31 July 2012

~ Love Among the Felines ~

It seems we always have something strange that the kitties
take over and make their own.
Like this little shoe-box.
Which Bo has claimed since he is the only
cat who fits inside it!
He is very tiny.

Bo showed up in our front yard 
almost 6 years ago, all 1.5 pounds of him!
On a Sunday, very early in the morning,
it was Zeke who woofed from the front porch.
He wanted to let us know that a 
little sprite of a kitten sat in the yard!
 Bo barely tips the scale at 4 lbs. now.

He is my shadow.
Following me all day,
always curling up in my lap,
and sleeping next to my pillow all night.
When I don't feel well, he never leaves me.
He can ride on my shoulder like a little monkey
and never slip down or fall off!

He has the tiniest of meows.
Usually he just opens his mouth and nothing comes out.
But, hey, when someone {me!} tends to 
your every need {treats!}without you having to
utter one meow....
why exert yourself with talking!

A year after Bo claimed us as his family,
Brutus was born!
And Bo became his best buddy.
They are such opposites.
Sometimes that is what makes friendship work!

Brutus is fearless and adores spending time outdoors.
Bo is petrified of crossing the threshold!
Brutus is a thief. Bo is not.
Bo loves him some people food!
Brutus only eats what is made for felines.
Brutus has a jelly-belly.
Bo hardly even has a belly!
Brutus loves visitors and will hop on
the lap of anyone.
Bo stays under the bed and only comes 
out when the coast is clear!

Yesterday as I was doing some organizing,
I put the shoe-box on the coffee table.
Bo jumped right in so he could be near me
while I worked.
I set a clear storage organizer on the
 table to use as I was sorting items. 
Before I could even begin, Brutus had jumped in,
making himself all cozy.
{Actually, he squeezed in!}
If he couldn't cuddle up with Bo, he could 
at least snooze next to his best friend.

So I left my organizing to wait another day.
I didn't want to disturb sweet kitty dreams.
Well, the sweet dreams of Bo that is.
I am sure Brutus was dreaming
and scheming of shiny things to steal.

Just another way they are so different.

That and the fact that Bo has the paws of a kitten.
Pure white and oh-so-little!
And Brutus?
He has fat, dirty feet.
Which probably reflects on me!

Here is to good friends!


Donna said...

You always make me smile with your posts :) I love reading about Bo and Brutus. They remind me of two of my "babies". I have a "shadow" that follows me around!

Beth said...

i love how your animals have such character & are so cute. thanks, for the smile. sounds like you are always having such wild weather lately. stay safe. big big hugs. (:

Lynne said...

Misha . . .
I adored this.
So true . . . about friends . . . Very important to remember the differences, accept them, love them, cherish them.

I loved the boxes, the shy, the adventurous, the loyal, each in their own way, the paws . . . this is a keeper.

You have such a lovely, fun, creative family!

Mamabug said...

Such beautiful boys! I bet your day is never dull!

Gaelyn said...

What an adorable pair of entertainment.

Donna said...

The photo of them side by side is hilarious! That right there tells the tale of these two felines!

TexWisGirl said...

you made us love these two. :) sweetness!

Karen said...

Oooh, I just love Bo!... and what a perfect home you have provided for your feline and canine friends, Misha.

Bianca said...

Again, a great post about your lovely pets. Don't you just love how they all got a real personality for themselfs too.
My boys are so different! Bram, as small as your Bo, but with the loudest meouw of the bunch! Arie, who won't leave my side but only want to lay behind my butt in the chair so I have to sit on the edge of the seat. And I do, just for him. Dirk, with the biggest jelly-belly EVER, yes, even bigger than Brutus' one! And Cees, our yellow labrador-cat, fetching his stuffed mouse, snorting while he plays and the silliest of all.
Just love the caracters our pets have.

Melinda said...

Too, too, too funny.

Pets are like kids-they find the darndest things to play with!

M :)

Hartwood Roses said...

Oh, my, how cute!! This is yet another example of my heart-felt belief that our pets are MEANT for us anf they find us when the time is right. Bo found you, and both of your are richer for it.

Love the photo of Brutus in the box!

Oz Girl said...

Ohmigoodness they are so cute in their boxes, and all their differences and yet they are bestest friends.... just goes to show, we can all learn a lesson from our animal friends, right?! :-)

Jeanette said...

Aww Love all your posts, Misha but especially your posts about your kitties! I love how they love boxes and just laying all over stuff! I can never sit at my kitchen table to read the paper or cut coupons without getting some "help" from one of my babies!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I love how Brutus's face is smashed up against the plastic of the container. LOL

Oh man, that definitely makes me laugh out loud :)

You've got some pretty silly (and adorable) little kitties there!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

What a cute post. I just love how cats will find a box, no matter the size, and claim it as their own. Your little feline tale shows you that polar opposites can be best friends forever.

RoeH said...

Absolutely! Sleeping cats are not to be disturbed ever. And they know it!

Patricia said...

Awesome cute kitties. I like the one where Brutus is smashed into the clear box.

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

I was giggling all the way through this post :) Such cute kitties! I just love the way they can squeeze into anything they feel like squeezing into. And lay on anything they feel like laying on. If I put a sheet of paper on the table, it will have a cat sleeping on it the moment I turn my back. Nothing like kitties to bring a smile to the day :) Great post!

Rural Revival said...

I just knew there was no chance a post including Brutus would go by without a dig regarding his...fluffy furry feet. Poor Brutus, I think it's time he comes to visit Auntie for awhile!

Bo is so sweet. Whiskers is tiny and timid like he is, she just looks bigger with all that fur. You know, just like Brutus. ; )


Cindy said...

These are the cutest pictures! My cat, Trixie, loves to snuggle up in the smallest box she can find. So funny! This post put me in a great mood!