03 March 2012

~ Coming Up for Air ~

Remember me?
I hope you do.

It has been a long 2 weeks for me.
Sometimes every symptom that my body
normally throws at me at different times,
all decide to visit at once.
That is where I have been.

The not being able to sleep,
is just the worst.
Although I am incredibly fatigued,
with no energy to walk from bedroom to living room,
my brain will not recognize the need for sleep.
This is a direct symptom of my chronic illness and
even different meds my physician has prescribed
just won't work.

We all have insomnia from time to time.
A restless night night where the following day
we comment that we hardly slept at all.
For those of you that do face insomnia
often, I know what it is like.
I understand.

And with no sleep,
there is no concentration to read, blog etc.
I walk around in zombie state, hoping that 
eventually sleep will come back to me.
After 4 days last week of being awake continually,
I finally slept for two hours on Thursday night.
And last night, even after a horrid day of 
nasty storms and tornadoes in our area,
I slept for 10 hours straight!
Sleep is essential to our bodies as food and water.
And last night,
a great sleep fed my soul.

Hopefully, I am on the upswing.
Today my parents are on their way to east Tennessee,
to spend a week in the mountains visiting with Nana!
And us :)
How thankful I am that today is the travel day for them,
and not yesterday with our area being under
the constant threat of tornadoes for 13 hours straight!

Yesterday felt like we were back in 2004,
waiting on Hurricane Frances to hit us, while living in south Florida.
Our little town of Tellico Plains has been hit hard.
I have pictures and video on my Facebook page.
If we are FB friends (or "friend me!), feel free to check it out.
Today there are many people in my town (and across the
southeast) who awoke at the local high school
that is being used as a shelter.
There are many who have no home to return to....
Keep them in your prayers.

Thanks to everyone who did check on us last night.
You made my heart smile.
Really big!
We are fine.
Our home is fine.
I was terrified but safe.
Critters were terrified but safe.
Annie and her family are grateful today
to have a fenced pasture to romp and graze in.

Sweet Gus!

Thanks to Deb and her sweet pup, Gus,
{Howdy, From Cowtown!}
for stopping in last week so my little blog
wouldn't be lonely!
Love ya, Deb!

And as always, thanks for coming by to visit me.
Do you know how much your comments and emails
get me through tough times?

Well, they do!
Because that is what friends are for!
Thanks for being mine..

If you would like to 'friend me" on Facebook,
my FB badge is on my sidebar!
I would love it :)


Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

So sorry you have not been feeling well. Sleep is so very, very important to our well-being, I agree. My prayer is that you would sleep tonight and be refreshed in the morning.

Laura said...

I hope that you can sleep again tonight. Insomnia is a horrible thing.
I, on the other hand, seem to only want to sleep since I've been sick the past week and a half. Frustrating.

Deb said...

You are welcome my friend! Glad to hear you are feeling better and that y'all weathered the storms without incident. Enjoy time with your family.

TexWisGirl said...

so glad you and yours made it thru the storms (and your own personal 2 week one). i am sorry for the devastation that so many face already in this year's storms...

Beth said...

i sure have missed you. big old hugs sent to you. love ya. i've been worried about the tornadoes going on.. sounds so scary. i hope things will be ok with all. i know it will take time though. (:

Leslie said...

We all have those moments. Hope you feel better soon. Sending poppies your way.

Freda said...

Glad you are feeling some better and that there wasn't any damage at your house. Enjoy your visit with your parents and Nana.

Julie Harward said...

I don't know how you do it, dealing with bad health, no sleep, feeling like a zombie all the time. I wish you could find some help...sending you hugs and prayers. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I had insomnia for almost a year, and know exactly how you feel, and what a good nights sleep can do for you! I hope you continue to feel better, and I'm glad you're safe! I thought of you and other blogging friends in Tennessee and it's good to read that all is well! Take care!!

Donna said...

I am so glad you are okay concerning the storms! I wondered about you!
I know you are so glad to get some sleep! Insomnia is difficult enough and then having an autoimmune disease to go along with it ... bless you!!
I hope you are over the worst of your spell and maybe the warmer weather will make us all feel better. (If we can dodge the storms) I got really nervous last night with the storms passing through our area.
Take care of yourself and I know you will be glad to have your parents come visit.
Sending well wishes your way!

Donna said...

I just asked to "friend" you on FB however I was logged onto Amber's account. Please ignore the request and accept mine ... sorry! It's from lack of sleep for me too! I know what you mean about being a zombie :( Last night was a terrible night for me but Friday nights always are difficult.
Big Hugs,

Donna said...

Oh dear, I sure do hope that your body will allow itself to rest. I understand about the sleeplessness. I have battled the problem for a couple of years now. It can take quite a toll on you!

I am glad to hear that you are OK from the storms! They were so wicked last night. I prayed that you guys would be all right. It is so sad to hear about the damage in Tellico Plains. We love that little town, and have always stopped at the little bakery downtown whenever we have driven through. My hearts and prayers are with our fellow citizens who are hurting right now.

Gaelyn said...

May you continue to enjoy the sweet healing of sleep.

Bianca said...

Hey Misha, know all but to well how it is to being a zombie without the healing sleep. Just had such a period myself, even the other fibro-complaints where all there, just like you had them. So, know your not alone in your pain and lack of sleep. Not that it helps though....
I just came by here to check up on you, see if you where allright. The news over here doesn't tell much about the tornados, all I know I read online. I was hoping and praying for you and Donna, the only people I know over there. Very happy to read you're both fine!
Can't imagine how it would be to live through those kinds of weather and I hope I never will!

Take care, take it slow.
Kiss, Bianca

Karen said...

Oh, Misha.. I wish I had some helpful remedies or words here. Glad you are up and about again, hope it lasts for you. Love that last comic..lol!!... have a wonderful visit with your family -

Country Dreaming said...

I hope you ARE on the upswing!
Glad to hear that you guys are ok
and didn't have any problems.

Take care!


Mary said...

Insomnia is THE worst. I know what you mean, you can't read, you can't make decisions, it a total stupor that won't quit, I think 4 days is my record. I am so relieved you at least got 10 hours, I hope there is more to follow.

Take care Misha.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OH goodness Misha...I didn't see this post and I don't go on Facebook much so I missed that too! I will check your Facebook out as soon as I finish writing this. I'm sorry you've been hit with insomnia hard again...I think I have it bad when I go for a week of not getting much shut eye but I can't even imagine what it's like to not get ANY sleep for DAYS. I'm so glad you were able to spend time with your family this weekend. I hope today is a better day for you. Take care.
Maura X