26 September 2011

~The One Where Brutus Makes a New Friend~ {For Sara}

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the beautiful,
we leave our front door open.
Cross the threshold and you are on 
our front porch!

Screened-in, with lots of shelves for cats to perch on,
a mighty scratching-post, and kitty condo.
Rocking chairs, wicker love-seat,
and foliage on the other side of the screen
that is home to happy birds a tweetin'.
It makes for many happy felines!

Last week I heard certain feline
doing his low growl.
And then he would alternate with his
happy high-pitched squeak.
I crossed the threshold onto the front porch.
And there sat Brutus,
our Jelly-belly kleptco-cat, 
with a very long 
green garden snake 
hanging from his mouth! 
Alive and all wiggly.
Brutus sat all proud, his chest puffed out.
"Look what I caught!"

Somehow a little tear at the bottom of the screen
proved too much of a temptation
for our Brutus.
He must have been watching the 
action in the garden below,
while laying on the porch.
And then was able to wiggle,
his very fat paw and chubby front leg
down to the earth..
And swipe that poor snake from his happy snakedom!
Within seconds, I am sure that poor, cute snake
was thinking
"Holy cow! I am in the jaws of a LION!"

I wish I had gone in the house
to get my camera,
but instead I hollered for J.
I couldn't take my eyes off Brutus
who sat with his chest puffed-out, 
a huge Cheshire grin from whisker to whisker,
and a green garden snake wiggling 
from his mouth.

J stepped onto the porch and leaned down to grab the 
poor guy out the jaws of death.
And then it happened.
Brutus took off running and crossed the threshold 
into the house.

Brutus ran through the living room.
J chased behind.
And all the while I screamed,
"Do not let the snake get loose in the house!"
Brutus kept that sucker clenched between his teeth,
as flew into our bedroom,
jumped on our bed,
and dared J to take the snake away from him.
The other cats cheered him on!
Just as J lurched forward to grab
the slimy fellow out of the mouth of Brutus,
Brutus flew off the bed,
proving that even though you are 
a kitty with fat, chubby paws,
 a jelly-belly that swings side to side when you walk,
You are feline!
And no human can keep up with you!

Just as I was having visions of 
living with, 
and hunting for a snake in my home,
Brutus dropped his new toy,
in hopes of batting it around the kitchen floor.
J swooped in and picked up the little fellow,
who I am sure if he could wear boots 
he would have been shaking in them! 

J walked out the kitchen door to take the 
snake to his new home in the woods and 
Brutus watched in all his defeat....

The next day, J stopped at the 
Dollar Store.
{Isn't he a good Dad?!}
And for a buck, he got a replica
of little snake.
Only this one is doesn't slither.

Zeke checking out the new snake!

And you know what?
Brutus loves it!

You swipe your snake from them and carry it off...

So Brutus has a new bestie.
He is happy.
We are very happy that we do 
not have a 
snake at large in our home!
And J got that little hole in the screen repaired.
As Brutus sat and watched,
I do think he was thinking,
"Score one for the Jelly-belly Kleptco Cat!"

I hope your day is wonderful
and snake-free!

Today I was going to write about Sara.
But, I knew she always enjoyed 
posts about my "kids"!
So instead of writing a mournful post,
I chose JOY!
And wrote about something that 
would have made her smile!
A little bit of "Brutus Joy!

Sara passed away last evening.
At 11:14pm
Her mother and brother tucked in bed beside her.

It's as if my "blog block",
that I skip down each day,
is suddenly a little smaller.
A little too quiet.
But, I will not be mournful.
Because that is not what Sara wanted.

So today I am choosing joy.
It comes in so many forms.
Even in the way of a cat named Brutus,
who lives in an old farmhouse in the
mountains of Tennessee.
And that is what Sara wanted!
For all of us to choose joy,
in whatever form it comes!

If you would be so inclined,
please click on Sara's name and it
will take you to her blog.
And leave a message.

Her family is so appreciative
of all the messages being left.
No matter if you never knew Sara,
it will help cradle their grief.
Thank you from the bottom of my little heart...


AutumnSkyRanch said...

Yay for Brutus! He looks so happy with his new snake. How cute that he's sleeping on it. It's just those little moments in life that bring us joy, whether human or feline or canine or whatever.

Debi@7Gates said...

What a nice way to remember Sara with the joy of something you know she would have liked to have read and laughed at too. I was so worried the cat was going to drop the snake in the house. I was on pins and needles. Yea, for J getting it AND making peace with a new cat toy. Your kitty looks like he is loving it.

Joyce Ann said...

What a lovely way to honor your friend. A Beautiful post.

Karen said...

Love this choice for a post, Misha. I just got to know Sara through her blog friends sorrow. I made one of her recipes tonight... it's good!.. and she was clearly a joy to so many.

Cracking up at the fake snake love!

Jeni said...

Score one for Brutus! Oh my though - a snake in the house would not make anyone happy but the felines I'm sure.

You bring joy to many lives my friend, your friend Sarah would be proud.

TexWisGirl said...

hurray for you for sharing joy today amidst your pain. and hurray for j for giving a wonderful gift to a certain fat cat. and hurray for brutus for only releasing his catch where he could be scooped up and delivered back to the great outdoors in fine shape!

Gail said...

What a fantastically funny story!! He was just bringing you a gift. Thank goodness it was only a grass snake.

Snappy Di said...

NOOOOOO, Get the snake out of the house, real, pretend... NOOOOOOOO..

I'm happy that Sara is in peace and went as she chose to go. Hugs to all who knew and loved her.


Laura said...

I love the story and how you chose to honor you friend. I clicked into her blog and have been reading bits and pieces of it, wishing I had discovered it sooner...

rosedel said...

A wonderful post. i smiled and laughed. Sara would be laughing too.

Pam said...

I'm sure Sara is chuckling from her place of peace and pleased that you choose Joy over sorrow to post about today, Misha.

Deb said...

I love Brutus and this snake story. Very funny how he is sleeping on top of his new toy so that nobody takes it. I'm glad you chose this post to celebrate your friend.

Love the new picture of you!

Clint said...

Oh, how our cats love to show off their prey. Of course, that can make for a pretty interesting home!

Jeanette said...

Love this story and I think I will get a plastic snake or two for my kitties to play with! Thanks for linking to Sara's page. I left a message for her family.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, I'm back after a few weeks off from blogging. Hope you are doing okay. I have missed all of my blogging friends --but needed that break!

Sorry about your friend Sara. But--you are right. Let's don't mourn.. Let's celebrate.

Hope you are feeling okay. How's the family?


Oz Girl said...

Oh I love your post about Brutus, Misha! How funny. I'm happy he didn't drop that wiggly snake on your bed - OHMY!! But even happier that he has his very own play snake now. SO cute.

I followed Sara's blog over the weekend and saw that she finally passed on Saturday night. The world feels a little bit smaller for her loss, even though I only just met her through you last week. Due to her illness, I know she's in a better place now, yet her death makes us all stop and think about how we can honor this wonderful life we've all been given and make the very best of every single day we breathe.

Hartwood Roses said...

What a truly JOYFUL story. I was smiling and giggling the whole time I was reading it, totally picturing you and J running after Brutus while he played keep-away with his snake. You made my morning!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Brutus WINS.. yay!! Loved this post, and I always ♥ Brutus and the rest of the gang. He is such a character!! -Tammy

The White Farmhouse said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Sending a big huge hug to you. I am sure that she was smiling down on Brutus during his antics! He is such a character. I better not come and visit, I may have to sneak him off in my suitcase! I would have freaked out about the snake though! You handled it very well. The nerve of him jumping on your bed!

I've linked up my email, I think. It seems that I can't get blogger to cooperate lately.

Yes, lots of people call me Mags! You can do the same! I only let people close do that! This one lady at school who is a royal PITA called me Mags one day. She is the only one I told "It's Maggie. Please don't call me Mags."

All good thoughts to you my sweet friend!


Sheryl and Denny said...

what a joyful post in honor of your friend. Corageous of you to choose joy over sorrow, im sure you made her proud. Love the snake story, and glad it was caught. Have a wonderful and peaceful day. Sheryl

Lynne said...

So funny . . . I love the snake around his neck, underneath! Thanks for the giggles . . .

Happy the snake didn't get lost in the house,
(thank goodness.)

Perfect to think Joy for Sara!

Country Dreaming said...

Oh my, I bet Sara was laughing just as the rest of us are.
Such a cute story.

More blessings and prayers for Sara's family.


Cindy said...

Your story and photos made me laugh out loud! I have 3 cats, so I can relate very well!! They bring me so much joy every day! I only learned about Sara recently, but was deeply touched by her story. This is a lovely tribute to her. I'm sure she's looking down from Heaven laughing at Brutus! Hugs to you from a fellow blogger and cat lover,

allhorsestuff said...

Oh dear...your post had me in stitches...that fake snake and Brutus kitty in love he was( still is?). Your efforts for lovely Sara joy, laughter faith and love in friendship..she knows. She was AMAZING . Such a beautiful heart. Thanks for Sharing he
r with us

Mary said...

Misha, I have been a lurker but will comment more often.

First, congratulations on being featured on blogher.

Second, keep up the good fight, my daughter has an auto immune disease and it is a constant vigil against things which upset it just like Sara.

Third, and especially this, thank you for your tribute and friendship to Sara. I was overwhelmed in my Google reader with family issues so I marked everything read and missed the post saying Sara's time was ending so I am still in shock.

Fourth, Brutus rocks!!!! And, oh how Sara would have laughed.

Joycee said...

It's as if the sun came out, the door was opened, the snake was caught and Brutus wrote the sweetest of send-offs for Sara. Big hearts do small things in Big Ways Misha!

Donna said...

I am laughing at you all! This post is too funny! I don't like snakes at all! I would nightmares for sure if I thought I had a snake in my house.
I read about Sara and my heart breaks for her family.
I bet Amber greeted her in Heaven with her purple tennies on!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I love it when the cats do what they are supposed to do, especially when they leave the bodies outside! It's that time of year again...critters caught and brought inside...ugh.

Rural Revival said...

BRUTUS!!! Not a real snake in the house. Oh me, oh my, NO!

But I bet it was quite a show. : )

Just glad I didn't have to see that one.

Aunt Andie