31 December 2012

A Boy Named Noah {And How He Touched My Heart}

Jessica Winstead lost her 10 year old son, Noah Dean, on July 4, 2012 in a tragic lake accident.
Like some of you, I learned of this tragic accident through the news media here in east Tennessee. 
And many of you heard about this through the national news.
It even made the news world-wide.
Something about these boys touched hearts in every language!

Two little boys, best buddies, both went to Heaven on that hot, sunny 4th of July.
While adjusting to this new normal, Jessica has been sharing about Noah, 
through many avenues, about his fun contagious personality that people loved.
In the days after Noah went to Heaven, Rainbows began appearing everywhere.
And wonderful people, from all over, who felt so connected to Noah
 began sending pictures of them to Jessica.
They still do!

As Noah's Life story is told, over and over,
  people around the world are falling in love with this amazing, precious little boy!
 They are learning not only about him but about the amazing God that Noah served during his time on earth.

~ ~ ~
The Following is
 From Noah's Mom, Jessica

 Noah had an amazing love for adventure, as most young boys do.
 He had dreams of traveling to far-away places, saving princesses in distress and constructing large buildings.
Of course, Noah was just a little boy, so traveling to far-away places 
and saving a princess in distress just wasn't an option!

  In the meantime he discovered an enormous love of Legos
Where constructing huge buildings and saving a princess or two was all within reach.
Through his Legos, Noah Dean got to do all he wanted and more!

   With these new experiences, and through the awesome imagination of a little boy, 
his dreams grew bigger and more exciting of what his plans would be some day. 
Sometimes, I like to think Noah outgrew what his body would let him do on earth.
 Maybe that could be one reason he has gone on to the 
best adventure ever
while at the same time being able to impact lives on earth and now…in heaven.

~making peace with the lake~
~ ~ ~

The following is what I wrote to Jessica on her Facebook page on December 18, 2012.
You will be as amazed as I was.

Dear Jessica,
Like so many, I have followed you on Facebook since Noah went to Heaven. 
I have grieved with you, smiled with you, cheered you on, 
...and have continued to keep you, Haleigh Raye, 
and your family and friends in my prayers. 
I always think of you and Noah when I see a beautiful Rainbow
 and sent you a few of the pictures I took over the summer.
 I will never look at at a rainbow and not think of Noah! 

This past Friday, as I was working on a blog post, 
the never-ending news continued to keep us informed about the gut-wrenching tragedy 
in Newtown, Connecticut, at Sandy Hook Elementary.

It was a joy-filled post that I had started early that morning.
 My "Joy" had flown out the window. 
So I *hit* delete on the post and I decided to take a walk. 
My heart was so heavy and I just needed a quiet connection with God. 

As I walked and talked...and He listened, all of a sudden it came to me~
That sweet Noah was there to embrace and welcome all these children into Heaven! 
Visions of this embraced me, as well.

 In the midst of this horrific tragedy, it was just that little something that I personally needed. 
On that sad, tragic day I am sure we all looked for something to comfort ourselves.

Both are wearing beautiful necklaces with a picture of Noah.

I kept walking. 
It is a worn path that my husband and I have walked, with our dogs and cats, for 8 years.

We live on 138 acres near Tellico Plains. So I have a lot "walking space" !
Over the years, many other families have lived on this property and in our old farm-house. 
We find odd things all the time that wash up in the creek or that are buried in the dirt.
Old medicine bottles, tins, Coca-Cola bottles from 30 years ago! 
And children's toys-- marbles, dominoes, even a few old dolls!

"And why is she telling me this?", you are probably wondering!

As I walked, head down, I spied something in the dirt.
 I dug around it and pulled it out. 
My heart skipped a few beats. 
It was a mud-caked Lego Man...
Yes, a Lego man!

And then I knew for sure!
That Noah was letting me know that he did welcome those beautiful children to Heaven!

That little Legos man is now sitting on my kitchen window sill. 
A reminder that God is always there and listening to us....

Thank you for sharing Noah with all of us, Jessica.
His life was so very important. 
And now the work he is doing in Heaven
...well, that just Trumps everything!

Lego Man will soon be going to live with Jessica!
I think that is where he belongs.
Thank you so much for reading.

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or you are just meeting her here, for the first time,
a comment of love and support is so welcomed.
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Laura said...

Wow! It's not very often that I have no words.
It's amazing how He speaks to us sometimes, isn't it?

Jeanette said...

That is so sweet and touching and I hope it touched Jessica's heart like it did mine. !

Donna said...

Thank you for sharing such a precious story. My heart feels for Jessica and Noah's family over his passing. I agree with you that the Lego man should go to live with Jessica.

Mamabug said...

Such heartfelt thoughts about a precious little boy. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Chanda said...

Wow! Gave me goose bumps.
I believe Misha.
There are so many things I am certain of now since my dad went to heaven. So many things. What a beautiful story.

I haven't heard anything about the local family here who lost a son and a daughter the same way , the same week and also in a lake. Maybe they too are with Noah.

Lynne said...

Beautiful Misha . . . I had not heard of Noah's death . . . Lego man appearing into your view was certainly, "a sign." Noah's mom will no doubt love receiving your gift.

I am wishing you a very Happy New Year for you and J.

Geri said...

Jessica, I am so so very sorry for the loss of your precious Noah. I don't know how I heard of the tragic accident, but I do remember reading about it when it happened, and sending up prayers for the families of the two boys who died. What a precious gift from God your Noah was.
Misha, thank you so much for sharing this. There have been times since we lost our Nick that I have wondered where God is, in the darkest hours even asking if there is a God. But even my sometimes cynical mind can't come up with any explanation for you finding a Lego man during a walk on 138 acres except it being a message from God. That during unbelievable pain and heartache, He is still with there, and our loved ones are with Him.
With much love and affection,

Amy said...

Hi my dear friend, I was making the rounds to my favourite blogs to wish you all a Happy New Year- it´s the least I could do, even though I´ve been A-Wall in blog land for awhile. I read your post and got gooseys all over my body, especially when I read how you found the lego man! Remember the movie Bruce Almighty? Remember how God gave him so many signs but he never paid attention? That is exactly what I thought when I read your story...or Noah and Jessica´s story. The rainbows and the lego man- couldn´t be clearer signs! I´ve never heard this story of Noah but as a mother I feel the pain of Jessica and I think it´s beautiful that she is trying to focus on the positive impact her beautiful son had in this world rather then living in the darkness of the day he left her.
Happy New Year Misha, Happy New Year Jessica and Happy New Year Noah and all the beautiful angels who were taken at the school in Newtown.
Warm hugs from your friend in Norway <3

rosedel said...

We all need these reminders that love is not constrained by the barriers of time and place. Noah has gone to heaven and yet his love is still felt here. Thank you for sharing this.

Donna said...

That story gave me chills!