23 October 2011

~Tell Me Sunday~

I used to be the girl the devil
heard early footsteps from!
No more..
Now I slog my way through the a.m.!

I hope you have fun with this!
I did :)
I wrote out a bunch of questions,
numbered them,
 and then chose random numbers
to get the questions for today!
*you can copy and paste the above questions into
your comment if you want!

Happy Day to All!


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning Misha!
Oh goodness ..such as they are...here are my answers to your questions.

1) I'm in a great mood. We went to the Flea Market and the plan was to meet up with a fellow blogger for the first time but unfortunately we never could find each other in the crowd! I did find some treasures though ;)
2) I'm a morning girl...I don't sleep in...I like to get up while it's still dark out. And I'm usually smiling.
3)Yes I believe in Angels. I have no doubt.
4) If I could fly anywhere other than visiting my kids up in Canada it would be to England to see my sister.
5) I'm trying to make peace with myself. We all have regrets and I'm trying to make peace with myself over those past mistakes. I think I'm getting there.

I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one Misha!
Maura :)

Mitzi said...

I have a hard time getting going in the morning. Don't have a lot of ambition till after lunch.
I'd fly to visit family in North Carolina and Idaho.
Yes, there are angels among us.
Trying to make peach with growing older. My mind is young, but my body is showing my age.
However, Life is Good and I am grateful for it all.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

1. My mood is good as it is most days.
2. I am a morning person but I like a little quiet time with my coffee.
3. Yes, I believe in Angels.
4. I would probably go see my sister in Virginia.
5. No, nothing I can think of. I rather like myself and my choices.

Beth said...

1.my mood today is pretty calm & quiet. luv fall days like this ...

2.i use to be a great morning person, but as i have gotten older it takes a while to wake up & feel like moving. kind of in a zone for a bit & then i'm more awake.

3. i do believe in angels. thankful they are around us all.

4.flying... wow... i would go any where. seriously, i love to travel. out west. ca, texas, washington, utah, new mexico, australia, england, paris, germany, alaska, hawaii,& on & on.

5.peace: as i've gotten older i'm more impatient, no clue why but i am. lots of things. i'm truly a work in progress for sure. i'll get there when i need to, in God's time. (:

TexWisGirl said...

i do believe in angels, and i have been asking them for help today with a situation i need some peace with. how's that for combining several answers into one...

Karen said...

I am grateful today...

I am a morning girl.. usually 5am! best part of the day.

I'm not sure what I believe, but I have an open mind....

I'd love to fly to the island of St. John, USVI with my family and spend another glorious week at the Villa we stayed at several years ago. I have never seen such natural beauty...and Iguanas living in the trees all around us!

Peace of mind.

Gail said...
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Gail said...

I am and always have been a morning person...in bed by nine. There something about the early morning before the whole world wakes up that is very soothing to me.

My mood is discouraged. I seem to be the only member in my household that can see the things to be done, but that's a personal promblem and I will over come it.

I believe in angels and hope I have several quardian angels watching over me. There are other angels I meet every day.

I would like to fly to Ireland. Who knows why, I have always been drawn to the beauty of the country.

I am trying to convince myself, I can't help everyone before I help myself.

Gail said...

I didn't say anything bad, I just pushed the comment button twice...sorry!

Jeni said...

1. My mood is pretty awesome today! Woke up in a good mood, played with my ponies, came home and made dinner with my husband. Good!

2. I am NOT a morning person. It is advisable to not talk to me before coffee.

3. Yes, I believe in Angels.

4. If I could fly anywhere today... hmm... Alaska

5. I'm not sure about this one. I try very hard daily to be sure that I always do the right thing. I guess what I struggle with the most is the lack of time I had with my parents. I sure wish I could have my moms advice on some things.

Donna said...

1. Pretty good!
2. Sleepy...
3. Of course!
4. Ireland. Wait... Maybe New Zealand. Nah, Australia. Hold the phone, how about Arizona. Oh heck, I can't make up my mind!
5. All my aches and pains...

Lynne said...

This looks like fun Misha,
1) I enjoy the morning however now that I am not working the pace I once did I can live out my "putz" name and get up, put on my comfy walking clothes, walk Snickers, start my day, "putz" some more and take my shower when I want to instead of "have to."
2) I would say my mood in the morning is pretty much like most of the day, happy.
3) I have experienced "real life angels" time and time again.
4) Without a doubt, IRELAND . . . fly into Dublin, drive to Belfast, follow the coast West down to the far southwest, to Bantry . . . We just found some good Air Lingus rates, should we take off?
5) Making peace with something, yes there is . . .
Love, Lynne

Deb said...

I'm glad to hear your mood is good today. Let's see...

1. my mood is light hearted today.
2. The devil used to be scared of me in the morning but I'm a little slower to get wound up these days.
3. Yes
4. Maui
5. Yes, always...

Country Dreaming said...

1--Pretty good mood--beautiful weather hellps.
2-During the week-Hit the floor running and on the weekend a little slower.


Laura said...

My day is nearly done but:
I was in a very good mood today.
I used to be a morning person, but I've adapted more to my husband's ways. We like to ease into morning. :-)
I most definitely believe in angels!
Hmmm...my kids live close, so I would love to fly to northern California. I've always wanted to go there.
I'm trying to make peace with accepting myself...

Samantha said...

A new day, but the questions apply ;)

1. I'm in a fairly good mood, even with a rude awakening.

2. Usually very productive for the first few hours, then I start to slow down until noon.

3. I do!

4. Somewhere balmy and sunny so I could walk on the beach and check out tide pools.

5. A LOT. Tons. Heaps. Buckets!

Clint said...

1. Good...relaxed.

2. I'm a morning person---I get almost everythg done before noon.

3. Definitely, but we have to be aware and look for them.

4. I'd like to fly to the Pacific Northwest and spend several weeks just exploring.

5. Always trying to make peace with fears.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hi Misha - I don't know how you feel, physically, but I do know how you feel about "new normal" and "new limitations". When Dave got cancer, the medicos told us to expect "new normals"; iow, things would never be the same and to be ready for things to change...monthly, weekly, daily and, sometimes, minute by minute. Every day is a new day and some days just plain stink! I tell people, "Dave has cancer and I have everything else" and it's true. My body hurts and my legs ache, just about all the time, from trying to get done what needs to get done and I've stopped everything that doesn't have to do with Dave or my family. Every now and again, I'll do something fun for me but that's rare; my entire life centers around Dave and his needs. "For better or worse..." and I honor my vows because I love my husband.
Some people don't understand; that's okay, they get dropped by the wayside as I don't have energy nor strength to carry them too.
So, do what you are able to do and let the rest drop by the wayside. Some days, if you're able to sit in the sunshine and enjoy that time, that NOW...do it. All you have to answer for and to is J and he loves you, "for better or for worse".
Trust me, that's usually enough to get me through the day...knowing a good man loves me; that and God loves me so what else is there? Nothing much that matters.
love and prayers, S.

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

My mood..... motivated to get some decisions made.

Oh I'm definitely NOT a morning person

Yep.... angel believer here.

I'd love to fly to Scotland.

I probably should be trying to make peace with something, but you know I think that I'm happy blundering along!

Rural Revival said...

1) I just woke up so I'm good..I get to enjoy another day! : )

2) Slowly, through these working years and now commuting I am becoming a morning person. I enjoy the quiet and stillness of the early morning, and love being up before the dawn. I am slow to move though and I don't like to talk. Quiet is what I am in the morning.

3. Darn right I do! Have you ever read the Veritas Conflict by Shaunti Feldhahn? Loved this book.

4. Heaven...just for a visit.

5. Trying to make peace with loss and how much I miss those who I love but can no longer be with.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

1. I'm in a sentimental mood today! My sister had her birthday party several states away and I missed it!

2. Once I wake up...I'm happy! I love mornings...not too early though!

3. ABSOLUTELY! I have it in a quote on my blog!

4. Italy...of course!

5. Yes..but I'm getting better!

Thanks! This was fun! ♥

Roeann/Lucy/whatever said...

1. Eh...........

2. I wake up very early

3. Well I'd like to have some evidence of them

4. Anywhere out of Mesa AZ

5. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.