29 November 2011

~This Yankee Chick~

They did.
They set up a "Deer Camp".
On our property
Then they shot and slaughtered the beautiful animal,
gutting it and only taking only the parts 'they'
J took care of burying the rest of the carcass.
And pouring gasoline on top of the grave,
to ward off potential coyotes who may be enticed to dig it up.
Our coyote problem is bad enough.
No worries of fire here. 
We have had days and days of pouring rain.

Seven years ago, when we first moved on this 
150 acres of land,
we made sure that we were well "posted".
Meaning, by law, it was our responsibility
to hike the property and nail up
"No Hunting"
"No Trespassing"
And we did.

Not long after moving here,
J had to make a trip to Dallas.
And one night at about 3am,
I could heard men's voices under my bedroom
That part of our house sets up high, almost like a second story.
And a creek runs a few feet from the house.
The dogs still had not heard anything, but as I lay low
in bed, watching out the window,
I could hear them and see they had flashlights.

I dialed 911.
Then I set off my car alarm.
Then the dogs went crazy.
My adrenaline was so crazy at that very point,
I opened our front door and let Zeke out.
Zeke ain't gonna let anything happen to Mama!

I ran out behind Zeke, with my cordless phone
in my hand, in case the sheriff's office called back.
The four men had jumped the creek and were 
being held at bay by a bad-ass 150lb. 
growling, snarling, drooling dog,
and a really p*ssed-off Yankee Chick!
I asked them to stand right there.
And wait for the Law.
(That's what they call the cops here in Tennessee, 
"The Law"!)
I yelled and screamed.
They were speechless.

They were poaching on our land.
Spotlighting deer.
Illegal on both counts.

My adrenaline just kept escalating,
as I screamed that were on private property.
In hindsight, I know it was not the smartest thing to do.
A couple of the men wanted to justify that they had hunted on 
this land since childhood.
Say what???
If you don't own it,
it ain't yours!

When the four sheriff's cars finally came down
our little one-lane road...
pure relief on my part.

The men were well known by the sheriff's department.
I am sure they were either "kin" 
or went to school together,
or had been in the pokey at the same time!

The deputies asked me to put Zeke in the house
and asked each of us to drop our weapons.
The four men threw down shotguns.
And me?
I threw down my cordless phone that I had been hanging
onto, since calling 911.

You never saw a bunch of cops laugh so hard that
a woman held four men in her driveway, hostage,
with a cordless phone, until the cops
were able to get there!
They thought I had a pistol. 

In regards to my safety,
I should never have left the confines of my home.
But, adrenaline is a crazy thing!

And in recent years, J has taught me to shoot.
We do keep firearms in our home and have permits.

Now, even 7 years later, the story still
circulates about this little mountain town~
The night the Crazy Yankee B*tch who held four good 'ol boys
hostage in her driveway for poaching and trespassing!
With a phone!

And that is all good with me..

aka Crazy Yankee Chick

Also, did you know the locals call us 
Both J and I are originally from Ohio.
We moved to Florida.
(not together, of course!)
And then to Tennessee! 
Yes, we are "Half-backs!"
Sometimes living here has been like 
living in a different country!But, I do love it!


Deb said...

Love it, love it, love it. It's too bad we don't live closer because I'm pretty sure we would get along great. Don't mess with a woman and her cell phone. LOL!!! I'm just sorry they got away with hunting on your property this time. For shame!

TexWisGirl said...

for those men to come that close to your house is just BRAZEN! i hate that you're still getting poachers on your property...

Ironstone and Pine said...

Wow, scary......you gotta wonder why some people are so, so stupid! Its bad enough they were trespassing, but to be so close to your house? I think they wanted to get caught!! I would hate to live on land if i thought i couldn't trust people who do what these guys did, how could you enjoy your own property or ride on it? Glad you told them a thing or two about messin with ya!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I stinkin' LOVE this story. You are amazing and a hero to so many women who would love to do something just like you (and Zeke) did that night, if put in the same situation. You rock!

Jeanette said...

Good for you! Damn hunters! Too bad you can't put a fence around the perimeter of your property!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I'm just stupid enough to do the same thing you did, Misha... adrenaline would have gotten the best of me too. Our entire backyard is fenced so they would have to jump it and that is soooooo tresspassing.

Donna said...

Oh my goodness! I would have done the same thing. People need to stay on their own property. I am so glad they were caught. We don't have that many acres but ours is fenced and yes I helped do it years ago! :)
I have also learned to shoot a gun in the last several years. We have crazy and strange folks around here too!

Donna said...

Forgot to mention that I love your header! Mine is very popular too :)

C. Joy said...

I have a new hero. But are you crazy? Love the phone part. (It's like reminding folks we are women and we can drive and vote! - - and phone!) Be careful.

camp and cottage living said...

Good for you Misha! No one will mess with you again or trespass on your property. It could have turned out differently, but it didn't so God was there with you protecting you.
I understand all about people hunting, if they are actually going
to eat what they shoot. But I can't tell you how mad it makes me when they bait the animals. How fair is that? I think it's a low down, sneaky way of luring a poor unsuspecting animal to the kill. If
one was starving it might be permissable, otherwise itcan hardly be called "hunting'!

Karen said...

LOL.. I like that kind of crazy!... but please don't do it again. :-)

Heart2Heart said...

I often wondered what happened if something like that were to happen but this story sets the record straight! Whew glad it turned out for the best and sorry to hear that poachers still don't respect private property. I for one have issues with people hunting to begin with unless it's purely out of necessity!

Missing you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mike said...

Saw you won TexWis's contest and thought I'd drop by. Now, that I see you're in TN, I believe I'll follow along for a spell.
Holdin' 4 men prisoner with a phone AND a mean-assed dog. ;)

Hitchhiker42 said...

That's a great story! Well I hope they got good n' busted for poaching on your land. Good for you standing your ground. Right on.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Holy Crap!! You are one brave Yankee Chick!! :) Loved this. I would have likely been shaking in my boots... errrr.. house slippers! Nothing p*sses me off more than to have unwelcome 'guests'.. and I keep a close lookout, armed with my phone! -Tammy

Joy said...

That was GREAT! Last year some poachers were on my FIL's farm land hunting for deer... my brother in law caught 'em. Just jars my preserves when people think they can break the law and not get caught.

Amish Stories said...

I never would hunt anyway as i dont have the heart to hurt an animal. Richard

Marilyn said...

Too bad you didn't see those evil people and shoot them in the knee caps. I'm not for violence, but sometimes I think I could hurt someone that is so stupid. I had a large protective dog that was always between me and people that came in our yard. I miss him still.♥♫

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Misha... It's true when the adrenalin takes over.. One time I was leaving a grocery store about 9 p.m. Got the groceries in the car ---but a guy came running up behind me trying to steal my purse... WELL--this ole woman held onto that purse with everything she had... He drug me to the ground ---but damn it, he never did get my purse... He finally gave up and left...

My kids told me that I could have been killed. He could have had a knife or gun... BUT--I didn't think of that at all. I just KNEW that that man wasn't going to get my purse.... ha ha

Glad you were okay --and thanks to Zeke who protected his Mama....

Makes me sick about them hunting on your property... GADS!!!!

Hope you are feeling well now.

Debi@7Gates said...

You smart and brave gal. I am well know to the county sheriff because this stuff happens all the time in the woods here, so I make the call. I've learned, however, the Game Warden is better to call. He will TAKE their weapons if he needs to for unlawful hunting. My blood boils too and the adrenaline rushes. High 5 to you!!

Bianca said...

Good for you!! I saw it happen before me as I read your story... think I would do the same thing if it happened to me.
You go girl! Love it!! Maybe not the most sensible thing to do, but you stood your ground and nobody will try this again (I hope)
What a terrible thing to do, killing all those deer and leaving the mess for you to clean. If somebody would do that here, they where going to jail for many years! Sometimes I'm glad to live here and not in the USA... (but most of the time I wish I could live over there ;-)))
You take care now, hope you feel better after your fibro-flare.
Hugs, Bianca

Rural Revival said...

Go Yankee chick!! Ha! This had me in stitches..a perfect way to start the day me thinks!!! : ) And what a good boy that Zeke is, looking out for Mama!

And I love that photo of the Yankee chick and her wicked posse! ; )


Rural Revival said...

Hey Yankee Chick...LOVE the header too! : )

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

This is the part about living in the country that I dislike the most. We had bow hunters on the property in back of us last year who took a shot at the dogs, but said they were shooting at the deer the dogs had scared away. Of course I didn't believe them, and I won't repeat what I said to them (I'm a lady after all!), but I think they realized they shouldn't fool around with an old lady in gray flannel pajamas because they didn't come back this year! Whatever it takes, right?? :-)

Lynne said...

Misha, Misha, Misha . . . I loved, loved, loved this . . . you Yankee Gal you . . . With a PHONE. LOL still . . .
You have made my day!

It is all in "the stories!" Adrenaline too . . .

Roean said...

I've hated hunters ever since I was just a little kid and learned what they did. For fun!!!! The more I know some humans, the more I love my cat and any other animal.

Julie Harward said...

LOL, you are my kind of country chick..as you know, I can shoot too! That is one funny tail about you holding them there! Hey, I will check the mail today, I have been so busy that I haven't even been down to the post office! ;D

Vickie said...

Misha - good for you and your dog! Nobody belongs on a person's land unless they have permission. And some folks just think they can do whatever they want! I'll bet those "good ole boys" will think twice before they try that again! Country girls ROCK!

GardenofDaisies said...

You are so brave!!

Mary said...

You go girl! That must've been some scary phone! he he

Donna said...

Great story!!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Misha I can't believe the nerve of those men to come onto your property...set up camp...kill a deer and then take the time to cut it up! Worse is the men who came right up to your house...thank goodness for Zeke and your cordless phone LOL! Yes you are a Crazy Yankee Chick ;) I hope you get some sunny weather soon.
Maura :)

Janet said...
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