17 November 2011

~Do You Dremel With Your Pups?~

In a home filled with a herd of felines
and three canines,
pet nail grooming is done by us!
I take care of all the kitties.
About every two weeks I clip all their nails.
That's a lot of nails to clip!
Because I always start clipping when they are young
enough to have it done,
these felines are used to it.
No fighting me.
No running off to hide.
Heck, I can trim Bo while he sleeps!
The only cat in our home who 
detests having his nails done is..
You guessed it!
And with those fat, furry feet,
{Yes, Auntie Andie~they are fat feet!}
it is hard to find his daggers in all that fluff!
So, J helps with Brutus.
He wraps him up in towel, like a burrito,
and with his two front fat feet sticking out,
I clip away!

If the Pet Police were outside our home,
they surly break down our door
to rescue this poor wailing cat
who can scream like a banshee!

After the clipping is completed,
Brutus will actually snivel a little,
like a child after a crying fit, act like he can't catch his breath!
With piercing eyes, he will stare us down.
And then he flips that fluffy tail up and walks off,
only to ignore us for the rest of the evening.
He becomes one pouty, fat boy!
Oh, the abuse of it all!

When it comes to the nail maintenance 
of the pups, that is J's domain.
A few years ago, my Uncle John gave us a Dremel tool,
for Canine nails!
And ever since, our pups have perfectly manicured nails :)

Zeke intently watches the whole process.
{Hey, dude. You missed a rough spot!}
Baby Girl looks away.
But, Sadie Louise?
She is a giggler.

To her it is all a game.
The buzzy noise and feeling on her nails
just makes her turn into Jello!
And with her jet-black nails it is so much
easier for J, rather than clipping them,
and perhaps hitting the edge of the vein he cannot see!
Eventually Sadie settles down and closes her eyes.
Ah, nothing like an evening at the pooch spa!

With a small herd of Felines as a captive audience!

Do you clip your own pup and kitty nails?
Or does a groomer do it for you?
Tell me!
'Cause this girl is always interested in how other
people care for their pets!

Sometimes I wish I was a pampered pet :)
Have a lovely day!

*I didn't get the $big bucks$ to write about Dremel.
We just love our Dremel tool!
Here is the link!


Twilight_fan_101 said...

We take the horse to the dog groomer to have her nails done. She has long quicks so we have to have it done quite often. If I let them go too long, she chews them! I have never had a dog chew her nails. I am always telling her to stop biting her nails though. Crazy dog.... Love that Brutus man!

The White Farmhouse said...

Ok, that was my comment. I wish the kids would leave my puter alone!!!!

Hartwood Roses said...

Cat nails are a cinch to clip. Everyone gets a mani/pedi every couple of weeks ... or whenever they happy dance on my leg and snag me with a claw. Dogs get dremeled. I bought the flexible shaft for my dremel, and now I can do nails like a pro. Emma would sit and take it, though she hated it. Daniel is freaky, so it takes two of us to do him ... one to operate the dremel, and one to pet him on the head and tell him what a good boy he is. If his nails need doing and I'm not feeling particularly patient, I take him to the PetsMart groomer and get them done. I think it's $11, and well worth the peace of mind.

Deb said...

The groomer has been doing Gus's when he will let them. I've been thinking about getting one of the doggie Dremels because the groomer charges like $7 to grind his nails. NUTS! Walmart sells the Dremel for $19 so it would pay for itself quick.

Gone Country said...

I didn't know Dremel made a tool like that for dogs! Probably because I don't have dogs but that is so cool!

All my kitties are declawed (when we lived in the city and they were indoors) except one and I trim his claws. He usually doesn't mind unless he's in a playful mood then there's no way it's happening! I don't clip the other kitties back claws. Should I? Do you clip the back claws too?

Cute pictures!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Misha, I love reading about all of your babies... Your captions are awesome ---and all of your babies are adorable ---including Brutus... ha ha

Good Luck with all of the 'grooming'...

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh gosh, my dogs are so squirmy that I can't even brush them very well. So they go to the groomer's for nails because that would be my nightmare.

By the way, calling the ASPCA right now for your cat:-)

Thanks for stopping by today.

TexWisGirl said...

i trim my own pups. only one i cannot do at all. even the vet couldn't do louise when he tried last time. she'd have to be knocked out...

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Love my multipurpose Dremel!! Yes, I use it for dog nails and lots of other things around the house. It's the greatest on those dark nails.... no more yelps from "quicking"

Donna said...

When we still had our pooch, Buddy, we used a ere el to trm his nails. Sad to say, he did not like any part of it. It got to be quite a tussle and both of us were required. He was a big, strong 100# dog, so he wore us out!

Donna said...

Sweet babies and they "live the life"! They are so fortunate to have such a loving home as yours and J's.
Our 2 kitties in the house do not have front claws and the back ones never get trimmed.
Honey our doggie doesn't mind having hers clipped either.

Lynne said...

Snickers was groomed today . . . toes too! I wonder how she would do if we would use the Dremel . . . I might give it a try.

Mary said...

It's so funny you brought this up. I just got my genuine Dremel last week. I've tried the clipping, Freddy he has a few black nails too, I have never hit the quick, but I didn't really trim much either. I bought the Pedi Paw, very noisy and Fred and I both didn't like that. I have taken him to the groomer, but I swear, I couldn't even tell if they even trimmed him. His nails have been too long for too long...So I finally got the Dremel. I love it. It's pretty quiet and it really does the job quickly. I am still trying to get his nails a little shorter each time. Fred is a pretty good sport about too. He just loves to be messed with though. Wow, this is longer than I had intended. (sorry) Brutus is really a beautiful kitty, he looks very soft to touch. I have never tried to trim my cat Buddy, he's pretty grouchy when it comes to things like that. I would end up pretty shredded I'm afraid.

Clint said...

They are precious.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I have clippers and used to do my dog's nails....most of them are all black. I was feeling very confident about it and she was good at letting me do it as long as I did it quickly. One day I cut one of the black ones too short and she yelped so loud....it made ME cry. Her nail didn't bleed, thank goodness. Ever since then I've been afraid to do them and so I take her to a groomer...$7 each time. I did buy one of those Pedi Paws but it didn't work at all....waste of money. I may, however, check the Dremel out. Thanks for the info! xo

Bianca said...

Hello Misha.
By accident I visited your blog. And what a fest of recognition I had.
I'm a big cat-lover and I have Fibromyalgia to. I don't talk about is much on my blog, afraid to be seen as a complaner, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one. Offcourse I knew this, but in my part of the world (the netherlands) it's "not done" to talk about personal pains and sorrows.....

But, also love to read about your part of the world, for we are planning our next vacation to go there. Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana.... the deep south. When we will be going we don't know yet, but hopefully within a year or 2. Saving money does not go as fast as I would like ;-)))

I will be back here again, love your stories about your live and animals. So, 'till next time!!
love, Bianca
"Quilts, Cats and Automobiles"

Linda@VS said...

I just discovered your blog today and enjoyed my visit here. The timing was an interesting coincidence, because I posted just yesterday about trying to learn how to groom my Goldendoodle. My post was focused on haircuts rather than nails, but nails are also an issue, so I'm glad to know about the Dremel. Thanks for the info, Misha.

Jeni said...

Yes I dremel! I also suggest it to all my doggie friends. It's so much easier, and faster, not to mention less stress on the dogs nails. Clippers crush the nail when it cuts often causing undo pressure/pain.

When I had indoor cats I would put nail caps on their claws. I've also done it with dogs when staying with a friend who had hardwood floors.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Hehe! Oh goodness, look at all those fur babies xD

I can't imagine clipping our dog's nails-He's such a big BABY when it comes to getting that done that we just have to take him in to get it done O.o

Karen said...

I do my own dogs.. the horses need the farrier, although for what it costs, I wish I could do them myself :-)

Mary Ann said...

We have one dog we can do, and two squirmy ones we can't! The two big dogs wear theirs down, thank heavens!

Amish Stories said...

Id like to wish everyone whose blog that i visit a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family's, and thank you for being a reader to mine. Richard from Amish Stories.

Rural Revival said...

FLUFFY is not fat. : )

Who loves you Brutus? Auntie Andie, that's who!

I trim Ember's and Whisker's nails while the Artist looks after Callie. Callie's is done with a dremel tool too and she is a very good girl. She stands there holding each paw up when it's time without being told. The cats...not so much but they always get a treat when they're done.


PS. One goat will be reserved for Aunt Misha. : )
PPS. You'd think now that she is retired the Stalker would have time for a blog but she's 'so busy' now that she's home all day. Even though I warned her, as retirement drew near, that she was not, under any circumstance, complain how busy retirement was. At least not until I'm retired too. Ha!

Amish Stories said...

Do those dogs and cats get along with each other?. Richard