17 February 2012

The Day of Reckoning Has Come!

It was that time again.
Yesterday I sorted through the 3 baskets 
of stuffed animals.  
It is a rough job to choose who stays and who goes.
Who do all these stuffed animals belong to?
Three lucky pups.

We are fortunate to have several 
great thrift shops in our little mountain town.
Every few months I scour these for
new toys for the *kids*.

One of the thrift shops
only accepts new stuffed animals in donations.
And at 50 cents a piece, you can't beat it!
At the thrifty, I sit on the floor and sort.
Good for a dog,
Not good for a dog,
Good for a dog,
Not good....

And then I pay a few bucks 
and come home with a HUGE bag full of fun!
I also get the title of,
"World's Best Pup Mama"!

{Until J comes home. 
You know, the whole "chopped liver" thing}

Zeke, Sadie Louise, and Baby Girl 
were all taking mid-morning naps.
After an early romp in the field, 
they were worn out when we returned home!
I could sit on the living room floor and begin sorting
without looking into 3 sets of sad eyes
wondering why?
Why was I throwing Mr. Floppy and friends
into a big, black Hefty bag!

Until Sadie woke up and thought,
Whoopee! Mama is on floor playing with all my babies!
And so Sadie helped made an easy chore,
a very interesting chore!

I sorted into piles.
Good stuffed animals that still have
Some of these favorite "babies" were 
actually nothing more than a piece of fabric.
Long ago they lost their cute smiles, ears, and button noses.

 Tossed, tugged, loved, and slobbered on,
Their day of reckoning had come...

It was a difficult job.
But then, making mothering decisions is never easy..{grin}

As I tossed, Sadie would wiggle her head
into the big bag and pull out
what once was Miss Scruffy.
And then I would divert her attention,
 throw Miss Scruffy back in the bag,
along with Blue Bunny.

And so it went.
Over and over!

Into the hot, sudsy wash,
 the good pile of dog babies went!
Swishing all the slobber right off of those suckers!

Sadie finally nodded off to dreamland.
I tip-toed to the trash can and said a final farwell.
So long "thrift-store" babies.
Thanks for hours of good play 
and making my pups so happy!

When I retrieved the stuffed animals from the dryer,
it was like a brand new batch of love and fun!
All nice and fluffy.
Why, they even smelled good.

I filled up the largest basket with
bunny's, tiger's, bear's, ducks, monkey's, lions
you name it.
If it comes in the form of a stuffed animal,
these pups have it!

And then I neatly arranged them back in their home.
Not that they will stay neatly arranged,
but my OCD appreciates this gesture!

When Zeke woke up, he was mighty surprised!
To him, these were all new babies.
They were fluffy.
And they smelled good.

He pulled out his favorite bunnies and got to work.
Sadie and baby Girl helped.
No stuffed bunny should have two ears.
Or two legs.
Or even smell like lavender.
No, no, no!

These wabbits needed 
tugged on,
chewed on,
tossed around,
and slobbered on.
Then all would be right with Pup World!
And it was.

And if you are Bella you appreciate the stuffed animals, too.
They help when you want to play,

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial!



I have been a little hit or miss 

with blogging this past month.

Posts and commenting.

One day it rains, then pours the next.

Once in a while it's a few sunny days in a row.

I hope you will continue to stick with me.




Julie Harward said...

Oh Misha, you are such a nice mama...my dogs would love your house. I finally put Bo's toys away, that is all he would do day and night..bring his toy to me to throw! Noe, his attention is back on me and he loves cuddling up more. I do love washing them too..nice! ;D

Beth said...

i love the picture of Zeke & Mickey ... that is just a beautiful picture. you would hate to wake them. the hubby & i have a friend who has a little doggie named "rebel" such a cutie. she has a little stuffed bunny & it really does not look like much of a bunny any more but she still loves it all the same. what does she cuddle with ... always picks the bunny even if there are other toys to pick from. i really think pets love simple toys nothing fancy. i have another friends who have 2 cats & they love leftover boxes & tea bags just to play with ... love it. so cute to watch. have a good weekend, misha. big hugs. i know you are busy & i love it when you post. enjoy. (:

My Kid's Mom said...

How cute! Stuffed animals make great dog babies!

Deb said...

That's a fine collection of toys the pups have. I wish Gus would play with a stuffed animal without tearing them up. We don't have much luck with soft toys and his favorite toy is a tennis ball. He could play catch ALL day. He also thinks that any of the Grandkids toys are his. He will sneak into the other room and come out with a baby toy and take it to his bed to chew on. Gotta watch him like a hawk.

I hope you are having a "sunny day" today!

RoeH said...

It'zs too bad these animals do not know just how darned lucky they are. When Hank begins to play rough and bite (he really needs some friends) I have to take him by the ears (nonononot really) and tell him .......Hank? You don't know just how easy you could be out in the gutter.

He just says...meow.

Donna said...

Such a fun post topic! You are such a good momma to your furbabies! Our Buddy such loved his toys and he even had his own toy box! Of course, he would only take things OUT of the box, and never put them back IN. He knew that was my job, LOL.

Jeanette said...

I love this post! I used to wash all the babies for my dog, too when we had one! I always thought they would appreciate them being clean and smelling good! And Bella's probably thinking how she likes the stuffed animals well enough, but give her the basket they are kept in anytime!!

TexWisGirl said...

this was so cute. so my normal thing, too. our basket is filled with shredded t-shirts, socks, and remnants of once-stuffed/squeeker-filled toys...

Gaelyn said...

This is So like the story of my boy and his toys. Just a few less of them being he lived in a small RV with me. Really do have to recycle them once in a while. Thrift stores are great, for this and so many other treasures.
You photos of the kids are Great!

camp and cottage living said...

How our pets become just like our children-requiring all the special care and consideration!
You take such good care of them-washing their toys. but they sure pay us back with lots of love too.
I hope you have more 'sunny' days than rainy.

Karen said...

RARELY do our dog toys last long enough to get a washing, but I do them on occasion when they've actually stuck around long enough. And if there's a squeeker??.. they are ripped open within days.

Love your pile in a basket :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Getting rid of old favorite toys (stuffed animals) is never easy--even when it comes to children... BUT--it has to be done on occasion.

My youngest son had a favorite blanket --when he was little. The blanket (even after washing) got in worse and worse shape (since he would drag it around everywhere he went)... Taking that 'blankie' away from him was so hard. I was taking away his security....


Amy said...

I so wish we had thrift stores here in Norway where I could get my gang some toys for a few bucks...here I have to pay around 20 US dollars for one toy!!! And they do not last long in this house. Isabella is a nut over the toys and when I buy several she gathers them all up and lays on them (just like Sadie did) and the other dogs better stay away...but Cookie is so small and sneaky...she waits until Isabella is turning her head to protect some stuffed animals on her right (for example) and then Cookie takes something from the left...hahahahaha...Isabella looks completely devastated that she lost a toy...hahahaha...she would be in heaven with a load of animals like your babies have!
I seriously want to come back as one of your pets if I ever die early...would you adopt me??? ;-))) I´ll eat lots, lay around all day and hog all the attention I can get...sound good to you? ;-)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Thank you Misha for putting a smile on my face when I've been crying all day due to pain (I know you know the feeling).

You are such a wonderful mommy to all your furry babies! I'm sure they love and appreciate every stuffed play thing that you bring home for them :)

Mary said...

What a great idea! Any and all stuffed animals I have ever bought for Fred have been tore up in seconds,I just quit buying them because they were way to expensive. It is so fun to watch Fred tear them up. I call him Shreddy Freddy, he has such a blast, the first to go are the eyes, then the ears, then anything else that pokes out, then finally....the stuffing! So fun!. I never thought to look at thrift stores. I can afford that every once in a while. I don't care about the mess. Thanks for the tip!

Glad you had a sunny day!

islandwonder said...

You have some lucky pets.

Cheryl said...

So cute! What fun you must have!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Misha!! I really loved this post and your pictures are just the best!! Your sorting through the toys and how you get them, is exactly as I do!! Because of the puppy, I've had to sort through old toys and get new ones and it was how I ended up with the new squeaky ball that Todd got obsessed with. If I took it from him, he seemed to know where it was and would do what he could to get it. By early this afternoon, the ball under suspicious circumstances disappeared...Not forever, but just until I can get my hearing back!

Rural Revival said...

Callie has a Floppy too!

And her Mama has OCD as well.

Not surprised are you?

: )

Stuck like crazy glue!!


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Aww...what a cute bunch of 'fur babies' you have there and look at all those wonderful toys! Yep your 'kids' are pretty lucky to have all those fun nice clean toys that Momma provides :) X

Country Dreaming said...

Your babies are so lucky to have a
Mom like you. Nice fluffy clean toys--what a way to wake up!