25 May 2012

~ A Window with a Feathered View ~

Outside our bathroom window is a glorious
Rose of Sharon.
It is full of thick green foliage 
and waiting on the blossoms that make it so lovely.
It is where we hang three Hummingbird feeders each year!

The Hummingbirds have arrived and
are feeding daily from the bright red feeders.
The felines have already been spying them.
The distinct buzz their fragile wings make,
let the cats know when they are drinking the
"pure energy" in their feeders!

 On Wednesday I noticed this trio was not leaving the window.
And again yesterday!
When I inspected further, by sitting on our front steps,
I saw a Mockingbird flying to the bush with a mouth-full
of twigs!
When she left to gather more nest-building material,
I inspected the bush and found the nest she is so 
diligently working on!

 The cats are in heaven.
The nest is almost eye level from the window,
letting every move that Mama Mock makes 
an event for these felines.
They have chattered non-stop!
Three tails swishing..
back and forth, over and over.
 But, eventually even a cat has to store up 
a little energy.

 Pippa and Sissy left the window to take a snooze.
And Mickey was the winner of the prime seat in the house.
He wasn't moving that pudgy little body for anything!

You can bet his feline dreams were filled with feathered creatures!

This weekend, J will put up a fence guard at the 
mid-way section on the Rose of Sharon.
To keep critters from making breakfast of 
Mama and Papa Mock and their soon-to-be brood!
I guess I need to move move the 
Hummingbird feeders to the Honeysuckle Bush.

Mockingbirds are known for being very territorial. 
Swooping down on humans and critters.
Along with the beautiful collection of songs they trill, 
copying everything from other birds to the tunes insects sing,
they also are known for dive-bombing any enemy.

Which is probably how Brutus got that 
little pecked, bald spot on the top of his head!
~ ~ ~
I will be here tomorrow.
Asking you each a question!
I hope you will drop by and keep me company :)
Many hugs and kisses for all the sweet words
left on my last post.
You are each appreciated more than you know!



TexWisGirl said...

oh, those 3 little wonders in the window are so cute!!! :)

Karen said...

They've got the best seat in the house!...

Patricia said...

Oh so cute. I had a bird 'attack' my head the other day while shopping for herb plants at Home Depot. I love watching the wildlife around our place lately. The crows are nesting far above near the top of a Ponderosa Pine. It has been so interesting watching the parents first gather nesting material, and then the nest sitting, and now they are busy going back and forth to feed their young.
Take care.

Donna said...

Adorable pics! Are cats not the funniest :) They will be wathcing intently for weeks now and bring you many more smiles!

Marilyn said...

We had both cats and a dog sleep in that belly up position. It is just the funniest thing to watch our animals!♥♫

Deb said...

Fabulous photos. I love the goings-on of our feline friends. And it's always more fun to watch a movie with buddies. :)

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

How cute! We have cardinals that nest in our front bushes each year, but no kitties at this house so they are safe to have babies in our bushes... unless of course Rowdy decides to roust then out. :-)

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

Kitties have something better than tv. I have a mockingbird pair with a nest right outside my bedroom and it now is home to baby, which makes three : ) Fun to watch.

RoeH said...

My daughter calls that "Cat TV". (The looking out the window by the cats, I mean.) So cute.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat ---not only for your kitties, but for you. You will enjoy the Mocker family!!!!!

I have 5 Bluebird eggs in the Bluebird nestbox again... The first batch got eaten by a snake (or something).. SO--we got a new baffle for the pole. Hopefully, this family will make it... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Nature can be cruel to some of our little friends.

Take care of you...
Hugs and Prayers for YOU,

Lynne said...

I am happy you have friends who "keep watch!" That means they are watching over you too!

By the way, don't you have a cat named 'Cleptco?' On 20/20 tonight they had a piece on Cleptco Cat . . . I thought of your 'front porch in the mountains' and someone who lives with you?

Country Dreaming said...

Those silly kitties!
Hope you are doing ok.

Have a great weekend.


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

That is so cute.

Gaelyn said...

The three cats share that front row seat well. And I love the lacey curtain with the changing light through it.

Mama Mockingbird does not look happy and your photo captures that well.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jeanette said...

I love the chattering noise the cats make when they see certain critters out of the window! The pic of Mickey lying on the window sill. Too precious! Have a wonderful weekend Misha. Hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy it.

Deb said...

They look so cute sitting in the window. I wonder what they would do if they could jump out of that window....hmmmmmm....it might not be pretty:)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Ahhhh, to be a cat lounging on the windowsill in the sun watching birds-What a life! ^.^

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