20 December 2012

Snow at our home. January 10, 2012

An Essential Journey Back into Light
Lights extinguished by tears and whimpers,
Sputtering flames become wicks of what could have been.
We search for light in this darkness,
Checking behind doors of truth and compassion,
Finding empty gateways, and paths towards the unknown.
Perhaps this light springs up from the fallen memories,
Sprinkled with salt on wounds never healed
And on hearts not yet mended.

The outrage, the pain, the beauty and innocence lost
Our community mourns, demands, seeks truth and light
Where to begin this search, this journey?
It is not in reason, but in grief and in prayer.
So some pray, some meditate, some question and wonder,
Some cry, some hide, some wish it was over.

But, if light be our essence,
Then the journey is not far.
We must search deep within
Sifting through sand and soot
For hope and wholeness.

There is light in this journey
Way off, to the left or right, or both
But it begins in darkness,
Faith promising a more clear journey ahead.

Lights will be rekindled one day,
Somehow a healed heart will emerge
Recalling pain but seeing new joy,
One day somehow it will be bright again.

Audre Lord~December 15, 2012

I came across this beautiful poem 
that spoke to my heart.
I hope it speaks to your heart as well.

I have felt very quiet in these past few days.
Just in mourning
...like the rest of the world.

 Much love to all of you.


Bianca said...

Took me a while to let the awful news in. It's been over the news here too.
Wish we could hug to comfort each other. In my head I'm doing so.

Karen said...

It's just so awful. Here in CT it's plastered all over everything. The people of the town itself have actually asked for all well wishers and media to just go home, they are overwhelmed with traffic and sight seekers, if you can believe it.

Donna said...

Being in the house so much the past week and hearing about it in the news has been so sad. This terrible thing has touched so many hearts.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

love misha. big hugs. (:

Patricia said...

Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful Christmas in spite of the terrible news of last week. The sadness lingers and it has been hard to not think of those poor sweet kids who are the same age as our grandson.

Your Christmas header photo is sweet and reminds me of all your critters enjoying the love and care that you provide.

I hope you are feeling well. Take care and Merry Christmas.