04 October 2012

......Permission Slips

I always wonder if my little blog
gets lonely when I am away.
I am a guilt-ridden soul
when I don't post,
feeling as if I have skipped school assignments.

And when I come back,
will I remember where my locker is?
Where the cafeteria is? 
Will I still have friends to sit with?

And then so many of you send such lovely
Permission Slips
letting me know you will
still share my bench when I return.
That it's OK for me to take time off.

Today I received this from
Ellen in Oregon ~

It is a gift to be able to sometimes bare your soul and share your stories as a way of touching and enlightening others. The other side is that this ability can consume huge quantities of strength & energy. My personal phrase for this state is what I call "My soul has been sucked dry" point. Do whatever you need right now to protect yourself and get recharged. We love everything that comes from what you give on this blog. The point is you give of yourself on this site. We, as your visiting audience have a vested interest in your taking time off and doing whatever you need to in order to recharge your soul. When you are ready and wanting to - then come back. People who enjoy your words will be ready when you are. Take a walk and kick some leaves, sit on your porch and do nothing, spend time letting the animals heal you and the context of your sadness will change and take on new meaning and the heaviness you feel burdened by will ease. That is my hope for you. 

Ellen, you didn't leave a return address,
so I had no other way to thank you!
And your phrase...
"My soul has been sucked dry"?
Made me laugh.
And shake my head,.... yes!

So thanks for all the wonderful
permission slips.
I have read every single one.
Over and over.

Be back soon.


Lynne said...

Very nice Permission Slip . . .
I agree totally . . . Sit on the porch, kick some leaves . . . Be okay is what is important . . . I will be here . . . not going anywhere!

Freda said...

We will be here when you feel better, hope that is soon.

c. Joy said...

When I first started blogging I was afraid to leave "without permission." I posted faithfully twice a week. I know it was more for me than for my readers. Now I try to blog once a week, but if I get a better offer - I'm off. We'll wait for you, enjoy yourself - then come back and tell us what you did (pictures are nice). The important thing is to live.

Beth Edwards said...

oh, i always get excited when i see that you have a post up on my blog roll... i get to doing my "happy dance" ... so exciting!! enjoy your day. until next time... xxoo (:

TexWisGirl said...

she is a wise woman and a very caring soul. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ellen is right; we love you and will wait for as long as you need.
love and prayers,

as always starzie said...

Dear Misha,
I have been following your blog for some time and I enjoy it so very much! So sorry you have to deal with such challenging health issues. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 30 years! I've had two total hip replacements and a revision on one. Also two total knee replacements. Hand and foot surgery. And I'm facing more surgery. So I totally understand what you are going through! I would love to connect with you in the future. Having friends that understand is so important! Take care. Will talk to you soon!
Hugs from,
Darlene from Calif.

Donna said...

Ellen was very eloquent and descriptive, LOL! It is a very valid point about how much energy it takes to maintain a blog. It is a serious time commitment. And when you don't feel well, you don't want to spend your time doing "work." Your readers, like me, love your stories and we keep coming back for more. How often you post is strictly up to you and your stamina. We'll come and visit whenever you have a post ready!

Rural Revival said...

Oh that girl has it right!!

Any you my dear, have a spot on the bench beside me for Eternity.

I heart you very much!


Melinda said...

You know we love you and will be here when byou come back.

Take care of yourself--we'll see you soon.

M :)

Karen said...

Misha, you are so loved, I doubt it will matter how often you post. Your friends will always care, count me in. I'm going to assume the meds they've had you tolerating are not giving you the relief they promised?.... :-(

Buttons Thoughts said...

Hello I was given your blog address by Tex at roundaroundranchreport.
I truly love this post and never thought of a break like this.
The woman that left that email was truly a good person and I find there re a lot of them out there. Take care. B

Buttons Thoughts said...

I forgot to say we have something in common Fibromyalgia and Tex thought your blog could help me. I am going to read some of your posts right now.:) B

Ellen in Oregon said...

Misha -
The kind response to my words of encouragement were unexpected and appreciated. I apologize that I accidently removed my contact info. when I was editing my account.
Once in a while, when an opportunity to offer encouragement to a fellow traveller arises, I take a chance and respond to them from my heart. I hope that you are coping as best you can in complex & difficult circumstances. I believe everyone yearns to be absolved of their quilt(ral or imagined) and have their needs legitimized. I can't think of a single positive purpose that guilt serves and yet so much of it exists in the World. If giving someone permission to take care of themselves cancels out guilt, then we should all come with a thick book of "Permission Slips".

Ellen in Oregon said...

Email included.

Patricia said...

Just stopping by to say Hi. I hope that you're feeling better and adjusting to the new meds. Take care.