28 December 2011

Perspective-The Capacity to View Things in Their Relative Importance

~ Christmas Eve ~

 Late Friday evening, 
my parents arrived in Tennessee!

 Saturday found them spending the day at Nana's, 
leaving shortly before Nana had 
Christmas Eve 
dinner with all her friends!

J worked in the barn all day and I stayed 
home with the intention of saving my body
for Christmas Day. 

My parents came to our house for Christmas Eve!
We had a fab evening.
We snacked, ate a delish meal, 
and watched the movie, "The Help".

J and I had already seen it, 
but happily watched it again!

It was a late evening.
They left around midnight
to make their way back to their hotel
near Nana's home.

~ Christmas Day ~

Our plan for Christmas Day
was to meet at Nana's at noon,
so all of us could head to 
a restaurant on the Tennessee River 
that was having a 
beautiful Christmas buffet.
This way, Nana could join us since her
lunch time each day is at noon!
And early in the day is good for 
her mood, body, and spirit!

Christmas morning came,
and I knew.
That I wouldn't be leaving the house,
much less the sofa for the day.

After J called, as they were on their way
to eat glorious food and enjoy the holiday,
I felt sorry for myself.
I was missing out on yet another day
full of family and love.

Over the years, I have spent many
a Christmas alone.
Living and working in other states, 
hundreds of miles away from family.

In the horse business,
someone always has to be on call.
Horses still have to be cared for. 
Fed, watered, given medicines, doctored..

Even on a holiday!

But this year, 
knowing my parents, Nana, and J
were celebrating so close by and I couldn't
be there~
well, it just felt 
so downright sad, lonely, and dark.

I layed on the sofa with Zeke.
He was in all his glory to have
someone to snuggle with!
Something so simple,
is so very wonderful to Zeke!

I watched the kitties play 
and chase one another.
And when they finally used up all of their
feline energy, they plopped in
 front of the wood stove.
A big heap of paws, furry bodies and whiskers.
Snoozing and basking in the warmth.
Loving their little kitty lives!

I suddenly felt so grateful.

In this old farmhouse, 
I love that I am never alone.
I have all my Kids to tend to.
To care for.

Without them, 
there would be days I wouldn't
have a reason to get out of bed.
No matter how icky, fatigued, 
or how much pain I may feel,
making sure they are cared for 
keeps me going.

And then I began to think.
About how lucky I am.
How fortunate J and I are!

We have heat.
{some people don't}
We have clean water.
{some people don't}
We have access to good medical care.
{even if i don't have insurance!}
{some people don't}
We have food in my fridge.
{some people don't}
We have a washer and dryer.
 {some people don't}
We have great vehicles.
{some people don't}
We have a bed with warm blankets.
{some people don't}
We have family.
{some people don't}

And on and on...

I guess sometimes you just have
to take a step back and get a little perspective.
And I did just that.

Christmas turned out to be just grand.
In it's own little way!

I hope your holiday was grand, too!

p.s. And now I will be skipping 
down the sidewalk of 
to knock on your virtual doors
and catch up with all of you!


Sherry@ Ties2ThePast said...

Our Christmas Day was similar to yours, quiet & just the 2 of us. But, like you, we had our dogs & cats here with us, always ready to sit on a lap, snuggle & purr, or entertain us in some way.
God love 'em...I sure do!!!

C. Joy said...

Christmas comes with so many expectations attached "it will be wonderful if I get.." "we always have _____ that's what makes our Christmas so perfect" etc...

Christmas comes whether we are ready or not, it's more like a point on the shore - you get a little reminder that you are passing through this life, get on with what you were born to do.

Sorry to hear you missed out on visiting with your family. Don't be so hard on yourself, your 'other' family got the benefit of your being with them, your body got the rest it needed, and you are still thankful - that's always a good sign. God bless you now and in the new year to come.

Karen said...

Such a beautiful collection of cats!.. and I love that zeke face.. he looks so much like the dog we just nurtured, Chip!...

Hope you're feeling better today, Misha -

Clint said...

Glad you overcame your funk and realized your blessings. We've all been the letdown after Christmas. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful day.

BTW---Cindy and I saw "The Help" last week and we loved it.

TexWisGirl said...

nice, misha. and so true.

Laura said...

They are such blessings indeed!

Beth said...

i love to see all the animals all happy & enjoying their new toys. so cute. you are truly enjoying the small things in life. so perfect & great. here's to a wonderful New Year in 2012. (:

Lynne said...

Lovely message . . . and I felt each and every dog and kitty snuggle. Your "kids" love you bunches!

Happy New Year Misha . . .

Deb said...

I often remind myself of the same thing. I bet your furry family was glad that you spent the entire Christmas Day with them.

Gus was very good this year so Santa brought him a new bed and a squeaky toy. He thinks he's special.

Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas! Ours was a little different this year but nice and as you said we have so many blessings! I think I have learned this year that its o.k to celebrate in different ways.

Jeanette said...

I'm sorry you missed the Christmas brunch with your family..but you had your fur family to keep you warm! Hope the new year brings more days of feeling good than not!

Lottie said...

Perspective is right! I worked days cleaning my house and then when I wanted to spend time with my family, I had to rest. My pets all crowded around me,too. Your blog is such an inspiration!

V.L. Locey said...

What a lovely post and images!

Julie Harward said...

As you were explaining your day...the thought popped into mu mind of Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus and the stable filled with animals, I am sure they too felt grateful and great comfort. God bless and be with you in this New Year! ;D

Mary Ann said...

Misha, your post was wonderful... I'm sorry you missed Christmas dinner with the family, but you reminded us all to be so appreciative of what we have.

Nezzy said...

I'm still like a little girl waitin' for Christmas. We aren't celebratin' 'till Saturday here on the Ponderosa.

Looks like ya'll had a grand Christmas!

God bless and have yourself a fantastic New year sweetie!!! :o)

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I just watched the movie 'The Help' today for the first time. It was fun! Our holidays are always quiet and without family around, but we do have friends here and with them around, it's a special time. We are lucky to have all that we need in life and then some, so I rarely complain about anything.... :-)

Donna said...

I'm sorry that you couldn't join the family gathering on Christmas, but I am glad to hear that you put it all in perspective. Your kitties, dogs, and horses, didn't know what day it was. They were just grateful to be loved and cared for.

On the surface, our Christmas was uneventful. I spent half of the day at home by myself, and spent the other half at the rehab facility with hubby. We had a nice visit, laughed a lot, and wore Santa hats at lunch and dinner in the dining hall. Jim has hardly any relatives left alive and they are scattered. In my family, only my Mom really cares. But Jim and I have each other and many, many blessings!

Donna said...

I am so sorry you spent Christmas with the "babies" not feeling well :( Often I find myself wanting to spend time with my little critters because they don't want anything from me but good ole love!
Your mother is so much like you ....beautiful!

Country Dreaming said...

Sorry to hear that you weren't able to celebrate out with you family. but in turn were able to enjoy the day with the kids and you good thoughts.
We had a quiet day ourseleves just the two of us.
Happy New Year!

Come by and see the penguin display we went to before


Roean said...

I have spent more Christmas' alone at home alone than the other way around in my life. This year was terrible. I was cranky, depressed, and angry at the world and everything that isn't fair. I don't know what has caused it other than just stuff that has happened. My dad's death really got to me when I didn't think it would. And so on. So now it's all over with and am trying to claw up out of my hole realizing that wonderful as Christmas is, it's very hard to get through for some. It's never the Hallmark Christmas. Never.

Amy said...

Hello my dear, such a wonderful post- as usual! First, I saw the same movie, The Help and I loved it! Can´t imagine that there really was a time when things were like that. Thank God we´ve moved forward (for the most part) and there isn´t such obvious ignorance in our daily lives.
Second, all my fur babies got new toys also for Christmas and low and behold, little Cookie got a duck just like Zeke ;-) However, she and Isabella are having a contest who can collect the most toys in their beds...Isabella brings all the toys to her bed, then Cookie goes and gets them and puts them in her bed and back and forth they go...funny as heck!!!
Third, I love that you are able to focus on the correct perspective in life...the positives which surround you, self when you´re at a very low point. I think it´s easy to be consumed with feeling sorry for one´s self but you made so many wonderful points of how rich your life truly is compared to others and it´s those things you need to hold on to with all your heart. It´s those things that will carry you through the dark days and put a smile on your face even if you´re face is being washed with tears....
Hope your parents are staying awhile with you guys and you get more opportunities to share the holidays with them...
A big warm hug from my cabin in the woods of Norway to yours in the woods of Tennessee :-)))

Amish Stories said...

Snowing over my way now, would have been nice for a white Christmas.Mother nature your timing is a little off this year! Happy new years folks. Richard

Rain said...

Misha-so glad you helped us all with your getting your/our prospectives in order. We need those little reminders once in awhile. Hope you're feeling better and get to visit your nana and rest of your family soon. Peace be with you.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

And, you have each other. My Christmas was spent quietly, just the way Dave and I planned. New Year's Eve will be spent the same way; by choice. Life is good though and will be better after a long while has passed yet I'm trying to suck as much joy out of each day as possible. Some days the bone is dry though but I keep trying.

Rural Revival said...

Oh Sweetie, I am so glad you were able to see your folks on Christmas eve, but I'm sorry you missed out on Christmas Day. If I could I would take that burden off you forever and a day.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Misha I'm sorry to read that you weren't able to spend your Christmas Day with your family but it looks as though you were surrounded by love and that's the best feeling of all. Please give the kitties and pups a scritch for me...thanks XO
Maura :)