13 June 2012

A Dutch Girl is Coming to the U.S.! Help her plan her vacation!

About a year ago I *met* Bianca, a fellow blogger.
We have a couple of things in common.
We are are both kitty lovers 
and we both have Fibromyalgia.
Bianca is also a quilter, and crafter of beautiful things.
This we don't have in common!
{I can't hem a pair of pants!}
Oh, and she is Dutch!
Living in the Netherlands.

I am introducing Bianca to you
because we have a favor.
She and her husband will be traveling 
to the United States in late summer.
To tour the Deep South!
A few years ago, they toured the western
states in the U.S.

They have an itinerary set,
leaving late September and being in the U.S.
for 4 weeks until the end of October.
They have a few things in place they know
they are going to seek out.
But, Bianca is looking for
additional tips and tidbits of things to see.
Not just the normal "touristy" stuff!

Whether you live in one of the states or areas
they will be visiting,
or you have vacationed there,
she would love to hear what you think
they need to visit!

They have rented a Dodge Durango 
for comfy traveling.
They also love to go off the "beaten path"
to small towns!

I have already given her my input.
They will be very near my
 beloved Montezuma, Georgia!

Here is the itinerary for
Bianca's dream "Southern Belle" trip
if you would like to check it out.
Maybe you know of a festival 
that will be happening during the time
they are in a specific place!

Let's help Bianca and her husband 
have a grand tour of the Deep South
in the good 'ol USA!

Thanks in advance for all of your input!


Gaelyn said...

Sorry I can't help with the deep south but wish them a pleasant journey.

RoeH said...

Will they take me back to the Netherlands with them? Because I'm just about ready to vacate and hide somewhere. Life is too damned hard. Another 30 years of this????

Bianca said...

Oh RoeH, if I could I would....

Donna said...

I know Bianca is a southerner at heart! I have tried to help her with her southern vacation. I told her if she would just begin to say Y'all she would fit right in ;)

Janet said...

I live in South Alabama but we travel up to the Northern part of our state often. A great town to viist is Mentone, located in Northeast Alabama. Mentone is my favorite place in the world! It is also near Desoto State Park and their are campsites, cabins, and a state park hotel there. There are also plenty of B&B's within just a few miles. Little River Canyon is nearby also. It is the deepest gorge this side of the Mississippi and there are beautiful waterfalls, not only there but in the state park as well. Sorry! I get too excited when I talk about this place!There are just tons of great places in the South to visit!!! I would be glad to help in any way she may need. I know of a B&B that she may be particularly interested in. The lady who owns it is massage therapist and also deal with other holistic medicine. Just thinking of that because you mentioned the Fibro:) I will email you my contact info, Misha!

Lynne said...

A visit to St Simons in Georgia . . . Tiny little place, walk-a-bout town . . . great eats, relaxation and the best beach walks and views . . . South of Savannah . . . Many sites to see in the surrounding area . . . beautiful!

Mountain drives, Blue Ridge and Smokey . . . my travels expertise is limited . . . I will check with a friend who spends winters in these states . . .

Deb said...

I don't know too much about the "off the beaten path" spots but I've spent a little time in LA, TN and Alabama. I loved the Elvis mansion in Memphis and the Grand Ole Opry and Music Row in Nashville. Cajun food in Lafayette, La...aahhheeee! The beaches in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores in Alabama are surprisingly beautiful! If you get down there be sure to go to LuLus(Jimmy Buffet's sisters place) and the Original Oyster House, Yum!

Hi Misha!!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Well, there is Graceland in Memphis and The Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville We loved both when we visited!
Too bad they won't be going to North Carolina or I would suggest The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina - a muct see if in that area!

Hope they enjoy the deep south!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Well, someone already said Elvis and Graceland; never been myself but hear it's over the top.
Love that you're helping Bianca and her husband; so like you, Misha to be so kind!