01 August 2012

Let's Just Pretend...

J is still working out-of-state.
He was in Alabama. Now it's Mississippi.
He has been gone for 10 days...
He works a very stressful job that his
personality is perfect for.
J is one of the most laid-back people ever!
I am the total opposite.
I like all my "ducks in a row". 
I stress over everything.
Which is why we mesh so very well!

{J. Mr. "Stress-free"!}

J calls me several times a day.
And we text back and forth. 
Me from our computer, since we don't have 
cell phone service where we live.
{Hey, our electrical grid in this little town hasn't been updated since 1950. What do you expect?!}
This morning he called.
Our conversation went something like this~

J-Don't forget my dad and Mariate will be there Thursday.
Me-You mean NEXT Thursday, right?   

J-No. This Thursday.
Me-But, you wrote it on the calendar for the 9th!
{The calendar is my "life".}
J-Well, the calendar is wrong.
Me-But, you wrote it, how could the calendar be wrong? 

J-Just pretend tomorrow is the 9th.
Me-I make the sound of exasperation.
Me-When are you able to come home?
J-I don't know. Hopefully by Saturday!

Me-Oh my! We have your parents coming TOMORROW
 and there is no food in the house, and you are not even home!

J-{laughing} It will be OK, baby. 
Just pretend tomorrow is the 9th, we have a fridge stocked
with food, and I am already home!

If you thought you heard a woman screaming 
this morning..that would have been me!

J's dad and step-mom are wonderful people.
I really am looking forward to spending time with them!
I was blessed when marrying J to become 
part of their family.
Although J has visited them in Dallas many times, 
I just have not been able to travel that far.
So I have not seen them in person for 2 years.

{Taken on their last visit to east Tennessee.}

Today, after my meds all kicked in,
 I ran around the house like a crazy person,
cleaning and dusting in areas where I know no one ever looks! 
I shopped for food and other "guest necessities".
The house is now beautiful, fluffed, and smells yummy!
I want them to have a lovely time here in the mountains :)
And perhaps look past my haggard,
"I never sleep" look!
While I know they are coming to spend time with us,
my Type A personality was in full-force today.

                                 {J's step-mom, Mariate, grandmother, Mary and his dad, Mike!}

And then J called about hour ago.
He will be home tomorrow night.
Oh, and by the way..he tells me.
He did have the date wrong.
They will be Saturday, not tomorrow!


I hope your day was beautiful, fluffed and smelled yummy!


Lori said...

I really think guys in general just don't get it. When someone visits out home, we want it as nice for them as possible to honor them, but guys just see the need. Gotta love those husbands! :)

Melinda said...

At least your house is clean and smells yummy!
Glad to hear that J will be home soon.

M :)

Donna said...

At least you have your house clean and smelling good! You are well prepared a few days in advance.
Men just don't get it do they :) Gotta love them!!
What does J do that he is in Alabama so much ...just curious!
Love and Hugs,

Bianca said...

Oh Sugar, your J could be my Henk. As laid back and relaxed that I sometimes get jealous of it. Wish I was a bit more relaxed like that.
Do you know that most fibro-fooks are type A people?! Controle freaks who have now control over their own body is the perfect storm....
Now your house is clean and grocery done, you'll have time 'till saturday to rest. Take a sleepingpill if you have them, just a night sleep helps so much!
And family is suprisingly blind for bags under eyes and other signs of illness. They know, they accept, they are just coming over to see and hold you......
Grote knuffel for you dear Misha. Take care.

Beth said...

interesting... i did not know that you could text from a computer. how interesting. i know that jobs can be stressful. the hubby & i know that. happy to hear that "j" can be so laid back. wish my hubby could be more relaxed. he has had several crazy moments lately. normally he is such a calm dude. keeping the faith. big hugs, my friend. (:

Deb said...

Now just get some rest so that you can enjoy your company on Saturday.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

-chuckle- Wrong date anyway. But think. All that wild doing, is done!



Gentle hugs,

Patricia said...

Relax, They're coming to see YOU!

I understand though, I'm the same way.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Believe me, I COMPLETELY understand the Type A Personality. I constantly battle with that myself! I'm attempting to learn to go with the flow, especially since being sick really means going-with-the-flow, but it's hard!

Look at it this way: at least you got everything done and you have the next couple of days to rest and relax, stress free :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Misha, oh how FUNNY! Look at the bright side, now you don't have to do it all over again -LOL-

Rural Revival said...


Glad J is home and I hope as I type this you have been enjoying a wonderful weekend with family. Enjoy!