17 July 2012

~ Early Morning Happenings in My Little World ~

A lovely sun-filled morning.
I was awake to see it all happen.
Insomnia has set in once again.

Last night I finally fell asleep about 3a.m.
And then found myself awake to watch the sunrise
this morning.

As I busied myself with early morning chores, 
I kept hearing a noise.
A muffled sound that would start and stop.
A little banging.
And every once in a while a soft.."meooooow"

 I began to search the house for a cat who seemed to have
found themselves in a precarious situation!
I narrowed the choices as almost everyone was either
lounging on the outside deck {pups included!}
or laying on the front porch.

Where was Brutus?

I checked the closets.
The laundry room.
The linen closet in the small bathroom.

So I brought Zeke back inside the very quiet house 
and we waited for the suspicious noise again.

Crinkle, crinkle.

 "Zeke, go find Brutus!"
And Zeke began to wander the house with
tail wagging, head down, and the low whine
he makes whenever he is playing detective.

I then heard that thick, whip-like tail that Zeke has
thumping against the pantry door in the kitchen.
When I walked in there he was sniffing the very tall trash can.
I flipped back the lid.
Curled up, head tipped back, with those 
gorgeous, round, green eyes.... 
it was Brutus was staring back at me!
At least I had put a fresh trash bag earlier.
Or Brutus would have been getting a bubble bath!

That cat.
I swear.
He gets himself into more predicaments!
I scooped him out of there. 
He clung to me like he had been rescued from 
a sinking ship.
I praised Zeke. And gave him a cookie.
Brutus cuddled on my lap like a little baby.

As Zeke went to stretch out on his pup bed,
 feeling very proud of himself for successfully
completing yet another task of Detective Canine,
I heard him snicker.

And then mutter under his breath....
"Stupid cat".

Just another day in my life of living with
all creatures great and small!
I hope each and every one of you have a fabulous day :)


TexWisGirl said...

brutus, you goofy kitty! good boy, zeke! :)

Beth said...

that is too funny!! still giggling. ha. ha!! (:

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how funny..... Glad Zeke could find Brutus...Crazy cat!!!!!!!

You'll need to line up all of the furry babies at least once a day so that you can check roll!!!!!! ha ha


allhorsestuff said...

Oh that cat!

Mee too. Major insomnia. Bed at 11pm. Up at 2am, 4am and stayed up at 6 finally.
I'm wiped.
You take care Misha! You're beautiful!

Donna said...

Poor Brutus and thank goodness for Zeke! I just love furbabies :)
Love the header!

Bianca said...

hahahaa, that silly cat!!! Actually laughing out load at this story. Having four very un-eventfull cats myself, just can't imagine the sillyness of your Brutus... Great cat and an even greater pup that Zeke is, for finding his furry bro.
Take care, hope your sleeping will improve soon. Know all about sleeplessness. It's making all other problems even worse...
Love ya! Hugs,

Jeanette said...

Good thing you have Zeke the detective! I have one cat that will close himself in the bathroom all the time if we don't flip the lock so the door doesn't close all of the way!

Karen said...

Now THAT'S one I haven't heard before.. lol...

What a pretty cat, though -

Hope you've been getting a reprieve from side effects, Misha.. think of you often.

Marilyn said...

I think I agree with the dog. Cats are dumb (sometimes), but what would we do without them for entertainment?♥♫

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Brutus dreams about new escapades! Gypsy was locked in my studio from Tuesday night until Friday morning. Thank God He nudged me or I'd have taken longer to remember. Gypsy was a great girl...she didn't go to the bathroom in the studio and ran for the water bowl first thing. She wasn't all that hungry either but really loved her litter box -smile-.

Melinda said...

Oh, how funny! Good boy Zeke.
I bet Brutus stays away form the trash can for awhile.


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

How funny! Glad you have a detective dog.

Gaelyn said...

The adventures of....Brutus & Zeke. Should be a book. They are certainly characters, of the best sort. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Farmhouse Style Living said...

That boy just cracks me up! What a goofernut! Reminds me of yesterday though. I was cleaning the yard and got chased by a wasp. Ended up backing up and falling into a garbage can!

Deb said...

That's greatness. Way to go Brutus!

Hi Misha!

Nepenthe said...


I do wonder how Brutus managed to end up in there :P

Donna said...

LOL, what a crazy cat! I agree with Zeke!

Hey, did you ever see the photos I posted a couple of weeks ago of the thoroughbred mares and foals?

busanalayali said...

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geri adamski said...

I reread this twice Misha. And each time I thought to myself, what a beautiful storyteller. We have two cats and two dogs (a black lab, who was Nick's, and a mixed rescue dog), and two "free" cats. We got them as kittens, they cost us about $500 each the first couple weeks we had them to get them up to speed physically :) But we love them all, so very much.

Hoping your insomnia takes a hike tonight and you can get some sleep.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I love how Zeke knew what was up when you told him to go find the kitty. LOL

That's family love for ya! ^.^

Sounds like Brutus had quite the rough morning!

Amish Stories said...

Cats are a trip! Richard

Rural Revival said...

Oh Brutus!!!!

....good thing you have Zeke around buddy! : )