02 December 2011

What Transpired Since June. The Power of Blogging ~drops of jupiter for my little soul sister~

My post below did seem to be showing up,
so this is the step I have taken to get it to you
It means a lot to three of us,
{that you read what has transpired since June!}
Me, Yancey and X.
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Nezzy said...

Oh my, what a story. My heart goes out to Yancey and to you sweetie!

God bless you!

Good Earth Quilting said...

Thank you for sharing Yancey with all of us. Many of us get the blessing of knowing someone like Yancey. She's truly a special angel.

Oz Girl said...

Wow Misha. What a heartwarming story, well, the heartwarming part is the friendship you had with Yancey, but I think you know what I meant.

An incredible story - Yancey was on a journey that so many of us only hear about in the media. Too often we don't really know about the harsh realities of child abuse.

I am so happy that Yancey had two years to enjoy her life, but how tragic that she didn't have the whole of her life to enjoy, as she so richly deserved. What goes on in the minds of these monsters when they strip a child of every atom of innocence they possess? HOW COULD THEY?!

Since I work in the ER of a local hospital, from time to time, abused children pass through our doors. Sadly, a young girl under the age of two came to us late Tues night, and passed away later after she was transferred to a larger hospital. The mother's boyfriend has been arrested.

My brain just keeps saying HOW COULD THEY? I can't fathom it, I can't wrap the giving and empathizing part of myself around these atrocities.

Thank you Misha, for sharing your story. I hope that all of those that suffered in the Annewakee tragedy can help others in similar situations and at the same time find some nuggets of peace in their everyday lives.

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