06 October 2011

Oh, Annie!


Little Miss Annie gave J a 
run for his money on Monday!
First thing in the morning,
and a first for any of the horses,
Annie got loose!
Not a good thing.
It was if she planned the whole idea
in her itty bitty brain.
Thought out.
And she didn't just run loose around the barn,
she made a beeline down the long gravel drive,
kicking up rocks and dust.
And J?
He was right behind her
very fast, four-legged equine body.
Those four legs?
They go really, really fast!
And J?
well he only has two legs.
{you knew that, right?}

And Annie galloped.
Right down to the second gate,
which secures the barn and paddocks.
Only the gate was open.
It is never closed.
Because none of them ever want to escape!

Except Annie.

She came to halt right past the gate.
Just stopped.
And looked around.
As if she had seen enough.
As if she met her goal for the day.
And then J clipped her lead line on
and they both huffed and puffed their way 
back to her paddock.
J smirked.
{and said a bad word}
Annie grinned.

Oh, Annie. 


In the barn early to feed.
Everyone is always excited!
But, no one is more excited than Annie.
She spins in her stall.
She hollers with glee. 

And to make feeding time much easier,
each horse has a "feed bag".
With the specific food they eat,
vitamins, and any meds they get.
You just grab, "Tuesdays feed bags"
and off you go!
No making the horseys wait while you calculate rations.
Open the "zip-lock" and dump the bag into the feeder.
Quick and easy.

But, not quite quick enough for Annie!

I do believe the bite out of the feed bag should
have been an indication of things to come.
After turning out the horses, 
J watched for a while just to see how
amped up Annie was.
{These cool, brisk mornings get a horsey all fired up!}
She meandered around for awhile.
She grazed.
She came over to the fence for a few kisses.
And then, J went back into the barn.

And then he heard Annie take off like wild fire!
He peaked out a stall window.
Annie was flying around, kicking up her heels.
Screaming with horsey glee!
He called me at the house so he could 
hold the cell phone out the barn window
and I could listen to her!
In the midst of her happy wails,
I heard a 
And then I heard J say a really bad word....

Good Golly Miss Molly!
She took out the whole section of fence!
It was like the 
Leaning Tower of Paddock Fence..
And Annie was proud.

Annie is her own little parade.
Her own little circus all wrapped up in a theme park!
She is sweet and loving.
She adores kissing and sniffing us all over.
She is smart.
Maybe a little too smart for her own good.

Two years ago we were impatiently
waiting for her arrival.
When she was born,
she stood within an hour and nursed on her own.
Needing no help from us.
On her second day of being outside,
along with Mama,
she ran circles around her!
That is our Annie.
I cannot believe two years have passed 
since she was born.
Can you?
If her first two years have been filled 
with this much excitement...
I wonder what the 
Terrible Twos will bring! 
The one thing I do know~
we will be muttering this line much more,

Oh, Annie!

~Because where Angels go, trouble follows~

If you would like to read about the day
our angel {!} Annie
was born or re-visit what she looked like
as a newborn babe
just click below!
Blessed are the Broodmares! We have a Filly!

p.s. for all of you "horsey people" wondering about 
the piece of plastic Annie ingested~
it made an appearance.
All is well in the gut of Annie :) 

p.p.s. Are you wondering what the weekend will bring?
So am I!


Jeanette said...

Oh Annie! She's a little stinker but a sweet little stinker! I love the picture of her kissing her back hoof! Too cute!!

Karen said...

LOL... makes me glad my guys are 12, 13 and 14. I am too old for the youngsters antics :-)

Andrea said...

Oh my..lose horse! I am scared to ask about Wednesday!

Hugs and prayers,

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh my goodness isn't she a pistol! I could send my 4 year old to you, maybe the two of them would wear each other out! It really has been 2 years?! Wow, seems just like last year! She sure has turned into a beauty. How could you stay mad at that sweet face? Nice to know she is doing so well after her illness. I have thought of her often and wondered how she is. I just love this post!

Samantha said...

I dunno, Misha..I think you and J might to start wearing helmets! A fence? Pfft. Her next goal is the barn!
(Maybe get a helmet for Annie, too!)

AutumnSkyRanch said...

Oh Lordy. I raised 12 foals, the last one is now 3, and while I loved the amazing experience, I'm just a little too old for it anymore. I hope she doesn't hurt herself, little stinker.

Rural Revival said...

Oh Andalucia!!! What ever will we do with you??!!! I guess we'll just have to love you. More and more. I didn't think it was possible but after this post, it is. : )

And kissing your heels before destruction reins? Cheeky monkey!

~Aunt Andie

TexWisGirl said...

Good thing she's beautiful! what a sprite!

Deb said...

Oh Annie! Aren't you the mischevious one? Such a pretty girl though. I'm almost scared to ask what happened today. It's good to see an Annie post.

Laura said...

Oh Annie just wants to make sure she keeps you and J on your toes. At all times. She's a stinker! But we all love her!! ♥

Country Dreaming said...

I was sooooo excited to see this post. I have been weondering how the little lady has been and now I know! Oh Annie!
What a great post.


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Ornery kid! Wassa matta wit her? LOL Should have named her Miss Behavin!

Mitzi said...

Annie is such a beautiful horse. I wish she lived next door to me-I'd be hanging on that fence all day watching her antics. Your surrounding countryside looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. Marlnerskine@yahoo.com

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, I feel as if I know Annie since I have followed her since her birth... Cannot believe that she is going through those terrible twos now. In fact, it doesn't seem like it's been two years.

Crazy horsie!!!!! She does keep you (and your hubby) hopping, doesn't she???

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OH oh...I think this is just a taste of what's to come Misha. Life is never dull with little Miss Annie around! I hope she was a good girl today.
Maura :)

pilgrimscottage said...

Sounds like J is getting his exercise. I'd say, Annie has got personality. What a gal!

Hartwood Roses said...

You have no idea how much I needed an Annie story today. Please give her a kiss on her bad little head from me.

Elle Bee said...

OH ANNIE!! How i love her and all her antics!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh Annie indeed! Poor J! Sorry J, this just makes me ♥ Annie all the more ;) What a rebel! She and our Goldie pup should get together.. oh the trouble they could stir up ;) Hugs to you, Misha, and all your critter crew from all of us...

rosedel said...

Oh Misha this would be a great book for little kids. They love reading about other creatures who are naughty. The "Oh Annie" would be a good title and refrain through the book. And real photos. Oh my it could be wonderful.

Donna said...

Annie is a hoot! She has been a busy and mischievous girl. Give her a big ole hug for me.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Don't you just love their spirit and their antics, when you can keep up them? :-)

Oz Girl said...

Oh Misha, there is just NO WAY that Annie is two already. It just doesn't seem possible!! I remember waiting, waiting, and WAITING for her to be born!!!

I love, love, love your post. Your photos and the captions you embed in them are uproariously funny. Your blog has grown so much, and in so many beautiful ways, since you first started blogging. :-)


(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Aren't horses just the darnedest animals!! They can be SOOOO smart but they are so dependent on us to take care of them! She's a real beauty!!

Gail said...

Ah, spirited and full of promise.

Donna said...

What a little character she is! If you look up "spunk" in the dictionary, you'll see her picture, LOL!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cute post, Misha. I have never used feed bags, I use hard plastic mangers when needed. Our horses are turned out 24/7 but have run-in shelter when they want/need.