14 February 2012

Brutus Writes a Valentine Post!

these are things on my shoppin' list for
Valentine's Day! 
for each one of my blog peeps!
that means YOU!
{and when i was shoppin', i met me a
beautiful, Himalayan feline...

and i decides that Buffy is right.
none of those 'spensive gifts
could ever take the place of havin'
a picture of my sweet mug!

what was i thinkin'!
i knows all of you would rather have a 
little piece of moi than a stupid 
$9,000 phone. ha!
and i didn't make that big trip to the big city for nuttin'!
'cause i met Buffy.
the new luv of my little cat life!

Happy Valentine's Day
to all my peeps!

luv ya,

p.s my mama says 
Happy Valentine's Day, too!

Mmmm..maybe just a little diamond collar
for Buffy.
but, hey..it's true luv!
so that don't count!


Donna said...

It's all about love isn't it? Brutus is lucky to have Buffy in his life :) and you too!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Gaelyn said...

How could anyone resist that puss?

Happy Valentine's Day to all whom you love.

Now cough up the diamond collar.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Sweet little babies..... but are you sure there were no kleptomaniac shenanigans going on?

Happy Valentines day furry friends!

TexWisGirl said...

your cute little pink heart nose is all we needed.

Beth said...

i love the pink little nose. so cute. makes me smile. great gifts for someone ...but i prefer a big hug or two. happy <3 day!! (:

Donna said...

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!

RoeH said...


That's Hank.

Me thinks he's got the hots for Brutus.

Wait. Brutus is a boy cutie?

Oh great. Now we've got another problem.


Julie Harward said...

Happy Valentines day Misha...I appreciate the thoughts here, (I'll have the watch) and I love the sweet kissie face cat here! hugs to you. :D

I love my dogs said...

Love his heart shaped pink nose. Such a beautiful kitty.

Marilyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! Money can't buy love and I think you are one smart baby and know that!♥♫

Lynne said...

Sweet, fun, happy . . . I hope you had a great day Misha, lovey, sweet friend!

Farmhouse Style Living said...

Such a handsome guy! How could Buffy resist those eyes?! I hope that Brutus and you have a wonderful week!

Country Dreaming said...

Waht a funny post from Brutus.
Loved the part about not stealing


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

LOL How cute...look at that sweet face!! Hope your day was a good one Misha X
Maura :)

Rural Revival said...

Dear Sweet Brutus,

Will you consider being my Valentine next year?

You should know, I happen to think you have the sweetest, extra-furriest slenderest paws in the whole wide world. I just thought you should know that.

Yours truly forever and ever,