25 August 2012

~ Where the Day Just Might Take You ~

Last night I was looking through
an old file of pictures from January 2009.
I am anxiously awaiting Fall and yes, even Winter!

We had snow that week and the roads
were so icy on this particular morning,
that J couldn't make it to school.

We took a walk and
played with the dogs in the snow.
We sat in silence together and read books.
I remember how quiet the entire day seemed.
We had lost power, but our home was still warm
since we heat by wood.

By late afternoon, we were restless.
The roads had finally cleared enough to get out.
 So we decided to take a drive up to 
Bald River Falls in the Cherokee National Forest.
This beautiful forest is near our home 
in Tellico plains, Tennessee.
The weeks before had been filled with rain.
Between the rain and the melting snow 
 we were sure the falls would be incredible.
And they were!

We weren't the only ones who had this idea!
The bridge was filled with people watching the
millions of gallons of icy, cold water pouring over the rocks.
It was beautiful.
Of all the vehicles parked off the road, ours was
the only one with a Tennessee plate!

It was so noisy from the amount of water rushing 
over the mountain rock that J and I had to practically
yell to be heard by one another.
It was freezing cold.
And we should have taken rain gear, as we were 
being sprayed with the mist from the falls.
Like a mini Niagara Falls!

A group of  kayakers had finished their day.
But one very brave soul decided he wanted to do
a run over the falls!

Bald River Falls sees it's own tragedies  
every year, all year long.
Just weeks ago, a man hiking decided to cross
over the top of the falls and lost his footing.
The rocks are slippery with moss and water.
I am not that brave!
I have no desire to climb up those rocks 
and cross over at the peak of the falls.

We stood on the bridge with tourists 
and the group of about 20 kayakers who from North Carolina.
Watching and waiting for the bravest of them all 
to get to the top of the falls.
This crazy guy had to sit and scoot up the rocks,
while pulling his kayak with a rope.

I remember telling J if this man got hurt, someone
would have to find a Ranger, and fast, as there is no 
cell phone service there!
J's concern at that moment was getting the whole
thing recorded!
And mumbling how he would do that in a heartbeat.
Um..no. I don't think so.

And then Mr. Brave Soul was at the top.
I wanted to close my eyes.
I didn't.
It was awesome!
People cheered, hooted and hollered!

We left right after that, as it was getting dark.
The second half of our day was such a contrast
to the very quiet way it began.

Proving that you never know where a day might take you!

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I appreciate your visits more than you know...
I hope your day takes you just where you want it to!

Have fun watching the video!
 1min and 27 seconds of "what if"!


Patricia said...

There's no way I could scoot myself over the edge. Watching it between my fingers would be all that I could muster. It does look awfully cold there. Thanks for such an awesome post and video.

Rural Revival said...

What a beautiful spot! I love the sound of water roaring and the sound of a peaceful snow day. I would so do that too if I was experienced enough. It looks so fun!


Lynne said...

I loved the sound and watching . . . but no way would I be that brave. I am going canoeing in a few weeks with my friend who loves to kayak. Years since I have canoed . . . Hopefully we won't hit any rapids!

Great post Misha!

TexWisGirl said...

i don't think i could have watched him. :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I love the snow pictures and the sound of the rushing falls! Thanks for the great video. I'm not sure I could have watched him.
Have a great weekend.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Oh, now that's just craziness! Leave it to a man to do something like this though... LOL

Melinda said...

I'll pass thank you. My feet are quite happy on solid ground!

Your pictures are beautiful!

Sometimes we just fly by the seat of our pants.

M :)

Donna said...

Oh my, to be young and crazy! That guy could have gotten seriously hurt! It is a beautiful waterfall and we've visit it anytime we are in the area. How lucky you are that it is located nearby you!

Gaelyn said...

That kyaker is crazy. You two, on the other hand, had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing the memory.

Mary said...

Holy Crap! Nope, I couldn't do that.
It is really funny how that day started out so serene and ended with that! You never know.

It was downright chilly this morning when I got up and I thought of you and fall being just around the corner. I got some firewood today, so I guess I'm ready. We've had a pretty nice summer here actually. I guess you could say I'm kind of looking forward to it. Not totally though...

Karen said...

Brrr... I'm just thinking of how COLD that must have been!!!... I love kayaking too.. but only in smooth water :-)

Amish Stories said...

Images of things to come! Richard

Deb said...

That water fall is breathtakingly beautiful and that guy is crazy. Great post.

Anonymous said...

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