26 October 2011

~A Morning with Annie and Her Family~

Our weather here in east Tennessee has
turned glorious!
Fog filled mornings across the mountains,
make for beautiful scenery!
Gorgeous sunny days.
Perfect weather for horses and humans alike!
{And every other critter!}

Each morning the sun arrives and burns through the fog.
Everything is still asleep.
Including the horsey clan.
Until the barn doors are opened that is!
Then the equine chatter begins.
Well, Annie doesn't chat. She squeals. 
Still squeals that baby squeal. And Loudly.
Such excitement over a morning meal :)

Cadence is always fed first.
He takes his time eating these days.
Old teeth can make for a long meal.
And with the extra vitamins and minerals he gets in his feed,
 that can make for a breakfast
that doesn't quite smell as enticing as it should!
You know the smell that vitamins can have?
Um, yeah...Mr Handsome hates that smell!

So Cadence has the privilege of 
getting molasses drizzled all over his feed!

   And you know what?
He is such a picky eater connoisseur of molasses,
he will only eat 
Brer Rabbit! 
{we have tried to substitute. no way. unacceptable!}

I just adore how Cadence has such a noble palette.
And sometimes I envision him sitting in a
throne-like chair by his stall window,
reading Dickens in the evening moonlight...
{yeah, i know. J rolls his eyes at me, too}

By this time,
Annie and the girls have woofed down
their breakfast!

The last bits of breakfast straw are slurped
like spaghetti.
And then they each make there way to the auto-waterers 
with everyone getting a big drink 
to wash down the morning meal! 

A peaceful time in the barn.
Chomp, chomp,
slurp, slurp.
The sound of the bedding under their feet
as they finish eating the last strands of hay,
foraging with wet, drippy muzzles.

And then the gentle peace that had settled over the barn,
flies out the window!
With a very loud call from
Little Miss Annie.
Who wants everyone to know...
"I am ready to go out and Play!"

And with that little bit of 
hell-raising from Annie~
Cadence, Allure, Allegra, and Miss D
all chime in!
And with the consensus of the barn family
saying they ready to take on the day,
Halters are on,
along with fly masks~
because on these gorgeous, warm days
those pesky flies are enjoying Autumn too!

One last bale waits to be taken away.
Over the Winter, all the bales will feed a field of 
of Jersey Cows!.
Whose milk will end up in our fridge!
No worries about the horses ever
snacking on the cattle hay.
It just does not taste as yummy to them 
as their hay!
But, they are fun to play with 
as Annie demonstrates each season!
I just cannot believe this  
this sweet guy will be turning 32
in a few months!
Blessed he is with good health!
{and I "knock on wood" and say a little prayer}

Allure is climbing up there, too.
Heading into her late 20's!
This gal has many health issues.
Dealt with each day through equine meds,
holistic ways, and the humans paying 
good attention to her every issue.
But, none of that stops her.
She is the 
Barn Boss Mare.
And her clan respects her for that!

Allegra has been very Princessy lately!
{it may not be a real word, but it fits her}
She adores her quality time with time J,
and always makes it known that 
I am not welcome!
Maybe she thinks I am the 
That imaginary tiara is stuck on her head.
Proudly set between her two ears!

And Miss D?
Always, always keeping her daughter,
Little Miss Annie
from getting too big for britches :)

So here we are.
Just two days away from the second 
birthday of Annie.
Time flies, doesn't it?
I have been reflecting a lot these past couple
of weeks.
Getting ready to write about all those
thoughts and feelings about how 
a little foal came into my life
when I was least expecting it.
And although Annie will never read my words,
she knows just how I feel
with every hug.
I know her heart, too.
When she sniffs and licks me,
and puts her muzzle to my ear,
I know.

I hope all of you know just how much 
I appreciate your visits.
I truly do.
On my ~rainy days~ 
it is good to have friends
who understand.

~Wonderful day to all you~

Ever wonder where the saying,
"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" came from?

If you would like to read this post
about when the dentist came to visit,
Just Click Here!
It explains all about horse teeth,
and shows the procedures our vet 
used on their last dental appointment!!
It's a fun and very interesting read :)
And it will make you pretty darn grateful
about your own trips to the dentist. Ha!


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Beautiful photos. The colors are gorgeous right now. I can imagine the horses think they live in Heaven.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, I so enjoyed this post. You gave me my smiles for the day. Thank you!! :) Cannot believe sweet Annie will be 2 soon. Love all your sweet equines! Bless dear Cadence and the others w/ a whole lot more great years. They are so blessed to have you and J! Beautiful photos.. love the header too! Hugs, Tammy & Co

Karen said...

I had no idea Cadence was in his thirties!!!!... he looks terrific!!.. How did you come to own a stallion, by the way? Just wondering.

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh, you are making June seem so far away! I can't wait to enjoy the Tennessee weather! Beautiful pics of the horses. I can't believe Annie is almost 2. Seems just like yesterday. Do you still have the little "love notes" written in the bottom of her feeder?

Beth said...

wow, going to the dentist just like us humans. that is amazing. thanks for sharing. i did learn a thing or two. cute. but, please no tests, ha. ha. (:

Deb said...

I always love your fog photos. It's just so darn peaceful and beautiful. That Cadence is so funny. The only thing that you left out is the pipe in his mouth as he reads his Dickens novel.

I can't believe that Annie will already be two. Time flies doesn't it? I have certainly enjoyed getting to know you over the last two years or more.

Talk to you soon. Deb

TexWisGirl said...

i loved this happy walk-thru the morning sights, sounds and smells of your day! until that annie starts yelling, at least! :)

Mitzi said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You live in such a beautiful area. Your photos were wonderful today. And what can I say about your horses. They are amazingly beautiful. How lucky they are to be cared for by you and your family.

Lynne said...

Your foggy morning photos are really beautiful Misha! I enjoyed this post, and learning about your family of horses. I can tell they are loved by you and J. What beautiful sites/vistas you have from your "front porch!"

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Misha!
What a wonderful post and I LOVE the pictures of your beautiful farm. Those tree's are gorgeous and your rolling hills...I really miss hills and mountains sometimes. I saw your post on floating 'the girls' teeth before...I found that VERY interesting. It's hard to believe that Annie will be 2 on Friday...time sure flies doesn't it. Enjoy your beautiful weather and your lovely scenery.
Maura :)

pilgrimscottage said...

A beautiful place and beautiful horses to wake up to. So nice.

Gail said...

Fantastic post...I feel as if I have personally met each of your wonderful horses today.

Anke said...

Your pictures are amazing! Your horses are gorgeous!

Jeanette said...

Wonderful post! It made my morning! I can't believe Annie is two already! She's a little stinker but I always thought the terrible three's was worse than two so she's got lots of tricks up her sleeve for you yet! Have a wonderful weekend!

Campbell Kids said...

32?! Wow! I had no idea horses lived to such a ripe old age! Great post and beautiful photos. The scene actually looked a lot like the view from my Oregon mountainside...


Donna said...

Be still my heart! Those photos of the ET foggy mornings are drop-dead gorgeous! I'm give you a photographer's high-five here!!!

Hard to believe how time has flown by. I remember when you posted about Annie's birth. Wow, 2 years already!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

I know about horses being picky.... just the right hay (the most expensive!), certain grain, NO medicines etc....
But holy moley! A certain type of molasses!! He's taking it to the highest level isn't he?!
If he were human, he might be a wine snob! ;)

Donna said...

I love hearing about Annie's family and seeing all the pics! I didn't know horses could live to be in their 30's. I learn something new everyday!
I remember our horses and how they would only eat "good" hay! So picky!! Hey but I don't blame them!
Loved all the pics! I was going to ask you if the leaves were at peak. We were thinking about heading to the mountains in a couple of weeks but it will be too late to see the peak.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dickens is nice -smile-. Today, we're anticipating the storm coming from Chicago along with snow, etc. It's a good day for staying in but I have errands to do in town; will be thinking of you and praying for you as you sit warm and toasty by the wood stove.

Ann On and On... said...

All your lovely photos have me missing some of the beauty of fall.
I'm always so relaxed after reading your posts. The way you talk about the farm has me placed in a rocking chair on your porch watching it all happen. If only....

Sharon Creech said...

Stunning photos - wow!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Look at those beautiful, beautiful horseys! You just can't help but be stunned by their beauty :)

And might I just add, WOW to all your photos! You are quite lucky to get to wake up to THAT everyday ^.^

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Misha, I just have to tell you, I loved this post, and all the beautiful photos, and I also LOVE the new header! So beautiful! Is that where you live? GORGEOUS!

Debi@7Gates said...

Misha, I love the way the morning fog looks out on rolling hills and low pastures too. It just seems everything is at peace in our world. You're horses are so well into good age because I'm sure you take such good care of them. Those are really pretty pictures of your 4-legged family.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your photos are all just gorgeous! I live in the Asheville area and we love it here! You must be close by! ♥

Rural Revival said...

Oh how I love this post Misha. I love this family of yours so much and as much as I can not wait to meet Annie and the gang, I think I may have a special place in my heart for Cadence. I always like the older guys. ; ) Ha! I would love to sit and read Dickens with him.

PS. LOVE the header, absolutely stunning!!!

Mary said...

After reading about the moring feeding time, all I had to do was close my eyes and I could almost smell and hear all those lovely things you described hmmmm, Very nice. Your farm sounds like a little heaven on earth. I am so happy I have found your blog!