10 November 2011

~The One Where Misha and J Travel to the Big City~

Our date night was spectacular!
Thanks to a local radio station,
J won tickets to see
Mel Brook's 
"Young Frankenstein"!
At the 
Historic Tennessee Theatre!

I am just sure that no matter where you live,
you heard me shriek when I found out
we were going to the Historic Tennessee Theatre!
The tickets could have just been
for me to sit in the silent theatre for two hours,
and I would have been happy!
That is just how much I have been longing to go there...

And Being able to see "Young Frankenstein"?
Geez-Louise what a bonus! 
The play was incredible! 
And the audience was so involved!

The theatre opened in 1928.
A total renovation was completed in 2005,
to restore it to it's original grandeur.
A cost of 25 million dollars.
Grant monies from various historic preservation 
organizations and private donors made this possible!
It is now on the
Historic Registry. 

Up the grand staircase to the theatre.
The landing.
On the left are the doors into the theatre.
The "up" staircase goes to the balcony.

Three years ago we attended a festival
in downtown Knoxville.
Everything was open to the public for free.
(They hold this once a year!)
Several museums, 
the Knoxville Sphere (built for the "World's Fair")
and the HTT!
We were able to tour the theatre then.
Ever since, I have been pining away for 
a chance to see a show there!

"Rolling Stone" magazine said, "Being able to perform here
is like performing inside a "Faberge Egg"!
I agree!
During the performance, when I would scan the ceiling,
the beauty of this theatre was just over-whelming!

~This is a very cool time-line 
of the history of Tennessee Theatre~

Each seat is engraved on the arm-rest with
a name of person who donated towards the 
renovation of the velvet seats.
Since downtown Knoxville 
(or "K-Town", as the locals call it!)
is home to the 
University of Tennessee,
it pretty much is a city that always has 
something going on.
Lot's of foot traffic and bike riders.
Great for people watching.
Even late at night!

On our drive home, I thought of all
the people, over the years,
 who have been to this beautiful place.
Movie Stars 
{real movie stars like Cary Grant!} 
who came to the opening 
for their newest hit in the 1940's.
Children in the 1930's who came on Saturdays
to watch the newest "Shirley Temple" movie.
The opera's, the Broadway plays,  
the "Rodgers & Hammerstein" musicals.
I think it is historic for more than just
the grand renovations.
Don't you?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

It was so nice to dress up!
And do my hair and makeup.
Be a girlie-girl for a night!
And have date-night with my guy :)
But, it's funny.
I was ready to return home to all the kids!
We left Zeke in charge, although Brutus campaigned
all day to be the baby-sitter!
{in your dreams, Jelly-belly klepto cat!}

As we rounded the curve on our little 
one-lane road, and could see the front porch light on,
J commented, "Well, the house is still standing!"
"That's because Brutus wasn't in charge!" I said.

Thanks for letting me share our evening with all of you.
Now I am resting up for my family to arrive!
And to celebrate the 89th birthday of Nana on Friday.
Just think, Nana was only 6 years old when 
the Tennessee Theatre was built!
That is a lot of incredible history 
she has witnessed in her life!

Have a lovely week, friends!


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a perfect night out for you two! and now, yes, rest for a big family visit! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Misha, I'm so happy for you two.. What a wonderful night you had... I love the Tennessee Theater... I'm so glad that they renovated it ---and people love going to it... That is awesome!!!!

Did they play the big theater organ for you while you were there?? I love that organ...

You looked gorgeous. So glad your Date Night turned out so fabulously.


allhorsestuff said...

Cool...too cool Misha!!
I may have heard the happy shrieking...remember a time back when I didn't know what it was I heard! It was your joyous outburst!

That historic theatre is amazing. Totally reminds me of Portland's lush Paramount theatre.
Bet that was hilarious to see.
Your locks were so beautiful!!! I've never seen it so shiny and curly...but, I do have the same kind of hair and any moisture does a number on it too.

Have a grand party for your Nana!

Donna said...

I am so glad you had wonderful night and it sounds so romantic! The theater is gorgeos.
Your hair is BEAUTIFUL ... why wouldn't you let us see you from the front too? LOL
I always say when I see the house when we come home "well the house is still standing" too! I wonder what really goes on around here when we are gone ...
Enjoy the rest of the week and tell you Nana "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for your friends!

Rural Revival said...

Your hair is beautiful! I just had to say that before I forgot. : )

Wow, what an amazing and beautiful theatre. So glamorous and ornate! I'd have a hard time paying attention to any performance with those surroundings!

Isn't it nice to get out to the city, just for a little, and then be able to come home to the peacefulness of the country! K-town looks pretty cool too. I'm looking forward to seeing it one day.

What a great score for J! This makes me happy you two!!

Now rest up, cause Nana needs you!!

Hugs sweet friend!

The White Farmhouse said...

Ok, this is officially on my list of "things to do" when we move! We are going to be in the Knoxville area too! Woohoo! It's a gorgeous place. It sounds like you guys had alot of fun too. You know I am on Team Jellybelly so I think he should of been in charge! Go Brutus! BTW - LOVE the hair!

Deb said...

What a gorgeous theatre and what a gorgeous head of hair you have. It is fun to dress up and go out on the town every once in awhile. I'm glad that you and J had a great time. Good thing you left Zeke in charge. I hate to think what might have happened at your house without him watching all the other youngsters:) Have fun this weekend with your family!!!!!

Town and Country Gals said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous "date night" and what a gorgeous theater! Having a history always makes a place more special! Your photos are amazing! Don't you just love it when we have a "good" hair day! It always feels so good to get back home after being away!

Samantha said...

That looks like a wonderful night!
SO glad you had a good time, Misha!

Lynne said...

Oh my, I am thrilled for you!

A date night, absolutely beautiful theater, next to "your best" and having a grand time and loving to come back home . . . it doesn't get much better.

In one word, I feel TINGLY to hear your joy.
Your hair is so, so pretty.

"Rest now my little one . . . " Much more fun soon . . .
Happy Birthday Nana . . .

Clint said...

We moved to Knoxville in may and I have not had the pleasure of experiencing the Tennessee Theater yet. Your beautiful pics remind me of the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta.

My mom is joining us here for Thanksgiving---she will be 89 the day after...we are blessed to have them with us still....

Joyce Ann said...

What a beautiful evening! So happy you and your hubby had such a lovely time. Your hair is gorgeous, can't believe you did it yourself. Your pictures make me feel like I am right there. So happy you are feeling well, so good to see that.

Karen said...

What a wonderful place!! WOW!!!... and your hair is absolutely beautiful, lucky girl. So glad you got out to have such a terrific evening with your guy.

Have a great family visit too!...

Jeni said...

That place is awesome isn't it! I've only seen pictures but have wanted to go as well.

So glad you and J enjoyed yourselves. Your hair is GORGEOUS!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

What a jaw dropping gorgeous theatre! I too would have paid just to sit there and gawk at all it's splendor, even if there was no play going on at the time. Almost more than you can take in. Thanks for sharing, I had no idea about this theatre.

SusieD said...

The theatre is gorgeous! Would love to visit someday. Love TN. Will be coming Nov. 30th for a week at the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. Can't wait. Your hair is absolutely beautiful.


Country Dreaming said...

Date nights are great. What a beautiful theatre! I love it when old theatres are restored back to their "Grandness."
Glad you two had fun!
Looks like Brutus did a fine job also. :)
Your hair was beautiful!

Looking forward to Nana's party!!


Saloma Furlong said...

What a change from your wonderful home with your animals. And if I had that wonderful head of hair, I would be vain, too!

I'm passing a blog award on to you. Please stop by and pick it up: aboutamish.blogspot.com


(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

What a night out!!! The craftsmanship and design work in the theatre are something to behold. I'd have felt like Cinderella at the ball!
Hope you have a lovely visit with the family!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

What an incredible night to be had for sure! Congratulations to you and your guy for winning those tickets-That theater....WOW! There's really no other way to describe it O.O

I'm glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself :)

Donna said...

How exciting to go to the Tennessee Theater! We went about 20 years ago to see a showing of To Kill a Mockingbird. The theater was grand then, but it looks like it's grander still now!

Flat Creek Farm said...

what a perfect evening.. in a gorgeous setting! And speaking of gorgeous.. how about that gorgeous hair of yours?! Wow! Thanks for sharing. I would have been giddy about such a glam evening out too!! -Tammy