20 September 2011

~There is no place like home~

 It has been two years since we had a kitten in the house!
Of course, we had the pleasure of Molly's gremlins  kittens
for a short 8 weeks.
And when Hercules didn't get to go to his 
*Forever Home*
secretly....I was alright with that!

And then one night, right after the kittens all went home,
a little brother and sister showed up 
around 10pm.
They have a story all their own.
Soon, I will write that.
Hilarious and scary all rolled into
 one black and white package!
Mickey and Sissy
are their names.
About five months old.
And I do believe
 Hercules shouted "Hallelujah"
when they arrived!
One kitten can make plenty
of merriment on his own.
But, three?
All the more merry, wouldn't you say!

Each night they sleep on a blanket,
right between J and I.
Three purring kittens is a joyful chorus!
Knowing they are loved, fed, safe, and healthy
must put their little kitty minds at ease!
It sure does mine :)
Once in an a while,
I swear I catch Mickey and Sissy
grinning at one another.
And doing the 
*Happy Dance*
while chanting,
*There is no place like Home*

 And Miss Molly makes sure that Hercules
knows he is still her baby.
When she cannot find him,
she chats and chats and chats,
and frets and frets and frets,
until she finds him!
She bathes him about a million times a day.
So do the other cats!
I am shocked he still has fur on his little body :)

We are all so happy for cooler days.
The windows are open...
And there is always a kitty laying in each one.

The front door is open to the screened-in porch,
letting four-leggers wander in and out.
The outdoor felines are no longer hiding under
the old smokehouse, where the dirt is cool,
on 100 degree days.
Under the trees and the sweet Fall breeze that is
beginning to blow in,
they each stake a place in the yard or the steps
to our home,
and snooze out in the open.

And even though I don't leave this place
very often anymore,
I get to be a part of their sweet canine and feline lives.
And view joy through the little things that
make their worlds go 'round!

While the pups squirrel-watch from the back deck,
 Idgie bird-watches from the front steps,
and Bo and Brutus each perch in a window,
watching the leaves blow across the yard.

And three little kittens 
*high five* each other
before drifting off to dreamland...
with visions of bowls always filled with 
crunchy salmon flavored pieces, treats, 
fresh water in big bowls,
a ridiculous amount of feline toys,
and warm laps to cuddle in whenever they want.
It is no dream.
They each get to wake up to this.
Grinning from whisker to whisker...
Because they have a home.

And somewhere in the distance 
Annie bellows and streaks across the pasture.
All because it is 
carrot time!

There is no place like home.... 


Thanks so much to our local
PPAWS organization.
Without them we would not be able
to help each critter who comes our way.
Because of them,
vaccinations, neutering and spaying 
are done at no cost for our 
sweet rescue kids!!
Kudos to PPAWS for helping
to make the animal kingdom
a healthy place for all!
{PPAWs is 501c3  non-profit organization
providing care for animals in 
Monroe, Loudon, and Blount counties.
They exist on federal and local grant funding,
along with help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
They also except private donations that are tax deductible.}

Do you have a local organization
that could use your help?
Anything from 
to bedding, towels, food,
copy paper, leashes, collars, toys,

Your local shelter needs your help!
Or consider a monetary donation,
in someones name, 
who is an animal lover and advocate!
for a birthday or Christmas gift!
Everything counts towards helping 
animals waiting for a
*Forever Home*!


TexWisGirl said...

what a sweet post! God bless your lucky little kittens that found your home just when your old kitties had moved on... :)

Lynne said...

What a treat to see this delightful post. Miss Molly lays it all out there doesn't she?
The Entertainers!

Donna said...

I have been sick for two days and been "blah"! This post brought a smile to my face finally!
I thought no one could love their "babies" as much as I love mine but I have met my match :)

Gail said...

Fantastic post...thanks for helping.

Rural Revival said...

Good Golly Miss Molly...show a little decorum for all of blogland! : )

And I can not believe you did your thing again, (I know you did!) and it worked, yet again. I was just thinking to myself last night how much more I love having two cats in the house. There's more lovin' to give! Now, I just need to figure out how you do your thing because the Artist won't agree to any more but if they showed up at the door..... ; )

I can just picture everyone lazing about enjoying a beautiful fall day. Sure wish I could find my own little spot and snooze along with them, after giving Miss Annie her carrots, of course.

And I just love that pic of Hercules and his mama. Sweetness times a million.


Deb said...

It's amazing how they find their way to you. I think the word is out about how wonderful life is at your house.

Sounds like a purrfectly wonderful day at your place. Miss Mollie and baby Hercules are adorable together.

Karen said...

Those cats are so lucky to have you and Jay, Misha. What a wonderful thing you do, there on your front porch in the mountains.

Donna said...

What a wonderful post! I can tell that your fur babies bring you such joy!

Lucy aka Roeann said...

What a lot of Cuties! I love the whole post. I'd volunteer at animal shelters but I cannot handle the abuse cases that I'd run into doing that. It just sends me to the depths of sadness. I don't deal well at all with it. :(

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What a wonderful post Misha...those kittens are adorable and great entertainment. I love that toy you have for them...I bet Henry would love something like that to play with. Lizzy and Olly have accepted him so the 3 of them play and sleep on the porch together during the day. Lizzy and Olly like being outside but Henry runs for the house when he feels like coming inside. He's got the best of both worlds! Give all the critters a scritch for me ok ;) Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Maura :)

Clint said...

Good golly, Miss Molly!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Oh they are cute! They would make me sneeze but they are cute.
I'm sure they are soooo happy to be in your home!


Hartwood Roses said...

Your kitties make me smile. :)