23 December 2011

~Nana and The Christmas Elves~

Things have been busy at Nana's house.
The Christmas season is in full swing over there!
From little pint-sized carolers 
to Christmas concerts of beautiful music.
Christmas treats to be snacked on each day.
Christmas movies being shown in the family room!

Decorating Christmas trees was happily done 
by Nana and her friends!

Nana has made a lovely new friend!
A lady who moved onto Nana's floor 
a couple of months ago.
Now they are inseparable :)

I adore this group pic!
Can you see Nana and her bestie holding hands
behind the staffer?
How precious is that?!
~ ~ ~ ~
Yesterday when J and I arrived at Nana's,
we found her in the family room.
She was watching a Christmas movie with her BFF.
And they were looking at 4 Christmas cards Nana
had received that day!

After visiting for a while with all the ladies,
we retreated to Nana's apartment to drink
our caramel McFrappe's and look at Christmas cards!

Good golly Miss Molly!
Nana has stacks of glorious cards!
We looked at each one and commented on
how pretty they all are.
Nana said there were a few that she didn't 
remember the person who sent them.
I told her they were from my friends who wanted
to spread Christmas magic!
And Nana said, 
"Like Elves! All these cards are from little Christmas Elves!"

72 Christmas cards were sent to my sweet Nana!
I think she has a card from just 
about every state in U.S.!
And one from Canada!
{Thank you, Andrea!}

I cannot thank you all enough.
Each one of you brought so much joy to her.

I will be saving these and putting them in a photo album.
This way she can browse them whenever her heart desires,
after the holidays are long gone.

All of you did such an awesome thing!
You Payed it Forward.
Since so many of you took your time 
and precious dollars to do so,
J and I payed it forward also.

We purchased a few boxes of Christmas cards,
and made a card for each resident where Nana lives.
Perhaps a few residents had already received a card or two.
And maybe some received none at all....
This way, every resident has a Christmas card
to display in their room!

In my original post, asking if anyone
was willing to send Nana a card,
I said this was all I wanted for Christmas.
So, thank you!
From the bottom of my Heart!
You each gave me the best gift ever...

As Christmas Elves, you all Rock!

~Merry Christmas~

Throughout the year, should any of you 
wish to drop Nana a card,
please do so!
It makes her day to get a sweet, friendly hello
in the mail :)


Amish Stories said...

I'm very glad that she was able to receive so many cards from so many folks, and i think i may even my own card in this post. I wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a healthy new years. I've just posted my last post for 2011 and I'm stopping by other blogs to wish them a happy holidays. Richard

TexWisGirl said...

this warmed my heart and filled my eyes, too. your nana and her best friend look so happy! :)

Jeanette said...

I'm so glad that Nana enjoyed her cards and how cute that she said she didn't remember a couple of people! Have a wonderful holiday my friend!

Deb said...

Sp sweet that your Nana was holding hands with her new best friend. Adorable.

Mary said...

I was a bit late in sending, dang it, but it should arrive today, I hope.

Elle Bee said...

Oh I'm so happy!! This just warms my heart! And I think I WILL drop her a little card every now and then! I like being an elf all year. ♥

Donna said...

For the first time today I smiled reading this post. I love hearing about Nana and her new BFF :) Makes my heart happy as Jennifer would say!
I have saved Nana's address and will be sending her cards on occasion.
Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

I missed out on this. I'm so sorry! I'm glad that your Nana was so happy with all the cards she received. And a great idea to give cards to all the other residents! Merry Christmas to you all!

Donna said...

I am so happy to hear that the cards were such a big hit with her! Wow, that is a bunch of cards!!! I was more than delighted to participate. Haha, I now have "Christmas Elf" status! I thought the pics of her with her new BFF was adorable, BTW.

It has heartwarming to see the kindnesses that folks have shown to my husband and others at the rehab facility. They have had several groups of children sing Christmas songs, a Girl Scout troop delivered cookies and snowman ornaments in the dining room, a church group that rang bells, and two different visits by therapy dogs! It brings the patients such joy and it is truly a gift that is remembered.

Country Dreaming said...

Oh, good gollylook at all the cards. How much fun is this!
She will have a card from Kansas soon.

Merry Christmas Misha!


Gone Country said...

Wow! That's a lot of cards! How awesome!

I was late in getting my cards out this year so Nana may be getting one more in the mail if she didn't receive it already!

Merry Christmas!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What a wonderful gift! I'm sorry I missed sending your sweet Nana a Christmas card ( I didn't send ANY cards, shame, shame, shame on me)... I will for sure send her an "any old day" happy card! My sweet Great Aunt just shared similar pics of her complex and friends eating treats. Family is priceless. You are an inspiration in your thoughtfulness!
Wishing you and ALL your family (2 and 4 legged) a Christmas overflowing with JOY!

Aunt D said...

Speaking as Nana's #2 daughter, thank you so very much to all of your Christmas elves. Isn't it wonderful how people really do want to make each other happy and feel loved. Our family has been blessed this year with so many people doing just that for us. Bless your little elf hearts :) love, Aunt D

Clint said...

What a great set of pics focused on your Nana. I hope y'all have the best Christmas ever!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

It's so important to the elderly to be remembered by someone this time of the year. Actually important that all people are remembered in some way, even if by the simple act of seeing that they receive a Christmas card... who knows, it may be the only card they received this year. You have such a good heart, Misha, and looking at your Nana's face, I can see where it comes from. Merry, Merry Christmas to you!

Beth said...

i saw my card ... how wonderful. that is so great. i bet she was so surprised!! Merry Christmast to Nana. (:

Rural Revival said...

Oh my goodness!! Look at all those cards!! : ) : ) : )

I kind of like being an elf. Okay. I LOVE being an elf! And nothing would be better than being a year round elf.

Any my, how sweet to have a new friend, an inseparable new friend at that. Joy!

That will be us someday. ; )


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

72 Christmas Cards....that's WONDERFUL Misha! Wow...she must have loved seeing all the pretty cards with greetings from all over the country and Andrea in Canada. You and J did a nice thing for the other residents...I'm sure there were some who didn't receive anything. I will remember what you said about sending your Nana a note sometime...little things like that can mean a lot. I hope you have a nice day Misha Hugs to you x
Maura :)