11 May 2012

~ Dreamland ~

This afternoon I couldn't find
Mickey anywhere!
He wasn't on the screened-in porch.
And he doesn't partake of the afternoon sun
in the back-yard with the other felines.
He hates the heat!
Aw, a feline after my own heart..

I called his name.
I shook the treat jar.
And then as I made my way through
the house looking for him,
I saw his behind sticking out 
from under the couch!

Silly cat.
I guess I disturbed his 
peaceful afternoon nap because he began to stir
from dreamland and came out from under the couch.

And gave me this look.

So I got out the treat jar and rewarded him.
Just for being a 
silly, sarcastic cat!
Have you ever fallen asleep in an odd place?
I did, just last month.
While having oodles of blood and skin tests done,
I guess I nodded off.
For someone like myself,
who suffers from terrible insomnia,
that 30 minute nap was delicious!
As I made my way in dreamland,
I heard the tech saying my name over and over!
"misha, misha,..wake-up!"

"What?" I asked him.
"Don't other patients fall asleep during these procedures?"
And then he gave me a grape sucker 
and some cute stickers, and I was on my way.

Happy weekend :)


RoeH said...

Try the dentist's chair during a root canal.

Gaelyn said...

Oh to be Able to fit under the couch, with all the dust bunnies.

Mickey's look says it all.

I can't tell that story. ;)

Anke said...

I wish I could just crawl under the couch and hide - not necessarily with my behind sticking out. :-) It's been one of those weeks...

Jeanette said...

Aww And I thought I was the only one who got a sucker and stickers when I go to the doctoors office! Cute post!

Lynne said...

Some people will "fake anything" for a grape sucker and stickers . . . LOL!

"Butt out" has sarcastic eyes . . . smile . . .

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I've fallen asleep in my anti-gravity chair on the back porch. That totally surprised me because I never fall asleep in a chair; naps and sleep are for bed -smile-.

Deb said...

It's nice to sneak a nap whether under the couch or at the doctors office:)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh, I can't remember a place where I've fallen asleep, but I HAVE fallen asleep in some precarious positions before-I remember one time, I was upside down in the car seat with my one leg wrapped up in the seat belt contraption...I really wish they had gotten a picture of that because I can never explain it. LOL

Country Dreaming said...

Silly cat. Love the expression!

Happy Mother's Day to you AND your "kids."