20 August 2012

~ Pampering a Hurt Pup ~

On our Sunday morning walk ,
Sadie got a boo-boo.
Somewhere in the field where she romped after a rabbit,
she she stepped on something that tore a chunk
right off the pad of her right front paw.
Poor girl.
She didn't even let on until we got back to the house.

Instead of her usual quick run inside to grab a toy
and claim the giant pooch bed,
she immediately laid down on the 
kitchen floor, and began nursing her paw.
And then I saw her paw print in blood on the tile.

I let her stay there while I got the flashlight.
With black feet and pads,
 I needed to see how deep the wound was
and if stitches were in order.

Zeke is the King of stitches in his paws.
Not this time, though.

She was such a love.
Such a sweet gentle pup she is.
While I had tears streaming down my face,
{feeling rather emotional these days, I am!}
Sadie licked them off and wagged her tail.
I felt so bad for her.
My heart felt as jagged as her wound did to her...

I think maybe the words,
possible "car ride", "vet", and "leash"
helped the waggin' tail!
Sadie loves to ride,
see her Doc,
and the sight of her leash makes her turn to jello!

She yelped when I found the spot.
And whined a long shrill as I checked the gash with the light.
No stitches were needed.
A wound that needs to stay open to heal.
I brought in her blankie and told her to "stay",
while I got the supplies to doctor her.

J and I often joke we have a bigger "animal first aid kit"
than we do "human"!
Half a cupboard full of anything and everything needed
for just about any pet emergency.

I used Wonder Dust to help the bleeding coagulate.
{Wonder Dust has also been my go-to for horses for years!}
While I sat on the kitchen floor with her,
Zeke and the felines joined us.
Baby Girl hid, not liking the commotion :)

After the wound stopped seeping,
I gently cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide
 and then used Liquid Wound Care which helps
seal the wound to keep out dirt, germs etc. 
Kind of like a Liquid Bandage.
She was a trooper.

I got her settled on the couch, with her toy.
She was happy.
Until later, when Zeke had to go out....without her!

Is that look precious or what?! 

I came back in the living room and Sadie was 
angrily tearing the stuffing out of "Mr. Doggie"!

She was mad.
Mad, mad, mad.

She wanted to be in the backyard romping with Zeke.
I just let her tear out the stuffing until her heart was content!

Later when her time came to go out,
she was so excited to see her harness and leash!
And this time, Sadie was special.
Zeke loves his harness and leash too,
but only Sadie got to put hers on!
I think she felt vindicated.

Sadie slept the evening away.
When it came time for all of us to go to bed,
Sadie gimped her way into the bedroom.
I put her blankie on the bed and boosted her up!
Thank goodness it was her and not Zeke..
I can't boost him up!

Her wound actually looks great this morning.
All ready on it's way to healing.
I also popped her on antibiotics for the next 7 days
to help ward off any infection.
Zeke keeps trying to help the process
by wanting to cozy up to her and lick her wound!

We all skipped our morning walk.
I didn't want to leave Sadie behind wondering
why she didn't get to go with us.
And while Zeke gets to go out in the pup yard,
Sadie is still pretty excited to have her harness
and leash presented each time she has to go out!
A little quality time with mom wandering the yard.

Today is officially
"Pamper Sadie" day!
I think she kind of likes it...

And Zeke?
He is taking all of this in stride,
thankful it wasn't his paw this time!

Now go pamper yourself by having a beautiful day.

*I am not being compensated by the makers of
Wonder Dust or Liquid Wound Care.
Just two great products I have used for years and believe in!


TexWisGirl said...

so glad she's doing better already! my 'kids' have had some doosies of gashes in paws, legs, ears, etc. yikes! the life of a country pup...

Jeanette said...

Oh poor Sadie! Sounds like you took good care of her, though! I can tell how worried Zeke was!!

Bianca said...

Oh gosh.... that poor dear. See how you cryed about that, I would if my furry babies had something like that. Well, a good "Sadie Day" will take care of that kind of boo boo.

Great picture of Zeke. Very Relaxed Boy or what?!

Give them all a big knuffel from me.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, what a poor little puppy! I'd hate to have that happen to me if I were a dog O.o I can't imagine how painful it would be, especially having to walk on it to get everywhere!

You were a very good mommy taking such good care of her like that! :)

I hope she's feeling better in no time and the daily walks can continue!

Farmhouse Style Living said...

Poor baby, but lucky to have a great mama like you! When I first read this I woulda swore it was Zeke! I am going to keep that stuff in mind though for in the future. Hopefully I won't have to use it for my big goofernut!

Karen said...

That stuff DOES wonders!... hoping Sadie heals quick, those are tough boo boos to heal.

RoeH said...

Poor little guy. *sniff*

Betsy Adams said...

Ah---Poor Sadie... My heart hurts for her... Glad you took such good care of her --and that she is feeling better... Bless her little heart.


Lynne said...

Ahhhhh . . . poor baby, get well soon! Love your photos and tale too. Not that Sadie has an ouch though!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Zeke is an absolute hoot! He looks happy it's not him...silly boy -LOL-
So glad Sadie is doing better and hope she heals quickly and fully.

Gaelyn said...

Poor Sadie. You are a good nurse.

Deb said...

She's lucky to have such a knowledgeable doctor as an owner! Maybe you missed your calling:)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I like that stuff too. I think we learn the best remedies if we have cared for horses. Zeke, what a guy. He needs belly rubs.