. ours started melting this AM ... so pretty when it 1st started falling though. big big hugs. have a warm weekend. ( :

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Winter. At last!!! Ours was gorgeous and is melting away fast.

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful, Misha.... Up on the Cumberland Plateau, we got NOTHING---not a flake. Did get a little freezing rain and a little sleet --but that was it. I was SO disappointed... It all went east of us.

I blogged today about our interesting week.. Check it out if you have time...

I have never seen a horse rolling like that... Amazing...


Melinda said...

It' s so good to see you!

Your pictures are beautiful!

It' s funny how worked up the
news gets over the weather. Enjoy.

M :)

Lynne said...

Wonderful to read your post, hear about your snowfall excitement and watch Cadence enjoy his rolling in the dirt. . . . best of all, see you here!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

It truly is/was a winter wonder land!

Jeanette said...

Loved the video of Cadence! I'm glad you got to enjoy the snow even if it is for a short time! We had snow a few weeks ago but it's all gone now. Now it's just COLD and WINDY! I personally would rather see snow! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anke said...

You guys got a lot more snow than we did and it looks beautiful! Ours was gone by mid afternoon and truthfully, I wasn't too upset about it since everything shuts down when it snows here.

Bianca said...

Didn't know it was a rare thing on your porch...
We have snow a lot and it's white for a week now. There will be more tonight and tomorrow - or so 'they' say. We'll see...
Love the way that silly girl rolls around in the mud. Didn't know horses like to do so....
Sometimes I would love to see the reaction of my boys if I would put them outside now, but I maintain myself from doing so. Seems a bit wicked, don't you think??
Enjoy your white view, it looks lovely!

Karen said...

The tobacco barns photo is beautiful!!... frameworthy.