11 February 2012

Nana, Lately!

I went visiting on Wednesday
to see my favorite person!

When I arrived, she was in the family room
watching a Hallmark movie with 
several "lady" friends!
They made room for me on the couch,
and I snuggled in next to Nana.
We always hold hands.
And when the sweet lady next to me
saw this, she took my other hand!
I was surrounded by love...

The residents had come back from activities earlier!
A full day, every day.
The mornings start with breakfast,
followed by a little exercise.
After lunch begins an afternoon full of fun!
If a resident should not want to participate,
they don't have to.
But, everyone is encouraged to partake!

I cannot express how different  
River Oaks is from the previous place
Nana was in.
There, in between meals, there was very little
inter-action between the staff and the residents.
The residents mostly stayed in their rooms all day.
In silence or staring at the TV all day.

The staff at River Oaks is a constant in each residents life!
They are available at any time.
They mingle with the residents.
They chat with them.
They give a lot of hugs!

At Nana's former place of living,
the staff stayed behind the nurses desk 
all day long.
Placed at the end of Nana's long hall,
very seldom did anyone come to check on her.

At River Oaks, there is no big desk area
that screams,
"We are separate from all of you".
When I get off the elevator on Nana's floor,
the dining room is right across the hall.
It is a small dining area with about six tables.
Very nice and cozy!
Each floor has their own dining room.

There is small table the aides can use,
across from the elevator.
But, rarely are they sitting down!
They are mingling with all the residents;
there when needed, but not intrusive!

You can see by all the pictures that each day
is a full day!
Full of fun,
full of things that keep the mind active,
and the spirit happy!

It so very important that we all keep our minds active!
That is especially true for those with Alzheimer's.
River Oaks is doing an incredible job of keeping
all their residents happy, healthy, busy in mind and body!

But something needs to happen to help 
the millions of those affected by Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's cannot wait!

Did you know that 5 million Americans 
are affected by Alzheimer's?
The cost to the U.S.?   
$183 billion dollars this year!
By 2050, 16 million will be affected 
and the cost will be 1 trillion dollars!

Alzheimer's is the 
6TH Leading Cause of Death.
It is also the only one in the top ten without away to
or Slow it's Progression!

We need a 
Federal Commitment 
in order to change the course 
of Alzheimer's disease!

And this is where I ask you to click on the link below
and help make this happen!

Nana is just one face in a sea of beautiful
people whose life was interrupted by
this awful, horrid disease!

Even if you do not have a "Nana" or friend
affected by Alzheimer's it still depends on you
to help make a difference.
It could be You or Me as the
Face of Alzheimer's in the Future.

There are already over 130, 600 signatures!
250, 000 are needed!

So take a few minutes to click on the link,
and fill out easy-peasy petition!
It will take less time than it took read my post!
And if you choose to blog about this and I hope you do..
the Angels above will bless you!

Because Bloggers are the best!
They get stuff done!

As Nana would say,
"Bless your pea-pickin' little heart"!

You are also welcome to grab the button and link at the
top of my sidebar and add it to your sidebar!


Deb said...

You got it! Your nana looks like she is enjoying the new place.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Misha... And you are right... Alzheimer's is a horrible disease and affects so many. My mother-in-law was in the early stages of Alzheimers --but was never diagnosed. She died in June --so luckily, her situation didn't get worse (which it would have I'm sure). So sad...

Thanks for a great post. Your Sweet Nana obviously is doing well --thanks to the staff at River Oaks.


Beth said...

wow, i have known several that have had alzheimer's ... it makes me sad. but i know they are still there. but it is tough to see your loved one go through it. when you said the part about holding hands it brought tears to my eyes. so sweet. she looks like a beautiful lady. you both seems to have such great times together. big hugs.

Donna said...

So glad you got to see Nana. She is adorable and I am so glad she is in a wonderful place. Love the pics. I know it gives you all peace of mind. I am going to sign the petition now!

Nezzy said...

What a wonderful post. We just moved my sweet MIL into assisted livin' when we could no see to her needs. She to has alzheimer's, it's just soooo sad.

Yep, I'm well aware of the petition and have already signed it.

Your Nana is a precious beautiful woman.

God bless ya sweetie...great post!

Donna said...

It is so wonderful that you found a safe and happy place for your dear Nana. I do hope and pray that they come up with a cure for this terrible disease.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a difference a good
place can make in the life of a person! Nana looks well tended to and happy; a blessing and a gift, Misha.

Vickie said...

Hi Misha - my MIL is not too far away from the last stages, I'm afraid. She doesn't talk much any more. Barely smiles. She's broken her hip twice and had a stroke, too. It's a terrible disease and I hate what it does to my husband. It makes him so sad. One of my grandmothers also had it. It's touched our lives on several sides. I pray that one day a cure may be found... Your Nana looks like she's in a great place!

Country Dreaming said...

It is nice to hear that this facility exists. So many of these places scare me.
It sounds like th staff really enjoy coming to work.
Yea! for Nana.


Freda said...

I filled out the survey and shared on Facebook. Nana looks contented and happy. Have a freat weekend.

Karen said...

What a great relief it must be for you and your family, to have such a great place for your Nana to retire in comfort.

RoeH said...

You and Nana and all extended family are so lucky! These kind of places are few and far between comparing them to the "other" bad places. I want to die young. But I doubt that's going to happen. I never want to be in an 'old folks home' and neither one of my kids will take me in. Perhaps I could lay out a cot in your stable. :))

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I recall my grandfather being in a 'home' back in the last 60's and throughout the 70's and the staff was always at the counter too and never seemed to interact much with the residents. Sad but true. Glad your Nana has stimulation that keeps her mind busy and that smile on her face!

Debi said...

Always love to hear news about Nana. Its sounds like a very good place for her. She looks like she is enjoying herself in the pictures.Souds like a good visit you had with her.

Ann On and On... said...

I had an Uncle with Alzheimer's. He was one of the youngest cases they had at that time...

The place Nana is staying sounds wonderful. It' so nice to know when you're not there she is doing well.

Off to sign the petition. Good for you for shouting on top of the mountain about this.

Sheryl and Denny said...

Hi Misha
Glad to see your nana doing well, i have signed the petition, i use to work with Alzheimers patients, my heart goes out to them and their families. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award, your blog is so inspiring and i love following your blog. You can view the rules in my post here:http://www.cypresshillfarm.blogspot.com/2012/02/ive-been-awarded.html Thanks for making your blog a nice place to visit.


Amy said...

Every elderly person should have such a wonderful place to live out their days in! Your Nanna is truly a blessed woman and even more so with you in her life....or maybe you think it´s the other way around? I think you´re both lucky to have each other!! So sweet the lady sitting next to you wanted to hold your hand also...could picture that in my head :-)

Happy Valentine´s Day my friend!

Donna said...

My mom died 1 week ago, after a decade long battle with Alzheimers. She too, like your Nana, was in a wonderful facility where she was known and loved. Thanks for helping to educate people about this dreadful disease!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Happy Valentines Day Misha (and Nana)!

So glad that you were able to have a good visit. Thanks for the link to the petition. I hadn't known of it!

Rural Revival said...

It makes me so happy to see sweet Nana thriving in her new home AND you being able to visit her. : )