13 August 2012

~ At 10pm Every Night ~

This summer our little side porch has hosted
one particular raccoon, and three different possums!
Two "grown-ups" and one baby.

This little guy is not shy at all.
He shows up at 10pm each night.
He hasn't missed a night in months!

Last night he had obviously taken a bath
in the creek, as he was dripping wet!
And then he came to our house for a snack.

And like the stupid human Mr Possum knows I am,
each night I am just excited as the last when he shows up!
I do believe he looks forward to the
Possum Paparazzi. 

The felines and I sit at the kitchen door,
watching his silly antics.

His table manners are atrocious!
He eats with his mouth open...
crunching, crunching, crunching!
And then he finishes his late-night snack
by slurping down all the fresh kitty water.

The cats are all a buzz while watching.

They watch him with wide eyes ,
they glance at one another with,
"are you seeing this?" looks on their faces,
all the while their tails are whipping back and forth!

No one ever whispers an unkind word about
the way this little guy looks.
All the felines have manners, 
because they have been taught never to judge a
creature by it's looks alone!

{Except alligators and crocodiles..they are just darn ugly!} 

Except Brutus.
I guess he that missed that day of
Felines Manners 101.

Have a wonderful day.
We will!

A little about those funny looking creatures!

Like kangaroos and koalas, infant possums stay inside the mother's pouch to nurse.
The opossum holds the distinction of being North Americas's only marsupial.

It is EXTREMELY rare if even POSSIBLE for opossums to get rabies because their body temperature is too low for rabies to survive and replicate well.  The usual reason people think they have rabies is the drooling that opossums do when approached and scared.  For the most part though, opossums are all bark and no bite.  When a ‘possum is approached, it will open its mouth widely, show you all of their teeth, and begin to drool excessively.  Usually this pose is enough to intimidate anyone, and you will leave it alone.  Even in baby opossums we see this defense mechanism, although we’re so used to it that it is less than intimidating to us anymore.  If pushed, cornered, poked, prodded, the opossum WILL bite, but it will never run after you, chase you, come towards you in an attacking way.  No matter what you hear, opossums are not out there killing people’s dogs, or attacking children.  They do not care about your dog, and they don’t want anything to do with your children.  


TexWisGirl said...

the only reason i don't like to see them come around (especially in the barn) is they carry EPM. my neighbor's old horse died of it earlier this year - just too old to recover, sadly.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

You are so right, Theresa. Our barn is not close to home. We also don't leave cat food in the barn, it is kept in the tack room so as not to entice anyone. Armadillos, cats, skunks, and raccoons, even sea otters can also be carriers. Keeping "road-kill" cleaned up also helps immensely!Road kill is one of the biggest carriers. Also the hay source used for horses can become contaminated. So many worries with this awful awful disease!
Some day we WILL have a vaccine for this!

Amish Stories said...

My money is on the cats! Richard

Kelly said...

So cute! I love possums too. In fact, I have a very realistic looking stuffed toy possum. His name? George, after George Jones of course! :)

Donna said...

Too funny!! You make me laugh with every post. We have opossums that come eat what the barn cats don't inhale! They do need better manners!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Misha, I've seen a few possums here --but mostly, we have raccoons. I have to put my bird feeders up at nights or else the raccoons would steal them all!!!!!! Smart critters.

RoeH said...

They are cute little guys. When I go to California to visit my cousin, I sleep out on the porch. The racoons come in during the night through the cat door and help themselves to the food. I awake to crunching in the night. So cute.

Flat Creek Farm said...

They are cute.. I think! Even if they don't have good manners ;) My sister raised some orphaned li'l possums several years ago. My son was in 4th grade then.. Sis and I took the babies in (w/ teacher's permission of course). The kids delighted by having the little possum tail wrapped around their finger while baby dangled. They truly are amazing little funny-lookin' critters!! I love your picture, and oh that Brutus! He is a Looker!! ♥ -Tammy

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

What a cute post. I don't welcome little visitors here but I appreciate photos from others who do. LOVE the Geico commercial about the possum:-)

Marilyn said...

I wasn't sure there were any around here, but a few summers ago we had one want a drink at our back door and of course, some cat food. Because of the skunks, I try to put out just enough and have no left overs. Cute little critters.♥♫

Gaelyn said...

Just look at that adorable little face, wouldn't hurt a thing. And I don't mean Brutus.
When I worked as an animal keeper the friendly opossum eagerly walked on a leash and harness allowing visiting school kids to learn about these nocturnal marsupials.
Very interesting visitor at your house.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I love the look on Brutus Face. I've never seen an opossum. I don't think we have many around here. Thanks for the interesting info.

Deb said...

I agree with Brutus. That is one ugly cat!

I owe you an email. Look for it a little later.

Jeanette said...

We had one in our backyard recently and it insisted on hanging around on the patio to entertain the kitties! They were duly impressed! They do have a face only a mother could love, although the babys are adorable!!

Celestial Charms said...

Such a cute and informative post. I used to live in a ground floor apartment in Westchester County, New York. The outside ground, with many trees, was eye level with my window. For a long time, I used to have a daily possum visitor, which shocked me, as it wasn't exactly country territory there. So very cute they are, even with all the drooling!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

You know, those creatures are so ugly, they're cute. LOL

That's the really cool thing about living in or around a wooded our country area; you get all sorts of wildlife! :)

Thank you for the creature lesson for today! I had no idea they were North America's only marsupial.