08 November 2011

~Comical Critters~ Caption This

"Thanks for bringing home your extra nuts, Son!"

"OK, OK! So your tongue is bigger than mine!"

"Human's are really goofy lookin', aren't they?"

{Our cat's love to check out Zeke's mouth!}

You come up with the caption for this one!!
{Or any of them!!}
I am looking forward to reading them :)
Tonight is our fun event!
Just me and J.
A real date!
I am so excited, I am just bursting.
{Can you tell I don't get out much anymore!}

Have a fab Tuesday!


The White Farmhouse said...

"Hmmmm....I seem to have a bit of something stuck in my teeth!" or "Honest Mom, I don't know how the cat got into my mouth!" Silly little critters!

Gail said...

Smelling the milk, kitty was having trouble locating the bottle.

Amish Stories said...

love those images, very cute!. Richard

Clint said...

"I know I left my purse around here somewhere......."

Deb said...

"You need two fillings and a root canal. That will be $5000".

Cute pictures! A date night? Can't wait to hear where you go. Hillbilly and I went dancing a couple of weeks ago and we had a ball. It was a birthday party for his Mom. We plan on going back again without the family. We hadn't been out like that in years and had forgotten how fun it could be. I hope you and J have as much fun as we did.

Samantha said...

Date nights are the best (even when we stay home and order in!)..enjoy it! :D

Jeanette said...

Have fun on your date night!

Lynne said...

You and J have a fabulous fun evening together! I can't wait to hear all about it!

TexWisGirl said...

awww. have a great time!!!

(p.s. your comment box intro still says happy september!) :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, Cute post. I hope you all have a wonderful Date Night... You deserve it!!!!

"Got any Colgate??... I'm in here trying to brush Zeke's teeth."


Donna said...

You made me smile :) Cute pics! Zeke is just the sweetest thing ever and so gentle with the little munchkins!
Have a fun date night!

(I sent you my info)

Donna said...

Who needs dental floss when you got me!

Curtains In My Tree said...

those pictures are "real Love"

I just loved seeing them sort of calmed me down a bit

Mary said...

"My, what big teeth you have Grandma."