16 August 2012

~ Where Idgie goes...Brutus Follows! ~

Idgie didn't show up for dinner last night.
Pretty much like clock-work, this girl is
the kitchen door at 5pm.

Then I realized Brutus hadn't come running 
to the dinner bell either!
Brutus teases the heck out of Idgie!
I had a good idea that wherever Idgie was..Brutus was.
He is relentless about being a bee in her bonnet!

And I was right!

Idgie is a total chatterbox.
She chats to herself all day long.
I never worry about her catching a bird,
because she is never quiet!
I can have a complete conversation with her
if I keep chatting back in tiny little squeaks!

I walked out back to the "forest" behind our home.
I could hear her.
I followed her voice and found her sitting 
on this old Locust tree by the creek.
And Brutus was beneath her in the brush.

Brutus, being the brute he is sometimes,
was preventing Idgie from jumping off the tree.
He loves to chase and tease her and she knows it.

I finally got Brutus to come to me,
scooping his "jelly-belly self" up,
so Idgie would know she was safe to jump down!
Oh, Brutus....
Then three of us walked back home.
Me, carrying Brutus, and Idgie running ahead
chatting to herself.

I have a feeling those chatty words she was speaking
were directed at Brutus and probably
cannot be repeated in English!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you are wondering, yes, Idgie was
named after Imogene Threadgoode from
"Fried Greed Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe".
She will answer to both names, because cats are smart like that!

I also wrote about Idgie in this fun post
that included Chris O'Donnell, who starred in the movie.
It was my friend, Theresa,
who jarred my memory about this old post!
Check it out..it will make you smile :)

Happy Day to all!


TexWisGirl said...

you have about 2 degrees of separation. :)

Bianca said...

How lovely a lady that Idgie is. I find her very pretty. She reminds me a bit of our Bram. Although he is a boy, he sqeeks like a girl-cat and 'talks' all the time. To me, his brothers, that darn bird in the apple tree and formost himself. They would be great friend I guess....
Bad Boy Brutus, being bit of a bully with his sister... Oh well, boys will be boys I guess.
Give them all a big smootch from me and my boys!
Hug for you too ofcourse,

Bianca said...

P.s. read the other post. Never seen that movie, so no idea how it goes. Love that Chris O'Donnell though. He is in NCIS, am I right??? Lovely guy.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

That Brutus always up to his antics! I tell you, if that cat were human, he'd be in HEAPS of trouble by now. LOL

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad you knew where to listen to find them!

Cindy said...

My little Trixie is a chatterbox too! I think she talks just to hear herself! Very cute pictures!
I knew immediately who Idgie was!! Love that movie..

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a fun post! The pictures are wonderful also, and I love that old dead tree.

Lynne said...

Loved your photos . . . and news of your chatty kitty too!

Donna said...

Idgie is beautiful! Brutus with his jelly belly is too much fun :)
Sinatra (the new baby) chases one of his sisters through the house all the time! Boys will be boys :)

RoeH said...

If I was still having children, the next one would be named Idgie. I've always loved that name.

Rural Revival said...

I have but just one word for Idgie. Towanda!!!!