15 March 2012

~Barn on a Rainy Day with Annie and Her Family~ And The FMS Giveaway Winner!!

Just a little video of the kids in the barn!
It was pouring rain outside, so I was doing my best
to amuse and entertain by way of carrots and sugar cubes!
It was also lunch-time.
And Annie does her famous head-roll
while waiting to be served!
The thing she does when she isn't getting her way!

None of the kids could agree on a TV show to watch.
Cadence wanted to watch 

Allure wanted to wanted to watch a sappy love story on

Allegra, who is always saying,
"Don't hate me because I am beautiful" 
wanted to watch

And Miss Annie wanted to watch the 24 hour marathon of

I think need to limit her TV time of Mr. Ed.
He isn't always that great of a role model,
considering all the predicaments he gets himself into!

And since no one could agree,
I said, "No TV!"

Miss D wanted to listen to Talk Radio.
And that is what we chose!

I hope you enjoy the little video :)
{and my silly imagination!}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Don't think I forgot about the giveaway!
There were 40 entries total.
I copied all the entries, numbered them 
and used the True Random Number Generator.

True Random Number Generator  


The winner of the Flea Market Style magazineWhimsical Giveawayis Mary from 

Congrats, Mary!!!!
Please pay Mary a visit.
She is a sweetheart of a blogger.
I had the honor of making her header
 a few months ago.
Such fun!
Mary shares her life with her buddy, Fred.
A very handsome Boston Terrier!

Fred is a very special guy
and today happens to be his
4TH Birthday!
So hop on over to Mary's place,
introduce yourself,
say a happy birthday to Fred,
and put her on your Blogroll!

Thanks to everyone who participated 
in the 
Third Annual Flea Market Style Magazine Giveaway!

And I do hope you enjoyed 
today's video of 
Annie and Family.
I will back with another one!
Thanks for hanging out on my
Front porch!

p.s. Mary drop me an email so I can get
all the goodies to you and Fred!


Gaelyn said...

I'd choose Mr Ed. OMG, didn't think those reruns still ran.

Congrats to Mary! I'll check out her blog.

Lynne said...

Congrats's to Mary . . . happy for her, sad for me, now I need to go out and purchase the magazine. I have peeked at it in B&N . . .

Love the video (s) and seeing your family and especially enjoy hearing your voice!

Deb said...

Good morning Misha. Cadence is such a gentleman. Congrats to Mary and her cute pooch!

TexWisGirl said...

happiness to your winner! :)

i know annie's your little star and holds your heart extra close, but i adore cadence! what a sweet boy!!!

Donna said...

Congrats to Mary and Fred! She will love her goodies.
Now I am going to watch the video!

Mitzi said...

I loved the video of your horses. Never get tired of hearing about them.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Congratulations to Mary and her oh-so adorable little cutie of a furbaby :)

I do enjoy Project Runway, so I think I'd have to side with Allegra on that one. LOL

Mary said...

Wow! I won! This is the first time I've ever won anything. It is extra special since it comes from you Misha! Thank you for the kind words for Freddy and me. I am just so excited!
I thoroughly loved the video. You have a bunch of happy horses. We are getting a ton of rain too. Sheesh! Enough is enough!
These presents from you really brighten up the dreary day!

Donna said...

Congrats to Mary! And thank you for the video treat! They all have distinctive personalities, LOL.

Country Dreaming said...

You guys are sooo silly. What fun.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

hurrah for Mary and glad to see you blogging, Misha.

the cuby poet said...

What a delightful whimsical life you have. After all that deliberating I hope they were all satisfied with talk radio and each gave a horsey smile of approval. Great post today.