06 July 2012

Do Re Mi

It is officially music week
here on my front porch!
This is in incredible flash mob
filmed for a commercial in Belgium.
The fun thing about this video is not only the
tune, we all know...
but the looks of joy on the faces in the crowd!


Have yourself a little joy this weekend!


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

How did you fair in the storms last night in Tennessee?

Beth said...

i love that song. i will be singing it the rest of the day. (smiles!) an awesome movie too!! thanks, for sharing. enjoy your weekend. another hot one here. i got scared by a snake last night. i went out to get my mail & there he was ... i don't know who got more scared me or the snake. he serious jumped or maybe it was just a roll either way ... i think i lost at least 10 of my lives. some one was laughing ... but not me. ha. ha!! i am now though. enjoy! (:

Lynne said...

So fun . . . I enjoy each, every one I see. Makes me do "a sitting down dance" while watching!

Bianca said...

Love those flasmobs, don't you?!
The one in Chicago, the flashmob for Oprah with the Black Eyed Peas is my ultimate favorite.
Sometimes when i see it again I could just cry, the joy that people feel gives me goosebumps. Wish we could all feel that joy, the world would be a better place for it.

Have a good weekend.
hugs, Bianca

TexWisGirl said...

a moment of shared joy. :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the link to the great flashmob video!

Donna said...

I love the video and watching flashmobs! Hope you are okay after the storms in TN.

Melinda said...

One of my fave movies. I
love it when people dance with reckless abandon! Looks like fun.

Have a super weekend.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

dang. it's now I want bandwidth.

Amish Stories said...

Getting cooler over my way now folks, and I hope you guys are getting the same. Richard

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Oh Misha how I needed this ~ THANK YOU! That's one of our very fav movies and it made me cry! Also I always leave here in awe of how much we have in common... (Except that I haven't been to quite as many live concerts as LUCKY YOU) Seems I was working a breeding farm in Lexington about the same time as you... We stood the event stallion Cor Buff. I also managed the colts at Hilln Dale farm and showed them at Keeneland and in CA. Now I'm blessed w/my own lovely stud. If you were closer I'd beg to cross him w/your gorgeous Arabs! Praying you get plentiful rains, cool temps and a peaceful/painfree start to your week!