04 June 2012

~ Simple Joys at Home ~

I won't lie.
It was a rough week.
And it seems this week has kick-started with
 all the same ingredients.
The new med I am on is strong.
Most of my days are full of nausea
and just a general "icky" feeling on top
of my normal symptoms.
I have to stick this out.

I know it will get better by the 6 month mark.
It just seems so far away.
I am determined that this medicine will work.
I only have two other choices and this is by far
the less evil of the three!

J has been working out of state.
So it is just me and all the critters!
I do have wonderful neighbors who call 
and check on me about three times a day.

Last night I was looking all over the internet
at pretty things!
Things you put on a wish list.
And then I realized I have a complete wish list
right here at home!
The things that make me smile.
The stuff that makes us happy to be home!
So this is my little "joy list" for today.

Being Outside!

Because I am not allowed to be in the heat or sun,
this morning I got up early to spend some time outside.
The pups, kitties, and I walked around our property.
The sun was just coming up over the ridge.
The "night" birds were all going to bed
and the "day" birds were waking up.
There was a whole lot of chirping going on!

As soon as the heat began to turn up 
and the sun was sizzling, I knew I needed 
to head back inside.
It sure was nice to spend time in the cool of morning!

Keeping good company!
As I type this,
two cats are chasing one another through the house.
Like their own race-track.
And Mickey is playing with his game.
He gets so engrossed in that little orange ball
going 'round and 'round!
He is literally mesmerized by it!

Zeke is asleep and snoring on his bed,
 while Sadie Louise and Baby Girl
are outside, laying on the deck.
This afternoon, Brutus brought me a gift.
Yuk. A dead mouse.
He was quite proud of himself,
so I praised him for keeping the little "cheese eater"
out of home.
I bet he has mouse breath...

My Kitchen

I love my kitchen with all of it's vintage!
Can you see the cookbooks?
It is a shelf of "first" cookbooks.
They belonged to Nana, my mom, J's mom 
and the first one I was ever given!

The table and chairs were given to us by a dear friend.
Her parents had it made when they married in the 1940's!

The high-chair is something I scoured 
thrift stores for years to find.
"Good-friend Jane" {Annie's nanny!}
is a seamstress above all else!
She has a sewing room to rival
any Home-Ec class!
That woman can sew anything.
She made the pleated trim and pillow for the highchair.
It took her all of one hour and voila...
the little high-chair had personality!

Me at bedtime

Is this cute or what?
Yeah, so it's not sexy lingerie.
Besides, J thinks night-shirts are hot!

Smoothies and Watermelon!
There is a whole lot of healthy goodness going on here!
With greek yogurt, supplements, and vitamins added in, 
these smoothies are ultra good for anyone!
I am someone whose weight fluctuates in summer and winter.
I gain in the cold months and lose it in the hot;
usually about 10lbs.
But this past February I began losing weight rapidly.
{Also a telltale sign of Lupus}
To date I have lost about 26 lbs.
I need to keep my weight on even keel to be able
to stay on this new medicine.

I really have been concentrating on healthy eating!
Not too hard since it's summer 
and so much fresh produce is available.
A juicy tomato with a little salt and pepper
is a Huge Joy in my World!

What little joys do you revel in each day?
Happy June!


Mary Ann said...

Misha, I have a good friend with lupus... she is getting along well, I am not sure of her meds... but other than not doing much at mid-day, she leads a fairly normal life. (She is retired). Keep your spirits up, and keep writing wonderful posts like this one! It's a pleasure to read!

TexWisGirl said...

i'm glad you are focused on all the joys and beauty and love you have around you! keep at it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Bless your heart, Misha... Even through the pain and suffering, you do have SO much to be thankful for. Glad you see that!!!!! A good attitude is so important to help one get better. God Bless You!!!

Joyce Ann said...

Put that tomato between tow pieces of bread, spread some mayo on it and I am with you! And that is the reason I am always fighting gaining weight. I think it is a southern thing.

I am so hoping that this med is the one and you get sweet relief at the end of the three months.

My sister is going through testing to determine is she has lupus, seems like her body is fighting her a thousand different ways.
Hang in there.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Just hate knowing that you are suffering and hope this medicine works for you! I'm glad that you are at least getting out of the house during the cool morning hours. We are having some fabulously cool weather right now for the month of June... are you too??

Sexy pajamas? Who me? hahahahahaha... I am probably the least sexy bedroom bunny you have ever seen. LOL

Karen said...

Hang in there, Misha.. you've got the spirit to make it through...

things that bring me joy every day...

The sound of nickering horses as they hear me trudging up the hill to feed them in the morning...

Chickens running to me from the cedar trees hoping I have treats...

Dew on the grass and morning mist as the sun rises...

These gardens we've been planting and tending...multiplying perennials.

The look of adoration I get continuously from our adopted dog Frasier. He is the most cuddly dog we've ever had.

Lynne said...

Early morning walk in the cool air sounds like a good thing. I don't like to think of your nausea and discomfort . . . do hope this med is helpful.

I have two, kind of like night shirts that I have worn to the point of soft and very comfy! Not pretty, but Jack's comfies combined with mine . . . we do just fine. I am not in for fluff and frill, he either.

My favorite early morning moment is waking up and seeing Miss Brown Nose/Brown Eyes looking at me. No matter what else might be dragging me down . . . she pulls me right back up.

She does big time twirls if we say,"bike ride.". LOVES it!

Thunder shirt working like a dream . . . thanks to you too!

I will be thinking of you enjoying a happy moment in the cool morning air . . .

Gaelyn said...

I love your vintage kitchen and so glad you can get outside in the cool of morning. Hang in there. Big Hugs!

Donna said...

So glad you can venture out in the mornings with the critters.
Your vintage pieces are gorgeous!
Take care and the six months will be gone before you know it!

camp and cottage living said...

You'll never be alone with your menagerie of pets!! They are so entertaining, aren't they.
I love your vintage kitchen.It's like a step back in time to my childhood-the mid 50's.
I'll be praying that these meds will work for you, Misha.

Rain said...

Oh Misha-Beautiful post-thanks so for sharing your love of these important things and for lifting us all up -when you have a body failing you and trying to bring you down. You are an inspiration to us all and for that I thank you more then words can express.....love your vintage...I too think the best of vintage makes today and tomorrow better. Blessings to you and prayers the meds will work--hang in there my blogging friend....here's a gentle hug your way......and a hand to hold.........smiles...

Beth said...

i love that you are staying positive. i sure hope thing will smooth out for you. i know how when i need to take meds it mess with my system so ... so i can sympathize so much. sending out a prayer for you. love ya. big hugs. i love your shirt. so cute. (:

Deb said...

What a bunch of adorable vintage treasures in your kitchen!!! Love it, love it. The high chair is adorable.

Being outside is one of my daily joys. I could live outside if it wern't for 100+ degree days. Flowers blooming in the yard is another joy. I love to watch them grow.

If we lived closer I bet I could put that 26 lbs back on you with a little Tex-Mex:) Gaining weight is something that I don't have trouble doing, snort!

Stay positive...you will be feeling better soon.

Jeanette said...

I'm sorry you had a bad week :( Hope this one is better. I have one of thos toys for my cats, too! They still play with it occasionally although not very often! Love the vintage kitchen! I have my moms cookbook and my grandmothers version of a cookbook which was recipes written down in a note book. Problem is most of them are in Italian and I can't read them! Such a treasure, though!

Patricia said...

My daily joy lately is an early morning stroll through the garden area with what's left of my mug of coffee. I deadhead spent flowers, pull a few weeds, listen to the birds, and just plain enjoy all the new growth. I hope you have many early morning walks before the sun and the heat of the day sets in. It's my favorite time of the day. Take care, P.

the cuby poet said...

With all that which is good around you this must offer comfort on both your good and bad days.Take care and thee six months will soon be over.

Country Dreaming said...

Keep that fighting spirit and you will win!
It is good of your neighbors to check in on you since J is out of town.
I'm sure you were thirlled with Brutus' "gift." I'm with you there

Take care and enjoy your weekend.


PS enjoyed your house pictures.

Mamabug said...

Hi misha just found your wonderful blog and decided to follow it. Will be back soon to read more of your posts. Hugs from Mamabug!

Amish Stories said...

You folks have yourself a great weekend. Richard

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Misha, I know I've visited once already but wanted you to know you are loved!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

HI there Misha!!
I'm literally about 200 posts behind in catching up with my blog reading and am just reading about your latest health battle. Darn and drat! But thank goodness that there is a hope with your medications and treatment!!

I'm so glad that you've got all the cats, dogs and other critters to help keep your mind occupied and to give you their love while J is away.

Hugs and healing thoughts from me to you!