11 August 2012

~ How Sadie Louise and Baby Girl each came to live with us ~

Zeke came to us because we planned for him.
A pup we waited for to be born.

Sadie Louise and Baby Girl found us.

On an October night, in 2004,
 we pulled into Tennessee from Florida
with our SUV was packed to the gills.
Including several cat carriers, with mewing kitties,
and one year old Zeke!
J's dad was following us in a small rental truck
that contained what we had salvaged from our 
home after Hurricane Frances.
It had been a long 16 hour drive from
south Florida to east Tennessee.
The day we left, so did millions of other Floridians.
The fourth hurricane of that summer 
was barreling towards Florida. 
We were moving out of Florida.
Everyone else was escaping, yet again.

We arrived after dark in the new town we would live in.
As we made our way down the 
one lane road to our new home,
a little black puppy was sitting against a tree. 

We assumed "she was someone's pup".

It was country. Way out in the country.
Where people let their dogs roam.

Hours later, we had to return the truck that
carried all of our Florida possessions that 
survived Hurricane Frances.
The puppy was still sitting on the side of the road.

And returning from our drop-off at about midnight?
 She was still waiting by the side of the road.
In the exact same spot.
Three times we had passed by her in a matter
of five hours and she never moved.

It was evident by then that someone had left her there.
And she was waiting for them to come back for her.

J pulled over and I got out of the car
to greet the little puppy.
About 3 months old, she was wiggles and licks!

That night she became our pup.
And we became her family.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 On a lovely spring evening, the following March,
J and I sat on the front porch.
Not many cars travel down our road.
Especially on a Saturday.

So when a small vehicle slowly passed by our home,
 stopping on the curve in the road 
where the old barns are, we took notice.
The back door opened and a girl got out.

J decided to investigate.
Obviously they had no idea we were on our
porch...watching them.
As J made his way down our driveway and onto the road,  
he hollered asking them if they had car trouble.
The girl answered back that she was trading places with the driver. 
Before J even made it all the way to the car,
it veered to the left and took off.

Leaving a little white dog in the middle of our road....

I was watching from the porch.
I just couldn't believe someone could be so cruel.
The little white pup just sat there.
J called to the pup, "kissed" to her a of couple times,
knelt down on the pavement to be at eye level with her.
Finally she walked towards him.
Ears back, tail tucked. And shaking.
He picked her up.
By the time he came up on the porch with her,
she was licking his face and hands.

That night she became our pup.
And we became her family.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Baby Girl joined us J named her, Little Bit.
'Cause next to Zeke she was such a little thing!
Eventually we began calling her Baby Girl.
{I do believe she feels quite special having two names.}

We always figured that someday Zeke should have a buddy.
He had been surrounded by felines his whole life!
I think a buddy to romp with, play tug, and chase
and chase was probably his pup dream!
So when Sadie came to us, Zeke just fell in love!
I am sure he believes the reason we moved to 
Tennessee was so he could have a sister-pup!
And the night Baby Girl came to us,
those 3 pups became inseparable!

~As all dog and cats do, 
they have three very distinct personalities~

Zeke is the most laid-back of the three.
Nothing bothers him. 
Thundering storms don't phase him one bit!
He won't eat his vegetables.
He only chewed up one thing when he was a pupster.
He barks only when it's necessary.
He loves to hear a siren so he can sing along!
He abhors water.
He think our nightly possum is a pest. 
He loves all the cats.

Sadie Louise barks to join in!
She loves to hear herself :)
Going to the river, to do the doggie paddle,
is one her favorite things!
She wiggles when she gets excited.
She chewed up everything possible in her puppy-hood!
She is petrified of storms.
She likes green peppers and carrots.
And she giggles when J does her nails.
She loves taking a bath.
Watching the possum makes her all giggly.
Felines are cool in her book!

Baby Girl is all ears!
They stick out like little megaphones.
She hears things from a mile away.
On a cold winter night, she wiggles herself 
under the covers.
She is scared of loud noises.
She can fit in places that her canine siblings cannot!
Inside the house she is little Miss Mouse.
Once she crosses the threshold to the 
great outdoors, she is "Super Pup"!
Letting every squirrel know that she rules is a daily task.
Sometimes she thinks she is a cat!

The three of them are a sight when lined up, 
watching out the back door.
Almost like three cartoon characters! 
And when they sleep together in a big heap,
you can see their love for one another.

They are their own little family within a family.
They have secrets, that I am sure of.
As time has passed, I hope Sadie and Baby Girl
 have never remembered who didn't want them.

And instead know that they made Zeke's life complete.
And ours.

Thank you for reading the story 
of how Sadie Louise and Baby Girl
joined our family!


*Months after Sadie came to us, we found out
a  "so-called" breeder in our area abandoned  
her because she was a female. 
He bred "Black and Tan" hunting dogs and only sold males.
Sadie was the only female of her litter-mates.
His puppy mill was later shut down.


TexWisGirl said...

i am so grateful that they found your home and your love. all 3 are just wonderful. i LOVE sadie louise. she is my kinda girl. poor sweet things...

RoeH said...

Puppy mills. How I hate them. I cannot believe people do what people do. How low and cowardly they are. I just don't get it. They are so lucky to have you. And vice-versa.

Mary said...

This is such a beautiful story Misha! You do have quite a "family" there! I have been wishing a lot lately for a friend for Fred (besides the cat) I go back and forth. thanks for the smile!

PS. Yes I did get your note, it gave me happy tears, you are so thoughtful. I keep plugging ahead, no news though. I've been busy feeling sorry for myslef, going to stop doing that.

Donna said...

What a wonderful story! Make my heart happy to read about how they came into your lives. Give them all a big hug for me :)

Gaelyn said...

They really did find you, just the right people they needed. A wonderful story.

Hartwood Roses said...

You have just shared with us two more example that prove what I whole-heartedly believe ... our pets find US when we need them and the time is right. I have never questioned what brought a pet to us, figuring that it's what was supposed to happen so they can complete their journey home.

Our Daniel raced in Florida till he was 4, spent six months waiting for space in an adoption group to take him north to a foster home, and I was a substitute driver on the part of his trip that brought him to Virginia. I wasn't looking for a dog, but he had come to find ME. There is a similar story attached to all of our critters, and each of them fills a need and makes our family complete.

Deb said...

Lucky pups to have found you and J! Amazing how Sadie was waiting for you when got to your new place.

I haven't talked to you in awhile. How are you?

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a wonderful story. I'm so glad they found their way to your home and found each other!

Karen said...

I love reading these stories... can't imagine people DUMPING their dogs like this, and yet thousands and thousands do.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I love you and J and your huge, kind and loving hearts. Those people certainly abandoned their pups on the perfect road... the road to YOUR house. xox

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

It seriously breaks my heart and makes me cry at some people's cruelty. How can you be so cruel to a creature that will devote their lives and give you all the love they possibly can? I DON'T understand.

I do love this story though, not only with one, but TWO happy endings :)

Like I like to believe, everything happens for a reason and when you're meant for something, it'll find you; in this case, THEY ^.^

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I loved this post and getting to know your pups!! Like you, I despise those who drop off dogs in the middle of nowhere, but I'm always so thankful when they find their way to a a family like yours where they live the live they (all) deserve!!!

Melinda said...

What a precious story!

Such funny pups.

M :)

Ames said...

I am so glad the puppy mill was shut down. Heartless people to do that to an innocent dog. Loved your story. You are special people to take in stray dogs. Thank you for your kind hearts.~Ames

Ames said...

I am so glad the puppy mill was shut down. Heartless people to do that to an innocent dog. Loved your story. You are special people to take in stray dogs. Thank you for your kind hearts.~Ames

Jeanette said...

I'm so glad they were abandoned where they were because I'm sure that with you and J they have a much better life than they would have had anywhere else!

Rural Revival said...

I never have and never will understand why humans do the things they do, but I do completely know that they were meant to be with you and that makes me happy.

Big hugs,