05 November 2011

~Why Zeke Loves The Kitchen Window~

A perfect day here in the mountains
of east Tennessee.
A little chilly.
A little breezy.
A lot sunny.

Oh, how I have waited for these days to arrive!

The pups, 
Sadie Louise and Baby Girl,
are enjoying their back-yard, laying in the grass.
Barking at at squirrels and our resident groundhog
 in-between snoozing.
And since I can watch it all from my kitchen window,
the toddler kitties and Brutus
also went out to play in the sunshine!
Their antics are hilarious :)
Stalking each the other, blades of breezy grass,
and chattering to the birds.
I keep a good eye out the window.
Brutus like to make a "fence jump" for the woods!

The wood stove is on low.
I throw an occasional log in, 
to keep it going.
As the afternoon winds down, 
and as the chill of evening sets in,
the wood stove will be packed full to keep 
us warm tonight.

Where is Zeke, you may be wondering~

This happy pupster is snoozing.
On his bed.
Which usually has a small herd of felines
passed out on it, 
because the lull of a warm fire and giant cozy bed
is just too much for a sleepy cat to pass up!

It is not often that Zeke gets his bed,
all to himself.
So when I asked him if he wanted to join 
the family outside 
for romps and sunshine,
he lifted his head and gave me "the look"!
The one that implies,
"Are you kidding me?"

Then he plopped his head back down.
And continued onto dream-land.
Where steak grows on trees,
squeaker toys never lose their "squeak",
and felines abide by the one cardinal rule-

~Thou shall not lay upon the giant Canine bed~

Zeke and I both love that kitchen window!

It has been a glorious day for
humans, canines, and felines alike!

Tell me~
What was your November day like?


Be back tomorrow
with a birthday,
and a request!


TexWisGirl said...

that sounds like heaven to me. :)

Rural Revival said...

I spent the day outdoors, hunting for dogwood branches in a frosty woods this morning, having lunch with my Aunt at a restaurant we discovered was once owned by a great uncle and watching a certain feline full of antics in the afternoon.

It was a beautiful sunny day here too! And I found someone who would love to travel to Tennessee with me.

: )
: )
: )


Donna said...

Oh gosh, not nearly as fun as yours! We did housecleaning. I went outside once. Somebody had to get the mail, LOL! That Zeke really knows how to live!

(Love your new blog look, BTW!)

Deb said...

Hi Misha, sounds like you had a great fall day. We got out of the house and did a little shopping and had lunch. It was sunny and breezy here too.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

A bit cool today, but the sky was blue and there are still some leaves on the trees.... well, still quite a bit of color up on the mountains, but the leaves here in our yard are fading fast.

Move over, pup... I wanna share that bed with you! LOL

Lynne said...

We are enjoying similar weather although no little kitties playing outside the kitchen window . . . or a Zeke kind of dog laying by a wood stove.

Our November day was spent outdoors, raking, blowing and mowing leaves, plus washing windows. Six hours . . .,
I am pooped!

I like my rosy face and the ability to have breathed fresh air for six hours!

It makes me happy to know you have had such a great day!

Jeanette said...

It was a glorious day here in Michigan, too! Maybe a little too chilly but nice compared to what's coming! Love Zeke on his bed!! Have a wonderful week, Misha!

Mary said...

It makes me happy to know that you are able to enjoy these autumn days that you were so looking forward to during the stifling hot days of summer. Good for you! I hope it eases your pain some.