24 September 2012

~ The Joy of Being Brutus ~

And in one of the many secret hiding spots of 
Brutus, the Jelly-belly Kleptco Cat,
today I found these things!
I had been looking for the earring and Baby Girl's collar.
The other stuff?
Ummm..not so much.
So I left it there for him.
So he can rub his fat paws together in glee as 
he adds to his collection!

Missing anything?
Let me know.
Anything is possible with this feline!
~ ~ ~
Happy Fall!


Dear Diary said...

What a way to make my Monday brighter! Wake up to a Brutus post! How could you not love that big hunk of love? Look at how cute he is sleeping. Hope Mickey is okay after the tumble off the table. I hate it when that happens!

Karen said...

So funny that he steals things! He's a very pretty cat though..

Beth Edwards said...

was watching the news & i believe it is in England there is a cat owner who has the same issue. amazing all the goodies that cat would bring home. the owner was letting them know so they could come over & grab their belongings. too funny!! (:

Donna said...

Brutus is just too funny!

TexWisGirl said...

he was a crow or raccoon in another life. :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Funny he hides things!

Jeanette said...

Happy Fall back at you Misha! Love the post. I don't know if I have a klepto cat but if I do they sure do a good hiding job!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I love your animals! They have so much character to them, especially Mr. Brutus :)

Hey, at least you know where his hiding spot is now, right? LOL

Hope you're having a lovely Monday my friend ^.^

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

He's just the funniest little klepto cat I've ever heard of. LOL

Donna said...

Brutus is going to need a bigger basket :) Wonder what he will take next? lol

Melinda said...

Oh, way too funny!!!!
Your animals sure are entertaining.

I am needing an Annie story though.

M :)

Bianca said...

Love stories about your boys so much. After finishing my own post (about Montezuma!!) had to check yours ofcourse. Silly Mickey trying to invite that Jelly Belly Boy to play and than rolling off the table. Too funny! Love Brutus' fat feet too. Miss my own boys, so nice to read about other furry friends....

RoeH said...

I could watch a cat sleep all day long. It's like taking a Valium.

Rural Revival said...

Seriously, the digs about the fat feet are becoming pretty flagrant around here. Geesh! We're thinking of suing for defamation of character. We've just had a hard time finding a lawyer who handles more than catnap crimes but Slender Toes and I are on it! Hahahahaha!! : )

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I love these photos tey are so funny you have adorable cats. It appears they are a lot like ravens stealing and hiding. B

Jamie said...

Oh I love cats too, this photos reminds me of my pets. Love your post.

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