19 January 2013

And to think....You need a License to Hunt and Fish!

But not to be a parent!

Father-Son Bonding at Halloween

"Who needs a car?"

"Why do cars keep honking at me? 
For pete's sake, I am helping the environment!"

"Hmm..I know I put her somewhere in here!"

"I have always wanted *Glow in the Dark* toddlers!"

"Hey, kid. Mama's on stage now!"

"This worked great at the *Lions Den* too!"

Have any great captions?
Love to read them! 

Happy Saturday!


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Yep... that's some pretty poor parenting. The photo that bothered me the most was of the baby carrier sitting in the street... OMG.

Laura said...

Oh ... and to think that there are so many good people out there who would make wonderful loving parents.

Bianca said...

Yes... too bad anybody can "take" a kid... Wished they would have exams and licences for that too. Sad, very sad...

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Isn't it unreal what some people with do with their kids.

Donna said...

LOL, I personally think that parents should have a permit and background check!

Lynne said...

Unbelievable . . . the dad holding his little girl and looking at the dancer. What are people thinking . . . and the baby in the car seat, siting in the road. HELLO!

Melinda said...

Oh LORDY is all I have to say!!!!

M :)

RoeH said...

Why do I have absolutely no trouble believing all these photos?

Mamabug said...

OMG! What were these parents thinking! The baby carrier in the street almost had me unglued. Hope they poor kids grow up unscathed!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It's ugly of me but, sometimes, I see folks in public and think, "I bet they had children."

Donna said...

Oh my goodness! And to think it happens!
Love the snow header.