18 August 2012

~ 35 Days and Hope ~

Last evening, the pups and kitties joined me on the deck
to watch the sun set.

We watched the deer cross over the ridge.
A nightly ritual they have 
that is so on schedule we all know when to watch!
None of us ever tire of seeing these beautiful creatures.

Sadie will spot the deer and then look at me 
with a wagging tail and eyes so huge that say, "Do you see them!"

As we sat on the deck, we could hear them in the distance.
Crunching leaves and brush under their feet as they 
make their way to where they bed down for the night.
Such a wonder they are to the dogs!

Late at night, using a large Coleman lantern,
I can scan the ridge and staring back at me
are pairs of eyes in the darkness!

The sunset was gorgeous. 
Giving a hint that morning would be just as beautiful.

And it was!
It wasn't a good night of sleep for me,
but being awake to catch this made up for it.

This is the time of year our mornings begin with fog.
And temperatures that make mornings a little more comfortable!
A sign that Autumn is coming.

After the fog burned off,
Zeke, Sadie, and Baby Girl joined me on a walk.
A few of the felines joined in!
The dogs would run ahead and then wait for me to catch up;
while the kitties lagged behind trying to catch butterflies,
and anything else that buzzed by them!
We even got to see our favorite groundhog
munching away happily....until he saw our posse getting closer.
He disappeared in a flash!

It warmed up fast, giving Zeke a reason to sit 
and look back at our home. 
His way of saying that the air-conditioning,
his fave blankie on the couch, and a snooze were in order!

Idgie caught up with us on the way to our casa,
 and decided to take a breather
from having to constantly keep a look out for 
Brutus, her own personal stalker!
She decided that a nap with Zeke was in order.

And while everyone went their own way
to find the perfect napping spot....
I began to think of cooler days.

Wearing jeans, boots, and sweaters on our morning walks.
Seeing smoke from the chimney 
of our wood-stove when we turn back to walk home.
Breathing in all those wonderful Fall smells!
How the dogs bring in the cold on their fur, with noses like ice!

Can you tell how much 
I love, love, love the season of Autumn.
And did you know, the first day of Fall is only 35 days away?

This makes my heart so very happy.
For all the reasons above and then some...

To be able to be outside more, without worrying 
about the effects of the heat and the sun on my body.
To not feel like a prisoner bound to 
four walls with closed windows.

Although I know that in 35 days the sun and the air
won't magically turn into those crisp, cool, days
I am longing for....it does give me Hope.
And these days, 
Hope is a very wonderful and needed thing in my little world.

Here is to hoping that all of you have a fabulous weekend!


TexWisGirl said...

i love that you have your ritual of watching the deer cross by! :)

Bianca said...

Could imagine myself beside you, seeing those deer, seeing the dogs wagging their tails.....
Although you look forward to autumn, for us it's the time we will arrive in your part of the world and hope, hope, hope it won't be to cold for me to function. We took a big risk going on holiday so late in the year. But your kind of cool will probably be warm enough for me.
Hope you'll have better times ahead though, know all about those sleepless nights.
Big hug for you from me.
And a big kiss too....

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

We are having mornings very much like yours with a bit of fog... quite cool. LOVE IT! I was looking at all of my fall photos today. Gosh I love it when things cool down and I can wear sweaters or a light jacket. It just feels soooo cozy!

Farmhouse Style Living said...

Fall and spring are my fave times of the year! I could just imagine my boy trying to hide camo style with tail flicking to get Idgie. Poor girl! Atleast big brother Zeke watches out for her! Love all the pics. What a beautiful place to be. Here is hoping to a bit of freedom in 35 days to you my friend!

Donna said...

I am so anxious for Fall too! Beautiful pictures and I always love hearing about the 'babies'.
Glad to know Fall is just 35 days away :)

Melinda said...

I think A LOT of us are anxious for FALL this year. It is my fave anyway but I am REALLY looking forward to this year!!

Glad you are able to get out more!

Enjoy your Sunday.


Lynne said...

Beautiful Misha. . . photos . . . message . . . images . . . a favorite time for me too. The Jack O lantern plants are bright orange. So far I have counted eight orange lanterns. I will do a countdown with you!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a lovely post Misha!! Your favorite things at the start and end of the day are mine too with just a little different country view!

Enjoy your weekend!!

RoeH said...

I want to come and sit on the deck, too. Nice.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Love the photo of the dog and kittie. So sweet.

Autumn is pure magic. Can't wait.

Rural Revival said...

While I enjoy all four seasons, and the change each one brings, (I get bored easily)I do so look forward to fall the most. Maybe because the hot summer days just plum wear me out, maybe because that cool crisp autumn air makes me feel alive again after the wilting heat, or maybe because you love it so too. : )


Jeanette said...

Beautiful post, Misha! I would watch the deer every night too!! I know how much you love Fall! It's been a hot summer for sure! I'm actually looking forward to walks in the crisp, clean air, too!

Beth said...

i'm ready for fall so much i can smell it. fav time of the year for sure. luv ur views there. so cute. big hugs. (;

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh WOW! That sunset and sunrise are both absolutely gorgeous. You are a lucky, lucky lady to be able to view that when you please (except for the lack of sleep, but it's good you found something good out of it!).

It's so much fun living the country life vicariously through you and your posts ^.^

Autumn is my FAVORITE, too, so I'm really excited for it! Although what comes after Fall, definitely not looking forward to that o.O

Lottie said...

Misha, what a beautiful post and what beautiful pictures! I'll have to admit I was a little scared of the eyes looking back when you scanned with the lantern. I love your blog... you give me hope,too.
Again, this was a wonderful post!
Hope you have a good week next week!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The view from your porch is beautiful. I'm looking forward the all the smells and wonderful colors of fall too! My favorite season.

the cuby poet said...

Oh Misha how I would like to join you on your porch enjoying the whole experience with you. Love this post, your longing for autumn and this walk. Thank you for all of this.

Karen said...

I'm looking forward to fall too!.. today is cooler and reminds me that this heat, too.. shall pass.