25 July 2012

~ Stormy Nights, ThunderShirts, and A Plea to Mother Nature ~

  Sunday evening another wicked storm blew through.
A sunny, clear {and very, very hot!} day that 
could have turned into another
 "Something Wicked This Way Comes"!
Thankfully, it did not.

After rounding up the felines who live outside, 
we got them settled in the house.
{They were not happy!}
J then put the "Thunder Shirts" on Sadie and Baby Girl,
because they are petrified of storms.
We always try to get these on the girls before the storm starts.
It works wonders and helps her anxiety.
Too bad they don't make these for horses!!

{I have often wondered if Zeke has no worries about storms
because he spent the first two years of his
life in south Florida and is used to this weather.
Florida comes in second as the lightning capitol of the world!}

Then J and I stood outside, watched the clouds swirl,
and the sky turn ugly and mean.

It was only about 7p.m. but it was as if night had fallen already.
The clouds kept rolling by and changing shape.

As the sky darkened, we could see sheets of rain 
falling in the distance!

The only editing I did with these images was to re-size them.
The colors in the clouds and sky were so spectacular 
they didn't need any enhancement!

A few weeks ago, I took down all the vintage signs
that hung on the old smokehouse.
It seems with each storm that blows through,
I spend the next day pounding nails to re-hang them.
The poor grapevine wreath has lost all the 
flowers that I decorated it with...
it looks pretty darn sad hanging there all alone.

As J and I stood mesmerized,
all of sudden the sky became pitch black.
In the distance, through the pine trees, we saw
the first lightning strike.
Can you see it to the left of the picture?
And then we heard the crashing of what was probably
a very tall pine tree hitting ground!

That was our signal to head indoors!

Whenever J hikes the ridge up behind our home,
he comes home with tales and pictures of all
the trees that have been hit by lightning.
Huge black scars that have been seared into giant trees!

Through all of this we never lost power.
Not even a blip. 
I was ready to be without lights,
so the oil lamps and candles were all lit!

The storm passed by fast,
and gave us more much-needed rain.
The kitties were able to retreat back outside,
and Sadie and Baby Girl survived another storm
looking too cute in their thunder shirts!

Humans, equines, canines and felines all just fine.

On Monday morning I added two words
to our little chalkboard 
on my front porch....

Welcome, Summer!   Now Leave!
October cannot get here fast enough....

I hope your week has been lovely so far.

*I have not been compensated in any
form or fashion for touting the
wonders of the Thundershirt.
My pups and I just think they are pretty awesome :)


TexWisGirl said...

glad you did not sustain any damage or power outage this time. i don't like lightning strikes, but i'm guessing no one really does. :)

Gaelyn said...

I love the sound of thunder and rain on the roof. Do worry a bit about lightning. Had to look up the thundershirt. Should have had one years ago for my old guy.

Donna said...

I had never heard of thundershirts before. Love the idea!
We had pine trees all in our yard when we first moved here and after lightning struck several we had every one cut down. Not a pine tree on our property. Lightning is so scary!
So glad you didn't lose power and got much needed rain.
The first thing I noticed was the sunflower on your chalkboard sign which I love!
Love you!

Mary said...

Those are awesome cloud pictures! I totally dig that stuff! I did see the lightning too, I could stare at those all day. I guess it's good, but we don't get anything remotely close the kind of weather you do. Sometimes I miss the excitement of it all. I'm glad you didn't lose power, I'm sure that gets old real quick. The weather here has been 83 during the day and 50 at night, maybe 30% humidity. It really doesn't get much better than this. No offense, but I'm not ready to say good bye to summer yet, the rainy season lasts waaayyy too long here.

Betsy Adams said...

You all have certainly had your share of storms this summer. When I watch Todd on Channel 10 weather, he always talks about the storms in your area...

We had one bad one here (lost a couple of trees in our back yard) ---but nothing much since. We actually need some rain again now.... Hope we get some Friday--but no severe stuff, please!!!

Glad you are all SAFE....

Lynne said...

And thanks to Misha, Snickers now wears a Thundershirt too! It does the trick, believe us!!!

Goegrous skies Misha. I love to watch a storm rolling in. We sometimes drive to the Big Lake to watch the storms come across the lake.

J sounds like he likes the excitement . . . We are having some wicked storms brewing around here right now . . . Very strange weather . . .

Lillie Mae Acres said...

I live in Florid. I know all about sudden lightning, especially this time of year. Your pics are beautiful and I'm so glad it didn't get bad for you. I know exactly how bad you want October, LOL! Summer should be a few weeks long and that's that! Great posting.

RoeH said...

Thundershirts. What a great idea. I love storms. They completely fascinate me. Until a big tree hits the house and then the fascination drops a bit. *sigh*

Beth said...

so glad you are safe & sound. summer storms to me seem the worst. the hubby has been so crazy with claims this year. the summer storms have been crazy & make it wild around here. i love the zeke & misha photo across the way here while i'm writing this comment. so cute. zeke has such pretty eyes. (:

Deb said...

Awesome cloud pictures! Let me know if the sign on the chalk board works. I'm ready to fast forward to October too.

Donna said...

Yes, we've had some wicked storms lately in east TN! Glad that you and the critters weathered the storm. And I agree that fall can't come soon enough! I have had it with hot weather!

Jeanette said...

I could use a thundershirt for one of my cats that is so scared of thunderstorms he hides in the bathroom basement and cries! Of course, knowing the way cats are he's probably be freaked out by my trying to put the thundershirt on him! Hope you get some cooler weather soon and that we get some rain because we need it here pretty badly too!

Red Gate Farm said...

I really need to look into a thundershirt for our lab... she is afraid of everything but thunder and fireworks are the worst!

Our weather has been strange and unbelievably cool this summer. We've had multiple big thunder and lightening storms which is not usual for us in the Pacific Northwest... I would gladly send some of our cool and rainy weather to you all!


Rural Revival said...

I love watching the clouds roll in, while the wind picks up around me; makes me feel alive...until those cracks get a little too close and I hightail it inside too!

Oz Girl said...

So glad you got some rain.... we did too last week! I will have to look into those Thunder shirts -- Trixie is terrified of storms! And I will echo your summer sentiments... I am SO looking forward to autumn this year. :-)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I LOVE storms; the meaner the better I say ^.^ We've actually been having some pretty decent storms here in IL the past few days and they definitely brought MUCH needed rain!

Glad everyone, animal and human like, survived the storm :)

Bianca said...

hahaha, you just want to get to october to meet us...!!!!! LOL...
No, really, we have good weather for now, but saturday it will be over. I so much LOVE good and warm weather!! Strange that you react to warmth so different...
Have a good weekend and hug your loved ones for me, will you?
Knuffel (dutch for hug) Bianca

Melinda said...

Looking pretty scary to me!
Glad all got through well. I've heard that the Thundershirts are great. Sometimes I think I might need one. :)

Take care.

M :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Amazing photos of the clouds! So glad you didn't loose power. I haven't hear of thunder shirts.
I'm beginning to agree with your sign.

Karen said...

I love the thunder and rain, but lightning is soemthing altogether different.

So, those thundershirts actually work, huh?

Lady Courtney said...

I was just thinking that myself!!! It has been so hot, and miserable, I think I am ready for fall. Not Winter, but Fall. Stay safe! donna :)

Amish Stories said...

Only now are we receiving any real rain over my way, and when it does come down it rains hard with strong winds at times. Richard

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Misha, Thundershirts are fabulous! I bought one for Abbie and she wore it once and it helped her SO much. She got a really good night's sleep. We said good-bye last week; old age finally did her in. Tomorrow, Gracie and I will say good-bye; old again is terminal.
Lots of rain here, lots of storms, lightening and I sleep through it all. Just too exhausted to do anything else.