23 September 2011

~Pondering Life~

I hope each and every one of you 
have a fabulous day!
And remember~
Choose Joy!

*Zeke was paid in pup cookies 
to be the model for this post.

Good news!
The post I wrote earlier in the week,
On Being Real and Saying Goodbye
is being highlighted this morning
on BlogHer!
I cannot begin tell you how thrilled I am!
It is two-fold for me.
Being able to write about my days with chronic illness
in safe environment among friends is priceless.
And that I was able to spread the 
Joy of Sara,
and what she means to me and so many others!

I would so appreciate it so very much
if you would click over to the link and support me
in this new venture!
If you feel so inclined a comment would be very appreciated :)
Because of BlogHer spotlighting my post,
there may be someone out there today
experiencing grief,
in the many forms in comes.
Someone who needs to know they are not alone.

Here is the link to
My post on BlogHer

It went live at 10:45 am
It will also be on the Facebook page of BlogHer,
and they will be tweeting the link.
Oh, how I appreciate the friends
I have made here!
You make my days so very blessed...
Thank you :)


The White Farmhouse said...

Cute post Misha! Need to get some Annie love going here! I miss seeing her adorable face. And Brutus! Definitely NEED MORE BRUTUS!

Lynne said...

Love that JOY you just sent my way . . .

Jeanette said...

Very cute! I hope you have a wonderful, feeling good weekend!

Clint said...

I love your dog!

TexWisGirl said...

too cute! sweet baby!

Joyce Ann said...

Seeing those pictures just gave my day the best start.
Thanks so much.

Snappy Di said...

Oh, we have a lot of 'letting it all hang out' around this house! HA.... Hope you are having an UP kind of day, Misha! Smooches.

Donna said...

Congrats!!! I am going to visit now!
Adorable post as always!

Rural Revival said...

This absolutely, 100 per cent makes my DAY!!! Yippee!!!!

You rock!

: )


Amy said...

Hello dear Misha, congratulations with your post being posted on BlogHer, that is wonderful!!! I am so happy that even more people will be touched by your words of hope in the face of such difficulties.

I absolutely adore your model in this post- what a handsome fella and you think of everything with that blurred out underside photo- I would probably have just showed the whole wonderful natural side of things without blur...hahahaha....

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend- hugs from Norway :-)

Campbell Kids said...

Cute photos! Congratulations on being highlighted on BlogHer! That was a wonderful post...


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wonderful, Misha, congratulations; well done and I'm proud of you!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wonderful, Misha, congratulations; well done and I'm proud of you!

Laura said...

I'm still catching up on my reading...Congratulations on being featured on Blogher. It was a wonderful post.