21 March 2012

~ A Day Of Lazy and Lassie! ~

Yesterday was a very hot and humid day here in
the mountains of east Tennessee.
In fact, the temperature reached 87 degrees.
And it is mid-March!

All this heat has made for very lazy animals.
Annie and her family grazing and moving a little bit slower.
Making extra trips to the water trough 
for a great big gulp.
For Annie, to splash and play in!

The kitties all had their places on the porch.
To catch a breeze, watch the birds, and snooze.
And the day found a few of the felines lounging under trees,
along with Sadie Louise, our "nature girl"!

Sadie rarely cares how hot it is. 
She needs to be outside and fill her little mind
with the sights and sounds of all things outdoorsy!

But Zeke and Baby Girl had other plans 
on this very warm day.
They decided on a break from 
from the heat and chose an afternoon 
of "Lassie".
Old re-runs and the movie!

Of course,
 you have to snack when watching a movie.
 Frosty Paws with Milk Bones!

I found myself tiptoeing through the house
as I did laundry and other
oh-so-exciting house chores.

But every once in a while I was a little too
noisy for Baby Girl.
She and Zeke take their 
"Lassie" viewing very, very seriously!

Baby Girl offered that she and Zeke 
would help with chores later if I 
would watch the movie with them.
{Zeke gave a big snort at this suggestion}

So I just gave in.
I plopped down on the couch and joined
the "kids" for an afternoon of 
hero dog fun!

And FYI.
Those two can't fold laundry worth a flip!

Have a lovely day.
We are :)

What is the weather like on your "mountain" these days?
At 3:30pm, here in east Tennessee~
The sun is shining,
and it is storming!
Thunder and lightning
83 degrees 
A typical spring mountain storm!


Laura said...

Sunshine, blue skies, and 79° here in southeastern Michigan! I'll take it!!

Beth said...

ok, now i wish to see this movie. looks so cute. wonder if i can find it on netflix? we will see. so cute!! your pets are adorable. (:

Gaelyn said...

Like the new header.

Your critters would have been hunkered in at my house yesterday unless they like to play in the snow. I'd have happily curled up with them on the couch to watch Lassie. Sigh.

Donna said...

Another new header :)
I always loved Lassie and I don't blame them for wanting to watch it! It is very warm here in the 80's but no storms!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We have had TWO whole days with NO rain... That is a first in awhile I think... ha.... You got the rain today and it missed us.

I've been busy working in the yard. We had to mow --earliest ever I think!!!! Crazy spring --which now seems like SUMMER... Makes me wonder what our temperatures will be in August.... Yipes!!!!

I can just see you and your doggies sitting there watching Lassie... How Cute!!!!! Love it.

Have a good evening, Misha.

Lynne said...

No rain or storms but we have the 83+ degrees!

Country Dreaming said...

All last week on break, we had sun, sun and more sun. 70's and
This week we are in for five yes five days of rain!!! 50's and 60's
for temps.
Love the dogs watching the movie. too fun!!!


Deb said...

Cute header!

Lassie was my favorite show as a child but it always made me cry. Did I see a tear in Baby Girls eye?

We had some pretty good storms yesterday and the night before. Lots and lots of rain and cool temps.

Jeanette said...

The weather here in Michigan has been glorious for the past week! It's not supposed to last though! Such a cute post and I love your header picture!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

We didn't get quite that warm here, but we did have a very nice late afternoon thunderstorm that made me ooh and aah.

Julie Harward said...

What a cute and fun post...and afternoon! My pets will watch animal planet, maybe I had better get some Lassie movies too! (if you haven't already, come leave me your email, I am going private) :D

Ann On and On... said...

I love the dagger eyes. The idea of curling up with them sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Fun post, once again you made me smile. Thanks!

Amy said...

Hello Miss Misha,

Enjoy that warm weather...the alternative is something we don´t want to think of right now! We´re having a lovely spring type weather here in Norway right now, blue skies and sunshine- so lovely!

Check out my blog today, there are some yummy goodies you can make your fur babies ;-)

Have a lovely weekend! Hugs from Norway :-)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Misha, this is so funny! Have I ever told you, the 1995 movie Lassie Come Home was filmed in our valley? On the video box, in the distance behind the boy and Lassie, is Thistle Cove Farm. It was the biggest thing to happen to our valley in our lifetime -grin-.