08 November 2012

A Scene in the Life of M and J....Hedgehogs and Mini Cows

I am crazy about Hedgehogs.
We have a friend who has one.
The little guy has the most amazing personality.
{not the neighbor, the hedgehog!}
He loves a bath, playing with his toys, and being held.
Absolutely adorable!
J and I have the most incredible brood of 4-leggers.
So for us, a Hedgehog doesn't fit into our family.
But I do like to dream about them.

J has wanted a Mini Cow for over 10 years!
Years ago, he read everything
 he could find about these little mooers.
When Annie was about 8 months,
I so wished she had a playmate.
Each time I would whine about this,
J would whisper....."Mini Cow"
We never got a Mini Cow.
And we became Annie's playmates!
~ ~ ~
In your dream of dreams,
what animal would you want?
I would love a Big cat.
A lion or tiger roaming my home.
It would protect all the little cats.
Be a buddy to Zeke.
Sleep in bed with us.
And because it's my dream animal, it wouldn't eat us!

So what would it be for you?
A Burmese Python?
A giraffe?
A Spider Monkey?
A Horse?
Or even a Raccoon! 

Or maybe you wish for a cat or dog,
but allergies keep you from having the 
fur-baby of your dreams!
Tell me!

And have a wonderful November day.

You can read about Hedgehogs here
and those adorable Mini Cows here!


TexWisGirl said...

those are cute choices. right now, i'd love to have a couple of barn cats (after losing our tuxedo boy earlier this year to illness). but with our 4 dogs, i can't chance adding cats as they don't differentiate well between mom's cats and varmints.

Marilyn said...

My big "baby" went to doggie heaven before last Christmas and I am now beginning to think of another dog--our fifth Newfoundland puppy or a new breed--a Newdoole. Part Newfie and part poodle. Can't remember how to spell it at the moment. When I was little I had a book with an orangutan and thought a money would be a wonderful pet. My brother tried to tame a raccoon--that was a BIG mistake!♥♫

Donna said...

I have never seen a hedgehog or a mini cow! I always thought I would love to have a miniature horse. They are too cute! I could call it Annie. How is Annie?

Gaelyn said...

Love the cartoon. I'd have a burro, but it might be a little crowded in my RV. ;)

Flat Creek Farm said...

We experienced hedgehogs when our son moved back from TX w/ his 3. They are super adorable, but have to keep their temps very steady and regular.. not too hot or too cold. They can go into hibernation and maybe not wake up :( One by one they passed d/t old age (HH don't live to be very old). They were fun, and SO cute, but yes a bit high maintenance for me! I'm happy w/ my current brood but if I had limitless funding and boundless energy.. I could probably go for some little goats :) -Tammy

Flat Creek Farm said...

p.s. Misha, if you didn't watch this on pbs last night.. you missed out! Nature: Animal Odd Couples (hint- there may be at least one big cat involved ;)) It was awesome!

Bianca said...

Oh, I'm on J.'s side on this! You should get a mini cow!! On the way to my parents we always pass a meadow where there is a black and white mini Lakenvelder cow (Belted cow) When we someday have our own little farmhouse I want one too, with a black and white goat and black and white chickens.....
We do have hedge hogs in our garden, but they are now in hibernation. Hope the winter will not be to harsh this year.
Zeke is a very attractive dog, but those sleeping positions, not so much.... ^.^ Hugs for all you four legged babies!!

Lynne said...

I guess I like it best just the three of us . . . We like the quiet and ease. Being much older does that I suppose.

In my dreams though of another companion . . . it would be an Irish Setter . . . Rambunctious to train for the first few years but loyalty supreme . . .

The days of more dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, and more are waaaayyyy behind me.

Hartwood Roses said...

I love the cartoon. It's almost like it's a glimpse of life here at our place, too.

I have dreamed for years of having a pot-bellied pig. Until we moved here to the country, that dream had to stay a dream. Now that we have the property and the ability, the time is still not right to add a pig to the family ... so it remains a dream. Honestly, like you with your husband's mini cow obsession, I doubt my husband will relent and allow me to get a pig. Perhaps one day. A girl can dream.

Jeanette said...

Funny you mentioned that because I always thought having a hedgehog would be pretty fun! Baby hedgehogs are the cutest things in the world!Oh well, my kitties definitely would not appreciate it..or maybe they would but for all the wrong reasons! Have a wonderful weekend, Misha! That comic is hilarious!